Top 15 Mysterious Deaths In Bollywood You’ll Be Shocked To Know

Bollywood has always been considered a glamorous platform with different kinds of celebrities. But do you know why it is named Bollywood? The term “Bollywood” is a combination of “Bombay,” the original name of Mumbai, and “Hollywood,” an abbreviation for the Hollywood, California-based American film business. So now you know why Bollywood can be known as the glamorous “B-Town world.” We admire them, love them, and sometimes want to be like them without knowing the dark secrets of this glamorous life. At present, the new reason can be categorized as nepotism.

We only tend to see those stars who are marked by the famous director and forget to notice those who are continuously trying to be part of that fame but somehow get ignored. We as an audience love our favorite actor without knowing who the actor or actress is. They are working hard to get one film to stand out in the industry, but they are rejected because nepotism is a big fact.

Death is an unpredictable event, but the incident that took place was to exercise authority over the poor people. Audiences are still mourning their deaths because it has been a big factor for them. Some talented and brilliant actors and actresses are no longer with us, and no one knows the actual reason. Why did it happen?

Though these celebrities who have chosen to be true to themselves have to leave this world early—how miserable! Here is the list of some actors and actresses who had mysterious deaths:

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1. Sushant Singh Rajput

Mysterious Deaths In Bollywood
Sushant Singh Rajput

Sushant was an Indian actor who led his way to our hearts through his acting. Though it happened on June 14, 2020, somehow his memory is still fresh in our minds. Though he was a gem, always helping others and being the most polite actor to his fans, somehow his demise left the fans awestruck. Sushant was going dead in his six-story building in Bandra by hanging himself on a rope. Through police investigation, it was declared a suicide, but no suicide note was found. Several scars and other physical anomalies suggested that his life had not been entirely typical.

Neither his eyes nor his tongue appeared, a telltale sign that he had attempted suicide. There was no evidence of a suicide by hanging, as no tables or cloth were discovered.

As time passed, there was a rumor that his girlfriend Rhea might be the one who did this, and also a lot of speculation was going around, but as it is said, power wins over justice.

Sushant made his debut with Kai Po Che and later got famous through MS Dhoni, Shudh Desi Romance, and many more.

His death was entirely a mystery, and still, now no one knows the actual reason for his death, because the string that strangled him was predicted before that it was done by someone else, and later on the case turned into a new direction where the involvement of political power made it look like a suicide. Sushant was affected by nepotism and was always regarded as an outsider in the Bollywood industry.

2.Jiah Khan

Mysterious Deaths In Bollywood
Jiah Khan

Even though the suicide took place on June 3, 2013, in Mumbai, this is still the most controversial case ever to be mentioned. According to the interrogating session with her mother, she informed Jiah that she had a diary where she wrote about her mental trauma and how she had been mentally tortured by her former boyfriend, Sooraj Pancholi.

Though not only her personal life had been a reason somehow for her falling career, Sooraj Pancholi was arrested and in custody at that time, as they say, power is quite an influencing thing that helped him get out of the assumption of Jiah Khan’s death.

Jiah was only 25 years old when she decided on taking her life, though still, it’s a mystery how that happened. Her mother took a step and decided to fight for it, filing a report, but with the help of helpful sources, he came out clean and enjoyed his career in Bollywood.

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3. Parveen Babi

Mysterious Deaths In Bollywood
Parveen Babi

90s youth had been drawn to her beauty. She was a graceful actress and was admired by the film industry. She got into the limelight after her movie, “Amar Akbar Anthony.” Once upon a time, she graced the cover of Time Magazine, making history in the process. Though her death was the most horrible death anyone could ever imagine. She was found dead in her apartment.

For 3 days she was not collecting her newspaper and milk, which raised the suspicion of the neighbor, and it was discovered that she had died.

Her death was a complete mystery, even today. As per the news, she was dating Mahesh Bhatt, another powerful source, which might be a reason for her dimension. She was supposedly diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia, but the main reason could be him.

4. Sridevi

Mysterious Deaths In Bollywood

Sridevi is a Bollywood Diva. The 90s era was dependent on her even before her destination she was planning to work more. Her immense beauty, charm, and acting were something that everyone admired. Sridevi was found dead in the bathtub by her husband during a party that she attended in Dubai.

Though after the investigation started it was rumored that she had a cardiac arrest and unconsciously fell into the bathtub full of water. But that was just an interpretation. No one could find any evidence regarding this, and the police were also dumbfounded.

It was an unresolved case later declared suicide for the sake of closing the case.

5. Divya Bharati

Mysterious Deaths In Bollywood
Divya Bharati

Divya debuted her career in Bollywood through the film “Deewane,” and she stole everyone’s heart. But her death was a shock for the audience.

She was found dead in her apartment, and it was stated that she had fallen from its fifth floor. But the point was that no one encountered the scene, and who was the one who pushed her? Indeed, that remained a mystery.

For the sake of the rumor, it is believed that someone got drunk and pushed her. But the real reason is unknown, and no one knows the truth till now. Though the case is closed, it is still regarded as a mystery.

6.Guru Dutt

Mysterious Deaths In Bollywood
Guru Dutt

Guru Dutt was a famous Indian actor. Even today, audiences praise his work. He was not only an actor but also a profound director. He died at the very young age of 39, which was unexpected. He was found dead in his rented apartment on Pedder Road in Mumbai, which was later sealed by the owner.

Though the reason for his death was unknown, it was mostly speculated to be the turmoil of his married life. He was separated from his wife and was staying aloof from everyone. He was drunk and had a daily intake of sleeping pills. As per the investigation, it was concluded that an overdose of sleeping pills and the intake of too much alcohol can be a reason but not the actual reason. It is still a mystery.

He was famous for Pyaas, Kajaz Ka Pool, etc.

7. Silk Smita

Mysterious Deaths In Bollywood
Silk Smita

Smita was one of the most erotic actors that Indian cinema could ever have. Her professional life was at gunpoint because of her personal life. On September 23, 1996, Smitha’s body was discovered in her apartment in Chennai. Nobody knows for sure what drove her to take her own life, but it is thought that she was dealing with a number of issues at once, including a lack of money, romantic disappointment, and severe depression. But it was a mystery; it was just a mere guess.

After 2 years of that case, it was confirmed that there were certain medical conditions that she was facing, but no one took any action regarding that. But later on, with the passage of time, it was declared to be a mystery.

After a long time, a movie was created in tribute to Silk and Vidya Balan played her role.

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8. Smita Patil

Mysterious Deaths In Bollywood
Smita Patil

Smita Patil was an Indian actress who appeared in over 80 movies in Hindi, Bengali, Marathi, Gujrati, Malayalam, and Kannada. Actress Patil married Raj Babbar. She was only 31 years old when she passed away on December 13th, 1986, from complications during childbirth. Though after 2 years, a statement changed everything—she had complications in her body for a long time but they were neglected, which led to her death. Though that was just a rumor, her death was also regarded as a mystery. After her passing, the public saw the release of over 10 of her films. Actor Prateik Babbar, her son, made his screen debut in 2008.

9. Manmohan Desai

Mysterious Deaths In Bollywood
Manmohan Desai

Manmohan Desai was regarded as the film producer and director of the 1970s and 1980s. Manmohan’s death took place just before his marriage to actress Nanda. Whether his death was a disaster or a planned murder, was entirely unknown to the peeps. It was reported that he fell from his balcony and injured his back, which led to his death.

The master of family entertainers like Amar Akbar Anthony, Coolie, Dharam Veer, and Manmohan Desai met his tragic demise on March 1st, 1994. There has been no determination of whether this was a suicide or an accident. They say he killed himself because he was depressed over his deteriorating health and employment prospects, but at the same time, it was reported that he had suffered from severe back pain as well. Though it was an unsolved, mysterious death.

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10.Meena Kumari

Mysterious Deaths In Bollywood
Meena Kumari

The real life of the tragedy queen mirrored her on-screen image quite well. Meena Kumari is one of the most celebrated Bollywood actresses of all time. Her calm, demure, yet powerful movie performances evoked a sense of sadness and loss with her expressive, teary eyes and the unseen stories hidden behind her lips. She gave a performance in “Sahib,” “Biwi Aur Ghulam,” which was so convincing because of how well she integrated herself into the role.

She was a movie star, but she never found true love or lasting pleasure in her life, and she passed away in 1972 from alcoholism. After Meena Kumari’s untimely passing less than two months after its release, the movie’s popularity skyrocketed, turning Pakeezah into a financial success at the box office. Meena Kumari fell into deep despair after her marriage failed. Her liver was severely harmed due to her excessive drinking. On March 28, 1972, just three weeks after the release of Pakeezah, Meena Kumari was admitted to St. Elizabeth’s Nursing Home due to a severe illness. The liver cirrhosis she had been suffering from finally took its toll on her on Friday, March 31, 1972.

Upon her passing, she left behind a significant amount of debt. There reportedly wasn’t enough money to cover her medical expenses when she passed away in a nursing home. Though there was another reason that wasn’t inquired about at the time—whether it was planned murder at the hospital or not—later on, with time, people accepted it as a natural cause. She resided in Mazgaon, and Mumbai is home in Qabristan, where she was laid to rest.

11. Kushal Punjabi

Mysterious Deaths In Bollywood
Kushal Punjabi

Though he couldn’t be considered the main actor or something, he was a budding actor. On December 26, 2019, just days before the New Year, the beloved TV star took his own life. Kushal’s Bollywood resume included roles in films like Kaal, Lakshya, and Dhan Dhana Dhan Goal. He was only 42 years old when he decided of giving up his life one set for all.

The actor was depressed, as stated in his police statement. Rumor has it that Kushal and his wife are separated and that his son now lives with his ex-wife. But as a question that arouses, he had a good career that was slowly going up to its height, but what made him take this decision? Now, as per his separation from his child, he was furious to take this step.

12.Kunal Singh

Mysterious Deaths In Bollywood
Kunal Singh

As of February 7, 2008, Kunal Singh, the cute Bollywood actor who was seen in “Dil Hi Dil Mein,” had attempted suicide in his own home. One of his children discovered him hanging from the ceiling.

The death of the talented actor was ultimately ruled a suicide despite the presence of numerous clues suggesting otherwise. He was mainly referred to as a Tamil actor. But the actor’s dad said it was murder, not suicide because there were no marks on his body and the case was closed with no answers.

It was suspected that Bhatia was connected to his death. Neither Kunal nor Bhatia were seen in the apartment at the time of his death, and Bhatia was therefore eliminated as a suspect; additionally, Kunal had attempted suicide by slashing his wrists a few months prior. The death of the Bollywood actor may have been covered up as a suicide.

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13.Kuljeet Randhawa

Mysterious Deaths In Bollywood
Kuljeet Randhawa

Kuljeet Randhawa, well, it was quite less heard among the new generation, but she was quite popular during the 1990s. Kuljeet Randhawa, a former fashion model turned successful Bollywood actress, was discovered dead in her Juhu home. Though quite a few people knew her, in her suicide note, she explained that she felt overwhelmed by the challenges she faced and decided to end her life rather than face them. Her suicide note said two things: one was for her best friend Bhanu and another friend who had been trying to recover from her bad relationship with her.

Somehow, the suicide she left was one and a half pages completely about how she dealt with it, but in the end, she couldn’t cope with it and decided to give up her life. Also, she mentioned her relationship with her boyfriend, after which he had been missing, and some refuse to accept that this isn’t just another celebrity murder with a suicide label.

Another famous person from Bollywood has died in a mysterious event.

14.Viveka Babaji

Mysterious Deaths In Bollywood
Viveka Babaji

Viveka Babaji was quite famous in the television world. She was initiating her baby steps toward Bollywood. She had been in a few small roles in Bollywood, but her main goal was to get a chance to change her identity and be a Bollywood diva. In 2010, the stunning actress was discovered hanging in her home alongside a suicide note that blamed the case on her boyfriend. According to the investigation, on the last page of her diary, it was written about him, and it was his fault.

That separation made her so weak that taking her own life was her last option. So the boyfriend was and as the suicide was, none of the suspects were credible enough that it wasn’t a suicide or that it was a murder.

In 2012, the case was reopened, and her former boyfriend’s friends were charged in the honor of the case.

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15. Nafisa Joseph

Mysterious Deaths In Bollywood
Nafisa Joseph

This name is not so well known to us as she has only performed for the television world. Before that, she did minor roles in movies but couldn’t do much of an important role. Her profession was that of a VJ turned Bollywood actress, Nafisa Joseph, who attempted suicide in her Mumbai flat in 2004.

Her loved ones claimed she was depressed, but the truth is that she took her own life before getting married. Her wedding day was approaching, and she took her own life instead. For reasons related to the fact that she had been divorced, her untimely demise was widely reported regardless of its cause.

But suspiciously, even when she was divorced, she was also getting married, so how come she wasn’t happy? Is It weird? Unfortunately, if the investigation had been like this and aroused so many questions in the investigator’s head, then it would be a different story right now. Though it was later declared a suicide, which it wasn’t, no one knows the real story behind it.

Even after losing so many stars, nothing has changed; they are still on the same path. The power and authority are intact in their places, and the struggling actors and actresses are still struggling to get to a desirable place that they are worthy of. But who cares! It might be quite flashy to the audience and seem like Bollywood life is a pole star, but it turns out a close vision can change everything. It was nothing but a black stone foiled in that flashy light.

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