When To Expect The Girl In The Mirror Season 2 Release Date?

The Girl In The Mirror is a Spanish series. It was directed by Kike Maíllo and Sergio G. Sánchez. The series has a genre of thriller, horror and supernatural. The thriller series and movies are very fascinating! Horror series is very frightening, even though fans love to watch them. The story is based on the life of a girl who has lost her own identity.

The series was created by Sergio G. Sánchez. The thriller series has a very excellent plot and the suspense in it is very astounding! Here, in the series, you will get to see thrillers along with horror which is such a good combination for fans who love horror movies and series! The series was written by Teresa de Rosendo, Sergio G. Sánchez, and Paul Pen. It gained a good response from the audience. It got a 6.2 out of 10 IMDb rating. After watching season 1 of the series, the fan wants to know the release date of season 2 of the Spanish series. If you liked the horror series and want to watch season 2, then this article is for you! Keep scrolling to know the release date! 

The Girl In The Mirror Season 2 Release Date

The Girl In The Mirror Season 2 Release Date

Netflix has officially renewed the for the upcoming season. The release date of season 2 is all set in the year 2023. This brings good news for the fans! It will premiere on 18 August 2023. Season 2 will have a total of 9 episodes. The release date has been confirmed by Netflix. Season 1 of Girl in the mirror was released on 19 August 2022 and has 9 episodes in total. Each episode has a running time of 41-61 minutes. The series renewed for its second season and is all set to release after a year of its season 1 release. The series has only announced the release date of season 2 and its episodes. Hope fans are excited about season 2!

Name Of The ShowThe Girl In The Mirror
Season NumberSeason 2
The Girl In The Mirror Season 1 Release Date19 august 2022
The Girl In The Mirror Season 2 Release DateNot Announced

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The Girl In The Mirror Season 2 Story

The story of the series will continue the plot of season 1. As in season 1, it was shown that Alma struggles with her life in finding out about her mysterious past. In the next season, we might see Alma might find out and get familiar with everyone and finally become confident to face the conflict. We will see suspense which will open one by one. We will see Alma once again as the main lead in the upcoming season as well.

The Girl In The Mirror Season 2 Cast

Netflix has confirmed that some more cast will be added in the second season. The additional cast is not confirmed yet. They are looking for it. Mireia Oriol as Alma, Pol Monen as Bruno, Álex Villazán as Tom, Claudia Roset, María Caballero, Javier Morgade as Roque, Katia R. Borlado among others is the cast of the series. 

The Girl In The Mirror Recap

The plot of the series is based on a girl. It tells us the story of the main character named Alma. Alma gets in an accident and after she wakes she finds herself in the hospital.  After the accident, almost all of her friends died. She survived that tragic accident and after she wakes up she finds that she has lost her memory. Alma can’t even recognize herself after the tragic incident. She was suffering from amnesia. After waking up she did not trust anyone around her. The family with whom she was living and her friends were all strangers to her.

She kept doubting everyone and started having false and fake surroundings. She keeps on being uncomfortable with each one whether they are telling the truth or not. The story is a thriller and her life has been dark in the series. What is her true identity and who she is? In the series, she finds her real identity and her real friends and family. She tries to uncover her past mysterious identity and what she was really!

The Girl In The Mirror Season 2 Trailer

The trailer for season 2 has not yet been released. It will have its release somewhere in August 2023. As the series has been renewed for the upcoming season the trailer will be released by the official Netflix channel. The trailer for season 1 was released in August 2022. 

Where To Watch The Girl In The Mirror Season 2?

The brand new season of the series has been officially renewed and will release in August 2023 on Netflix. You can watch season 2 on Netflix. The series was released on Netflix. As of now, season 2 has not been released, you can watch season 1. Along with Netflix, the series is also available on Voot, Hotstar, and Jio Cinema. If you don’t have a Netflix subscription, then you can also watch it on the other App.

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