Is Mushoku Tensei Chapter 87 Release Date Unknown?

A heart-warming love story that is filled with numerous twists and turns. The story revolves around Rudeus and Sylphy. From meeting to falling in love, it has been a sweet and sour journey for them. A mesmerizing love story that will melt your heart. In the last chapter of the manga, we were thrilled to see Norn and Aisha. Looks like some complicated twists are about to come into the picture. The Magic Academy is filled with extraordinary students, some are generous and sweet while others are extremely rude and evil! 

One among them happens to be Rudeus. He was a victim of bullying, his previous school journey was full of hardship. But in this magic school, he has bagged the position of Alpha male. He is all set to flirt with other girls. We know you all are excited to see what happens next with Rudeus. But sadly, no new chapter is coming out in December. Yes, the manga is currently on a break. But what about Chapter 87?

Mushoku Tensei Chapter 87 Release Date

Mushoku Tensei Chapter 87 Release Date

We won’t give you false hopes. So far, we have seen only 86 chapters of the show and we are excited to see what happens next in this epic manga series. We know you all are curiously waiting for Chapter 87. Unfortunately, the release date for Mushoku Tensei Chapter 87 is not known to us. As we already stated above, no latest chapter of the manga series is coming out this month. 

As per various sources out there, the manga will bring new chapters for us in 2023. The writer of the manga is trying to develop better stories for us. The upcoming chapters of the manga series will be full of chaos and drama. Rudeus is about to meet his sisters! A lot is about to happen in Chapter 87. But to know what happens next with Rudeus and Sylphy, you have to wait for approximately 3 months. Yes, the manga is on a three-month break period. Following the timeline of the manga, Chapter 87 might come up in February 2023. Let’s hope we will soon hear from the original writer of the manga series. 

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Mushoku Tensei Chapter 87 Spoilers

Looking for some crazy spoilers? Norn and Aisha are finally back in the story. They are ready to meet their brother. As per the theories out there, we will capture the sisters in Sharia. Will the sibling trip bond up this time? Rudeus maintains a good relationship with Aisha. Just like Norn, she was also against Rudeus, but her perspective changed in the Shirone Kingdom. She learned that Rudeus cares about her. After all, he successfully saved her and Lilia from the bizarre event. But the feud between Rudeus and Norn is still on. 

Norn has developed a cruel image of Rudeus. She is mostly scared of him. The hatred started when Norn saw Rudeus in a violent mode. He was busy beating Paul and that’s when Norn changed her mindset. After so many days, the trio is coming together. Maybe this time, Rudeus and Norn will patch up! This would be a good time for them to talk it out. They must clear out the confusion. Moreover, since Aisha is now friends with Rudeus, she might help him to get along with Norn. 

Mushoku Tensei Chapter 86- What Happened In The Previous Chapter?

Mushoku Tensei Chapter 87 Release Date

Mushoku Tensei Chapter 86 was titled, ‘Celebration’. In this chapter, we saw how Nanahoshi is bragging about her newly learned magic circle. She is showing it off to Rudeus and the other students. She received a bunch of suggestions and finally decided to brainstorm on creating the magic circle. Upon Rudeus’ humble request, she activated the magic circle and worked extraordinarily. We saw a glimpse of the other world. She also thanked Rudeus for helping her with the process. Elinalise made a note of it and tried to tease Rudeus. His flirting skills are getting better day by day. The group decided to celebrate the victory. 

Nanahoshi was in the mood to treat them and thus they headed to a tavern. Sylphy was also invited but things become a bit messy for her. Rudeus was constantly paying more attention to Nanahoshi and that was bothering Sylphy. Rudeus tried to cuddle Nanahoshi. He even gave a gentle tap on her head. Nanahoshi was seen blushing but Sylphy surely didn’t like or support Rudeus’ extreme bonding with Nanahoshi. The party got over and they headed for their homes. Rudeus and Sylphy left together. When they were going back to their home, they were startled by two girls fighting on the street. Looks like it’s time for some sibling drama. 

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