Top 25 Japanese Anime Of All Time 2022

Japanese anime is the most loved across the globe for the reason that it makes people experience almost all different kinds of emotions like happiness, sadness, anger, excitement, etc. We all love watching anime, don’t we? Since covid hit this world we have all become addicts and all we do is just sit and binge-watch shows. Post covid a lot of changes have been observed in our day-to-day life and one such aspect of our life has become watching web series isn’t it? But post-COVID it has become quite difficult for us to do that so we all now look for short films and short web series but people find it difficult to look for short funny and amazing animes.

Now we don’t get the time to watch a ten-season anime or web series in general as we have a lot of work to do in our day-to-day life and that’s when these short animes come into play. They can be watched easily and are even fun to watch. Well, we have got it covered for you. Given below is the list of short animes that one should not miss. Given below is a brief description of the 25 top anime series which are very short and can sometimes even be finished within an hour. So well if you are looking for such a series you have come to the right place. To know about such animes keep reading-

25-The Promised Neverland

Best Japanese Anime Of All Time

It is a very suspenseful story. And we find little children playing tag. Some of you might definitely find it a bit shocking that then how is it an anime but you’ll understand it when you watch it. It has the best 12-episode experience. It has an amazing plot and has dome very well-written characters. It has been written by Kaiu Shirai and illustrated by Posuka Demizu. It is a story about how three young children who grew up in a very sinister-looking orphanage discover what they were raised for and try to look for ways to get rid of their evil caretaker.


Best Japanese Anime Of All Time

It is one of the most amazing shows and no matter how many times you watch it you’ll never get bored. It is a story about some very interesting topics like how one controls themselves and how important it is to be comfortable in your own skin and what it is like to be dangerous. It has amazing and very realistic characters. It consists of 12 episodes. It has been written and illustrated by Paru Itagaki. It is about a world which is full of beasts and then a wolf gets awakened by his predatory urges and while all this happens his schoolmates try to solve a mystery.

23-Zankyou No Terror( Zerror in Resonance)

Best Japanese Anime Of All Time

It is very well known to all of us what kind of relationship a cat and a mouse share. The same relationship is shared by two of the characters. They are really into greek mythology and are actually very, very interesting characters and they are very intelligent. It consists of 11 episodes. They both keep on planting bombs and activating bombs and then they give the police clues on how to deactivate them. So it’s definitely a fun short series. It is about a criminal organization which is called Sphinx. This organization destroys a very sweet nuclear family which lived in Japan. They also challenge the police to find them before they do something more serious.

22-Devilman Crybaby

Best Japanese Anime Of All Time

The title does seem a little ironic, doesn’t it? It is an action film and consists of only 10 episodes. It shows us different aspects of life and in the next second, we find that death is all around us. It has an amazing soundtrack, an amazing story, and an amazing experience for the viewers. Even though it is an adaptation, it feels completely unique and different. In this Akira is told by her best friends that the demons are returning to take over the world and get rid of all the humans. Akira then transforms into a devilman, which means that he will be a normal human being with demon powers. This gets her into a very harsh war with evil. Akira then decides to save all hybrids like her while the rest of the humans suffer from paranoia.


Best Japanese Anime Of All Time

All of us dream of going back to our childhood and also solving mysteries. Its ending is amazing and consists of only 10 episodes. It is a really heartwarming show. It shows the story of being an adult but from a child’s perspective. One should definitely give it a watch and binge-watch it in a day. In this, a 29-year-old called Satoru Fujinuma is sent back in time i.e 18  years ago in order to prevent the death of his mother. His mother was kidnapped when he was in fifth grade.

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20-Sakamoto Desu Ga? ( Haven’t you heard? I’m Sakamuto?)

Best Japanese Anime Of All Time

The bad thing about cartoons and anime is that it tries to define perfection on the basis of looks and this is what affects the mentality of youngsters to think that they need to be slim to be perfect. Sakamoto is one such example. He has a perfect body. He s the protagonist and whatever he does is just in a fabulous manner. Even though the things he does make no sense most of the time. It makes people find it weird yet live it and people also wonder what will they do next to make him look better. People just fall in love with Sakamoto. It’s actually a very relatable movie in which Sakamoto who is a very smart and perfect-looking kinda guy makes all girls fall in love with him and this makes the boys feel envious.

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19-Deadman Wonderland

Best Japanese Anime Of All Time

It is a very intriguing concept. In this, there is a prison and you can get candies bypassing the challenges. For fighting people use their own blood. So it’ll definitely be interesting to know about this battle. It has really beautiful music and people especially fall in love with Shiro’s songs. So if you are in the mood to watch some action this is the show for you and it also only has 12 episodes. In this, a young man is convicted of murdering his entire class and this leads him to learn how to survive in a mysterious jail.


Best Japanese Anime Of All Time

No one is safe from Senyuu, especially troops. It has isekai comedy and some very satirical moments. It is mainly about people trying to defeat the demon by the hero that’s chosen by the king. It has a very incompetent protagonist and the sidekick is obviously very sadistic. It is definitely a very different show and its intro changes quite often.

17-I can’t understand what my Husband is saying

Best Japanese Anime Of All Time

Even though it has two seasons but each episode is of only 3 minutes. It has a very basic plot about what happens when an Otaku marries a Non- Otaku. It has the cutest couple and is not even remotely like a tsundere type show. Like every couple, they also get into fights quite often and also into some really funny situations.

16-Tonari no Seki- kun: the master of killing time

Best Japanese Anime Of All Time

We have all watched Phineas and Ferb haven’t we? Well, this is how gives that vibe. It’s about a boy who finds his classes extremely boring. So he tries to find other methods to spend his time. With every new activity, he brings a lot of joy to the class. Sometimes he brings his pet into the class and also games like chess and shogi and the girl who sits next to her always get blamed for bringing the shenanigans. Each episode is of 7 and there are 21 episodes which is not much.

15-The devil as a part-timer

Best Japanese Anime Of All Time

This show is filled with awesomeness. It is filled with fun y moments like the devil trying to flip burgers so it’s obviously hilarious. It is full of animated action scenes and is full of solid life-related moments. The cast is amazing. Shirou is many people’s favorite. It has many scenes with more than two protagonists and they are really fun to watch.

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14-Ping Pong the animation

Best Japanese Anime Of All Time

Well, who has not heard of the game of ping pong almost all of us are right. Well, whenever one sports anime gets released people immediately think that the show must revolve around the game only. Well, that’s not the case to fall in love with this show one does not need to focus on ping pong. This show is full of passion and has a coming-of-age story. Well, it also strives to attain the number one position. People tend to not want to watch this show because of the unorthodox art style as well as the animation. And trust me the ratings do not lie this show is actually amazing.


Best Japanese Anime Of All Time

It is full of speed running like Game of Thrones but all in just one season. It consists of three extremely important plots and about a dozen of important characters. Since it is a story about America in the 1930s, people tend to find it confusing which character belongs to which mafia family. It has almost everything and is not just about the mafia it’s also about supernatural elements as well as gore and romance. The surprising thing is that all of it is in just 13 episodes. It is definitely worth a watch.


Best Japanese Anime Of All Time

It is one of my personal favorite animes as well as it is a horror anime with not that jump kind of scary moments but just an eerie atmosphere that never really changes. There is plenty of gore and can therefore not be watched with kids. The story is good although the real question is not that clear. And even if the story does not catches your attention that much then probably Misaki Mei will be enough to watch the show.

11-Grand Blue

Best Japanese Anime Of All Time

It is definitely a show that will make you laugh till you cry. It’s about a group of boys who like getting drunk, naked, diving, and having a grand old time. If one is of legal age they can even drink along with them so it will definitely be fun. It is full of some very beautiful moments and even the landscape is just beautiful.

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10-The comic artist and his assistants

Best Japanese Anime Of All Time

It is about a mangaka and the plethora of women who surround him. It is full of comedy and comprises a pervy protagonist but he is undoubtedly very lovable. It has 12 episodes each of 13 minutes. It is not my personal favorite but it is definitely entertaining. It has been written and illustrated by Hiroyuki. Yuuki Aito is an extremely perverted kind of man who only desires to love his near and dear ones and to draw panties. His assistant, Ashisu, is put into awkward situations but still, but he learns to cope with it.

09-The house of five leaves

Best Japanese Anime Of All Time

It has an amazing art style and is very refreshing. It is a story about ronin who is also a good fighter but actually a dandere at heart. He ends up joining a criminal group. It though has a very serene atmosphere. This show also has an amazing soundtrack which is people love watching it. It has been written and illustrated by Natsume  Ono. Masa Akitsu is a ronin who is a very skilled swordsman and is wandering about in the Edo period.

Due to his personality, he is considered unreliable and is often removed from the job by his employers. When he feels really depressed he gets to meet a Yaichi who is a carefree man. Now Masa thinks he has finally got a nice innocent job but that’s not the case. The gang called the Five leaves makes him do some illegal activities. So he struggles to understand what should he do as he keeps on getting further into the group.

08-Ishuzoku Reviewers

Best Japanese Anime Of All Time

People normally expect a show to have a good storyline or to have some good morals. But this show is the complete opposite. It is based on an adult story and contains many gore scenes. It is definitely very different compared to what is normally shown in Icchi shows. But if you are an adult then you can definitely give it a watch. It only has 12 episodes and each of them is filled with funny scenes so do give it a watch. It is a Japanese fantasy sex-related comedy series that has been created and illustrated by the one and only Masha and has been written by Amahara. It is translated as interspecies reviewers.

07-WataMote: No Matter How I Look At It, It’s You Guys’ Fault I’m Unpopular!

Best Japanese Anime Of All Time

It is a story of a teenager and how h she tries to fit in. If one has watched the movie in eighth grade he’ll understand what the story is about. It is a story about how a teenager makes a lot of effort just to fit in sometimes. The protagonist has some very mean and extremely cruel dialogue. It has a very edgy sense of humor and this show comprises only 12 episodes and one of which is very cringy. This series has been written and illustrated by two people under the pseudonym Nico Tanigawa. It is about a loner girl who attempts to improve her social status as she advances high school.

06-Plastic Neesan

Best Japanese Anime Of All Time

This show can literally be finished in less than an hour. It has just 12 episodes and each of only 2 minutes. It gives us a very confusing vibe where we feel what is happening and why we are I not able to breathe. In this, there is literally a fun punchline in almost all the skits. There is a man shown wearing a bra and no one understands why, also it has some very cute characters. 

But this show definitely leaves many viewers with a lot of unanswered questions. In this, there is Iron Genma who is actually short in height but is a third-year student. She is called The Elder Sister. She is the president of her school’s model club and is supposed to make models on various topics. Then there are some battles happening so we wouldn’t really give a lot of spoilers for now.

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05-Prison School

Best Japanese Anime Of All Time

It is a story about a boy named Kiyoshi who is a new student and is sent to Hachimitsu Academy’s Prison. There he faces some really harsh punishments. It is full of juvenile humor and half-naked women. The main protagonists show what it would be like if our hormones were actual persons. Well, that would be interesting to know. One should not watch it in front of people who haven’t watched it from the start as they might not be able to get the humor. It just has 12 episodes. It got released in 2015. It has been directed by Yoshiyuki Asai.


Best Japanese Anime Of All Time

It is a story about a few youngsters who face supernatural abilities once they hit puberty. Yuu is one such person and he tries to conceal or hide his powers. He does so so that he can lead a normal life. It has about 13 episodes and 1 special episode. So fans will definitely enjoy watching it.

03-Darwin’s Game

Best Japanese Anime Of All Time

It has a very fun story it is about killing other players in order to win. It also involves forming alliances and also trying to save oneself. Some people consider it a little edgy as it’s all about death. It has only 11 episodes. It is about a high school student who unwillingly plays an online game where people fight for their actual lives. It definitely quite confusing confident but watching the web series makes it a lot clear.

02-Death Parade

Best Japanese Anime Of All Time

It has a really interesting concept where the dead people are moved to an alternate world where they enter a bar that is full of games and they need to choose them and win them in order to decide what their future will look like and whether they’ll be reincarnated or they’ll die directly and never be back. It has a very slick art style and an amazing soundtrack. There aren’t even any words available to describe the fabulous concept of this anime. The bad news is it only has 12 episodes and fans definitely want to watch more of it. We all know that after someone dies he either goes to hell or heaven but that’s not the case here. They go to a bar called Quindecim which is run by a mysterious white-haired man.

01-Elfen Died

Best Japanese Anime Of All Time

It is a show which people can definitely not watch while eating as it’s full of gore themes and death. Though it is said to be a staple anime for everyone. It came out in 2004 and since then its popularity has just been growing. It is a story about two university students who come across a very harmless girl her name is Lucy. But that’s a very wrong interpretation. She is actually involved with a serial killer and has split personalities. Now it will definitely be interesting to know what happens next.

Now, what are you guys waiting for Go watch these short animes and share your views with us? They definitely will make you laugh and some might even leave you feeling a bit puzzled. These short animes can even be finished within a day so people can watch them without even getting bored. They are definitely way more fun than they might be seeming to be. And some of the series might be a little edgy but I guess that proves the fact that anime series are not just for youngsters but for people of all age groups. Be it teenagers or adults once they start watching anime it’s really hard for them to stop.

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