Is Aashiqana Season 3 Release Date Finalized?

When two opposite souls clash against each other, the drama becomes engrossing. But when two broken souls slam against each other, the drama becomes swoon-worthy. Aashiqana has delivered a gripping storyline with a murder in the background and two broken people attempting to find their way in life.

Trying to rise from the ashes and establish a stable life, Yash and Chikki decide to pursue their dreams. But would they be able to flourish when their lives are intertwined with those of a masked murderer? We have witnessed two intriguing seasons of this series so far; will we get a new one? Or have the makers canceled the return of this series?

Aashiqana Season 3 Release Date

A proportional series that is both fiery and romantic. The Aashiqana series is one of the most popular Indian series, so it doesn’t come as a surprise that the makers are thinking about a new season. However, season 2 has not ended yet, and the makers are focused on making this season better than the previous ones.

Because of the makers’ determination, we have yet to receive any updates on Season 3. But since season 2 has been such a great hit, season 3 can definitely come back. The first season of this fantastic show premiered in June 2022. The second season premiered in October 2022. If we follow this trend, Aashiqana season 3 has already come on 27 February 2023.

Name Of The ShowAashiqana
Season NumberSeason 3
Aashiqana Season 1 Release Date6 June 2022
Aashiqana Season 3 Release Date27 February 2023

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Aashiqana Season 3 Cast

Aashiqana Season 3 Cast

Aashiqana is a story about a no-nonsense cop and a clumsy aspiring cop. Their sizzling romance is threatened by multiple people and unending challenges. Our ruthless supercop, Yashwardhan Chauhan, is brought to life by Zayn Khan. Yash has a heroic vibe oozing out of him and has the personality of an action hero. He is angry, sassy, and ruthless.

Chikki Sharma is a clumsy, loud, and buoyant girl until her dark past starts haunting her. Presented to us by Khushi Dubey, Chikki is a feisty soul who listens to no one. She wants to be a police officer but has already failed two times. Chikki is a determined person who is suffering through a major loss like Yash.

There are multiple characters that contribute to the series, like Karanvir Bohra, Pankaj Singh, and Inderjeet Modi. Yash has a huge family, and all of those family members are set to return in season 3 if it ever comes. The series keeps getting new characters, which is why the exact cast of season 3 cannot be predicted.

Aashiqana Season 1 Review

Aashiqana features two broken souls pulled towards each other, with an atrocious murderer looming in the backdrop. In season 1, we got to witness the blossoming romance between Chikki and Yash, and though it wasn’t very well explored, the chemistry between them couldn’t be denied. Both Chikki and Yash have lost beloved members of the police department and are now grieving for them.

Amid their grief, they weave through the murky waters and try to find their footing. Chikki wants to become a police officer, but she keeps failing the tests and getting disheartened. When a masked intruder drops from the sky and aims at Chikki, Yash and Chikki’s fates clash against each other. The series has an amazing action sequence, a budding romance, and a lot of interesting drama. Though it is considered to be a higher-level of soap opera, it is still a worthy watch.

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Aashiqana Season 2 Synopsis

Aashiqana Season 3 Release Date

In Aashiqana season 1, we got to witness Yash and Chikki’s unique relationship. So far, we’ve only seen them as a married couple in Season 2. So far, season 2 has been promising a good future for the franchise. With its on-point comedy, cozy romantic moments, and commendable VFX, the Aashiqana series rightfully established itself as one of the most-watched Indian series.

In season 2, we got to witness Chikki in her dream uniform and a more tamed side of our ruthless supercop, Yashwardhan Chauhan. The family dramas have increased, and Chikki’s struggle to balance Yash’s dramatic family is intensifying. The challenges she has to face as a female officer are continuously highlighted.

Since Yash and Chikki are dealing with an invisible villain, the action sequences aren’t as prominent as they were in the first season. In this season, director Gul Khan has decided to portray bio-warfare, and ever since her declaration, the anticipation has been high. The second is yet ongoing, but we all can hardly wait to witness the hidden villain.

Where To Watch Aashiqana Series Online?

Both seasons of the Aashiqana series are exclusively available on Disney Plus and Hotstar. If we get to witness the third season, it will be available on this platform as well.

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