Top 11 Celebrities Who Had Breast Implants (Hollywood Version)

Plastic surgeries and breast augmentation are not new subjects for celebrities. Not only do they abide by their hectic workout schedule, but they also undergo several body transformations! Whether it’s the Keto diet or botox transformation, celebrities take their body issues very seriously. It’s all about the presentable societal image. Breast surgeries have become common nowadays. From popular celebrities to extremely rich personalities, everyone is on our radar. 

Top 11 Celebrities Who Had Breast Implants 

Breast sizes do matter a lot, especially if you are a popular figure. The common audience looks up to these personalities and thus they try to polish themselves every month. From Botox to lip surgeries to breast upliftments, celebrities will do everything possible to be the best. Today we are solely looking out for those celebrities who have undergone breast implantation surgery. Here are the top 11 celebrities who have added a new element to their look. 

11. Gwen Stefani 

Celebrities Who Had Breast Implants 

Starting with the very gorgeous and talented American singer Gwen Stefani. Her breast implants are pretty much visible. It surely adds a new touch to her figure. They do give an upliftment to her whole body. Before the surgery, her chest was pretty flat, that’s why the sudden change in her body quickly fired a bunch of rumors out there. Some sources also say that her breast naturally changed its shape, after all, she has been pregnant three times. Mother to three beautiful kids, Gwen surely has a beautiful body and voice. 

10. Halle Berry

Celebrities Who Had Breast Implants 

Another iconic American actress happens to be Halle Berry. Unlike Gwen, her breast implants don’t speak up loud to the audience. It looks like she went for a subtle breast upliftment, which looks nothing but natural. The breast augmentation surely did wonders for her. Halle Berry prefers to wear good-quality bras and strictly abides by her childhood lessons. Moreover, she also follows a healthy eating routine! There is no doubt in the fact that those cup sizes are the results of breast implants but people could hardly predict this in one go! She has a very slim body, thus a bit of breast plantation gives a nice shape to her body. 

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9. Sofia Vergara

Celebrities Who Had Breast Implants 

Next on our list is the very loving, funny, and hot, Sofia Vergara. She is best known for her world-popular TV show, Modern Family. Sofia Vergara is known for her beauty and body. Her breast implants do complement her body. She has a good height and her body tone and texture do stand up in the entertainment industry. There are many rumors out there about her breast surgery. Some say she had a breast augmentation at a very young age, while others say her breasts are natural. The actress has never really opened up about her breast surgery. But if you compare her old and new pictures, then you will surely see a visible change in her breast size.

8. Kaley Cuoco

Celebrities Who Had Breast Implants 

Another celebrity on our radar is Kaley Cuoco. You can easily tell that she went through a gentle breast implantation procedure. She had a breast augmentation at the age of 18, it was pretty early for her but she doesn’t mind standing up for her decision. These are not our quoted statements, these lines have been said by Kaley herself. The actress has addressed the rumors out there. It indeed turned out to be a good decision for her. Her breasts look pretty natural and people could hardly tell she had an upliftment.

7. Wendy Williams

Celebrities Who Had Breast Implants 

The very famous American TV host is here. Yes, we are talking about the very bold and beautiful Wendy Williams. She has undergone a lot of surgeries and one among them happens to be breast implantation. She is a popular figure and she likes to maintain her earned status. From a nose job to botox rejuvenation, her body and face have undergone a lot of modifications. What’s best is Wendy is very open about her surgeries. She is proud of all of them. Breast implants surely gave a sexy touch to her figure and she has happily accepted her modified self! She is very much open to her fans and we do get regular updates on her life!

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6. Miley Cyrus

Celebrities Who Had Breast Implants 

Next on our list is another modern-day singer and actress, Miley Cyrus. Today we are not focusing on her mental health issues! She has faced a lot in the industry. From getting heartbroken to re-establishing herself, it has been a tough journey for her. Nonetheless, the gorgeous beauty had a pretty long journey in the industry. She surely had breast surgery and she even accepted the rumors out there. If you compare her latest and old pictures, you could see that earlier her breast size was very small. The breast implantation looks nice on her. She is now more comfortable with her body. Previously, she used to see herself as a boy but now she loves her body to the fullest. 

5. Cardi B

Celebrities Who Had Breast Implants 

Another singer who had breast implants happens to be the very generous and kind-hearted Cardi B. She has seen a lot of struggle in her life and now she is among the most celebrated singers in the world. Not only breasts but she also had an illegal butt enlargement. Her breast augmentation adds a complementary touch to her face and body. Cardi B owns her style and fashion. She even canceled her show for her breast surgery. For naturally big breasts, she initially tried to follow intense workout routines but nothing worked much for her. At last, she decided to have breast surgery and it surely worked well for her. Her breasts are pretty much under medium size, it’s not too large or small and works perfectly with her body type. 

4. Anna Faris

Celebrities Who Had Breast Implants 

Coming to the sensational beauty of the industry, Anna Faris. She has always been open to her audience. Unlike other known celebrities, she doesn’t mind speaking about her surgeries. Previously, she had very small breasts and that was a worrying factor for her. Her bikini pictures weren’t nice. It happened when she turned 30. She finally decided to go for breast implantation. It was a terrifying yet exciting journey for her. She was initially scared but she was extremely satisfied with the end outcome. Now her body looks much more refined and toned. The breast implantation was one of the best decisions of her life.

3. Kris Jenner

Celebrities Who Had Breast Implants 

When talking about surgeries, how could we forget about The Kardashians? They have fame and money and they do utilize it wisely. Today we are strictly talking about breast implantation, thus we cannot include all the Kardashians and Jenners here, but two of them will surely pop up in this list. Starting with the most iconic and loving, the one who handles her beautiful kids, Kris Jenner. The glow on her face increased day by day, and people could hardly predict her accurate age. Kris surely shaped the Kardashian-Jenner family. From creating drama for the show to launching different brands for her kids, Kris worked extremely hard to get fame and money. Sources say she had breast implantation and she has accepted the gossip! She very much needed the breast implantation and it did add a little touch-up to her beautiful body. 

2. Kourtney Kardashian 

Celebrities Who Had Breast Implants 

We already talked about the sole “Manager” of the Kardashian-Jenner family and now comes the turn of her daughter, the one who recently tied the wedding knot. Yes, it’s none other than the organic expert, Kourtney Kardashian. At the mere age of 22, she had breast surgery. Her breasts do give her a nice body character. But Kourtney is not much of a fan of her breast implantation. She loved her original version where she didn’t have any breast implantation. But you cannot deny the fact that her breast implantation looks pretty natural. One can hardly say she had a breast augmentation or breast upliftment. Kourtney strictly sticks to original and organic things, seems like she wants the same for her body as well!

1. Angelina Jolie

Celebrities Who Had Breast Implants 

Last but not the least, we have the very gorgeous and talented, Angelina Jolie. She can pull off any role! She is a long-standing player in the entertainment industry. Even if you haven’t seen her movies, you must have heard about her. But today we are not confined to her acting journey! We recently learned that she had a breast implantation. Looks like she had a gene in her body which could have killed her! She was prone to developing breast cancer thus she decided to get a preventive double mastectomy.

But she wasn’t happy with the change! During the surgery, a major portion of her breast was removed and it was pretty visible. Thus she decided to reconstruct them. Surgery was not pretty easy for her, even taking up the final decision was stressful for her but she finally decided to prioritize her health and body. The breast implantation added another element to her body, she looks pretty gorgeous and sexy.

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