I Hate Christmas Season 2 Release Date: Is There Any Good News?

The Christmas season is always special for Netflix fans. Just like the routine schedule, this year too Netflix has picked up some of the best Christmas content for us. The season of celebration is here. Christmas is just around the corner and so is “I hate Christmas”! A brand new Netflix drama series is scheduled to release next week. Featuring the very gorgeous and talented Pilar Fogliati, “I hate Christmas” season 1 is all about exploring the concept of love and joy! It all started when Gianna lied to her parents and relatives. It looks like someone pretended to have a boyfriend! The first season of the show is set to release this month but today we are focusing on Season 2. Is the show renewed for Season 2? 

I Hate Christmas Season 2 Release Date

I Hate Christmas Season 2 Release Date

Christmas drama series often come back with season 2. A classic example of this would be Princess Switch. As of now, Netflix is only concerned about the first season of “I hate Christmas”. The renewal of the show directly depends upon its popularity. If the show attracts a good chunk of the audience, then Netflix will surely show a green signal to the second installment of the show. “I hate Christmas” season 2 doesn’t have a concrete release date. 

But since it’s a Christmas series, our estimation says the second installment of the show will probably roll out next year, maybe somewhere in December 2023. Anything and everything can happen with the upcoming Netflix series! “I hate Christmas” season 1 is based upon a very interesting storyline! The renewal of the show also depends upon the last episode of the Netflix series. If the show ends on a cliffhanger, then we will surely get to see another season of the show.

Name of the ShowI Hate Christmas
Season NumberSeason 2
GenreComedy, Romance
I Hate Christmas Season 1 Release Date7 December 2022
I Hate Christmas Season 2 Release DateNot Announced Yet

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I Hate Christmas Season 1 Storyline

Christmas is not just a festival of cakes and Santa Claus, but it is also a season to catch up with your loved ones. Family dinners and cozy get-togethers are not new for Christian households. Gianna loves her independence, she is a nurse and currently, she is enjoying life to the fullest. All in all, she is happy in her single and plain life. Who needs a boyfriend when you can enjoy life all by yourself? Sadly, Gianna’s relatives don’t think the same! This is one of the main reasons why she hates family dinners but this time she couldn’t take it anymore. 

To shut everyone’s thoughts and to give them a tiny shock, Gianna finally accepted the fact that she has a boyfriend and she will bring him to the ultimate Christmas party! Little did her parents know that she was lying! She has a total of 24 days and thus begins her search. From Tinder to creepy date outings, it’s going to be a nightmare for her. All she is looking for is a single boy whom she can take to the Christmas party. But this is not going to be an easy search for her. 

In this hustle and bustle, she might bump into someone special. Will she finally find the One? To know what happens next in the story, you have to watch I Hate Christmas, exclusively just on Netflix. The first season of the show is ready to release on 7th December 2022. Start your countdown now as this Christmas might finally bring some good news for Gianna. 

I Hate Christmas Season 2 – Probable Storyline

I Hate Christmas Season 2 Release Date

As we already mentioned above, season 2 is still on hold! It is yet to be confirmed by Netflix. There might be a thin chance of renewal. The first season of the romantic drama series will show us how Gianna finds the love of her life. But the story might continue further. Gianna likes her space. A new relationship might be too complicated for her. Will she let him go? Can she fit into a relationship? She must find someone who will understand her, who will respect the fact that she likes to fly high! If the show gets renewed, then we will surely learn more about Gianna’s crazy love life. Season 1 is just the beginning.

Can she handle the pressure of a relationship? Will her first relationship fall apart? Will they reunite? What will happen in the second installment of the show? Well, the answer to this solely lies with the writers of the show. Let’s hope we will soon hear more from the original cast members of the show. Till then, to get the latest updates on upcoming Netflix movies and series, stay connected with us, just right here. 

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