Will Safe Season 2 Release Date Arrive Soon Or Is Delayed?

Crime thrillers rule over online streaming platforms. This genre is highly preferred by most people and hence, creators of focusing on bringing something unique related to their content. in the past few years, we have got to see several American, British, Dutch, and Indian series that are receiving popularity in the entire world and have provided a new space to crime dramas. Netflix is believed to have one of the largest online networks in terms of streaming web series and TV shows.

It was in 2018 when a British crime drama series was released on Netflix. It was titled ‘Safe.’ Created by Harlan Coben, Safe is an 8 episode long series that is available in two languages, English and French. So far, there is only a single season that has been premiered for now, and therefore, people are inquisitive about the next season. From the day season 1 aired in several countries, the buzz for Safe season 2 has not stopped. Fans are yet wondering about it and are waiting for the details that could favor their hope. But, is it really so? You will get to know the answers right here! So, scroll down and quench your thirst with all the details related to Safe season 2 and its release date.

Safe Season 2 Release Date

The first season aired on 10th May 2018. It was released on C8 in France while globally people were able to watch it on Netflix. When it comes to the critical response and the audience’s ratings, Safe is successful in delivering its best to the people that made it to earn the rating of 77% on Rotten Tomatoes. The prominent British newspapers also favored the series and considered it to be entertaining.

These factors are enough to provide hope to the spectators for the next installment. But it seems unlikely to happen. There are very few chances for the series to be renewed. When speaking to Digital Spy, Harlan Coben said that season 2 is in doubt and most probably there is no need for it as all 8 episodes are enough to reveal all the secrets shown in the series. The previous episodes will deliver all the necessary details and he doesn’t believe in leaving behind any cliffhangers for the people to guess about. Harlan Coben is not much interested in future editions and this is heartbreaking for the fans. Amy-Leigh Hickman in an exclusive talk with Express said that this series is having potential for the second season.

Going through all these statements, Safe season 2 seems ‘unsafe’ right now. Officially it has neither been confirmed nor canceled. Nevertheless, the chances are scarcely positive. So, we can say that Safe season 2 is almost canceled.

Name Of The ShowSafe
Season NumberSeason 2
Safe Season 1 Release Date10 May 2018
Safe Season 2 Release DateNot Announced

Safe Season 2 Cast

The cast and characters made the series even more interesting and worth watching. Michael C. Hall is playing the character of Tom Delaney and is a surgeon. The role of his daughter, Jenny, is played by Amy James Kelly. Tom was having another daughter Carrie Delaney. She was played very well by Isabelle Allen. The other important roles were Pete Mayfield, Sophie Mason, Ellen Mason, Chris Chahal, and Emma Castle. These roles were having Marc Warren, Amanda Abbington, India Fowler, Freddie Thorp, and Hannah Arterton, respectively.

In addition to these actors, there were many others who were a part of this series. In case Safe season 2 returns, we expect the previous cast members to return and they might continue playing their parts.

Safe Season 2 Plot

The story is about Tom and his two daughters. The girls lost their mother because of cancer and even after a year they haven’t recovered from the pain of losing their mom. Tom, their father, is trying hard to settle things. He is a surgeon and was sad after his wife’s death. When the elder daughter, Jenny, is reported missing, Tom tries to find her. While doing so, he discovers many secrets that were unexpected.
After all the creator has clearly stated that the people can find all the answers in season 1, but miraculously if Safe season 2 gets a green light, we expect a new story with lots of twists.

Safe Season 2 Ratings

On Rotten Tomatoes, there is an approval of about 71%. Apart from all the ratings, the audience found the show fun and worth watching. The series stands at 7.2 stars out of 10. In addition to this, many renowned newspapers and magazines have favored the show and given pleasing reviews. However, even though there were favoring critical responses, the show has not been renewed.

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