Is Johnny Depp Returning As Jack Sparrow? Will The Audience Get To Meet This Captain Again?

A thick beard, long, flowing hair, and a leather cap. a serious face, a rigid posture, and an undying love for the ocean. This is what we all consider the true definition of a pirate. And we all do so because of Jack Sparrow, the legendary Lord of the Seven Seas. Portrayed by Johnny Depp, Sparrow has a warm place in the hearts of every Pirates of the Caribbean fan.

With the movie franchise successfully delivering five consecutive hits, the sixth installment has been long overdue. Have the makers started filming the sixth Pirates of the Caribbean movie? Will Johnny Depp return after everything that has happened to him?

Is Johnny Depp Returning As Jack Sparrow?

Though this is arguably yet another character, Jack Sparrow is in fact much more than just a pirate. Whenever we imagine a pirate, Sparrow is our first thought. Sparrow has become the bar every other pirate aims to reach, but so far none of them has been able to do so.

It is because of Johnny Depp’s utter devotion and flawless acting that Sparrow has become so legendary. In all five movies of The Pirates of the Caribbean, Depp has been the leading protagonist. But after his personal life became messier and the allegations against him grew stronger, Disney dropped the project entirely.

Depp has always been on the receiving end of controversy. But after his lawsuit with his ex-wife, Amber Heard, it seems like the actor won’t see a single normal day. After all this mess with his ex-wife and Disney, Depp was certain he would never return as Jack Sparrow.

Now, as he is constantly seen in the UK and after Disney’s approval for the sixth film, the rumor mill has gained momentum. According to speculations, Depp is ready to shoot for A Day at the Sea and pick up his role as the treacherous pirate. It is not yet confirmed that this pirate will be returning, but since Sparrow is dear to Depp, it wouldn’t be surprising to see him reprise his role.

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The Reason Behind Johnny Depp’s Strained Relationship With Disney

Is Johnny Depp Returning As Jack Sparrow

If Johnny Depp doesn’t return as Jack Sparrow, it will be because of his strained relationship with Disney. When Depp was allegedly accused of being a wife beater, Disney was quick to dispose of him. The franchise dropped Depp and canceled the sixth movie of Pirates of the Caribbean. Even though the creators announced that the fifth and sixth installments would be released back-to-back, Disney snubbed their plans in an instant.

Though it is now rumored that Disney will bring Depp back as Jack Sparrow, it is difficult to believe. Disney did not believe him when Depp constantly claimed that he was being dragged into muddy waters. Depp kept claiming that he was innocent, and when his words fell on deaf ears, he resigned himself.

Johnny then asserted that he wouldn’t want to work with Disney ever again. But then, Depp has been surprisingly quiet on this topic. Who knows what’s going on in this actor’s mindset?

Who Stood By Johnny Depp In His Darkest Hours And Why?

While Disney was quick to drop Depp, Dior was the one to stabilize him. As his trial began, multiple franchises he was working with asked him to resign. Depp has been overly confrontational about the franchises asking him to resign and has expressed his deep anguish over these franchises.

Dior, the international perfume brand, stood by Depp throughout his trial. Neither did the brand accuse Johnny, nor did it stop working with him. This is why Depp has expressed his gratitude towards the brand, disregarding whatever interests Dior had in mind. Dior is said to have stood by Depp because it is part of their decade-long marketing strategy. Dior has a record of using controversy as a marketing strategy. Maybe they were using Depp’s lawsuit and benefiting from it instead of supporting him.

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What Caused Johnny Depp To Set A Guinness World Record?

Johnny Depp has a bright Guinness World Record under his name for being the world’s highest-earning actor in 2012. Since he was playing our beloved pirate, it was a high tide in Depp’s career. His net worth was claimed to be over $75 million at the time. And it is speculated to have grown more now.

The Pirates of the Caribbean didn’t have a very firm hold on the audience at the time of its beginning. Rather, this franchise grew into a legendary icon later on as the installments kept coming. Jack Sparrow, the eye-catching, suave pirate, made Depp earn a Guinness record. It’d be interesting to watch if Depp’s love would drag him back into the franchise or if he would stay away this time.

Revealing Johnny Depp’s True Colors

Johnny Depp is a recovering alcoholic, as per rumors. In fact, he has stated that alcohol and drugs were once his lifelines. Since the age of 14, he has injected every drug that he was able to find in his veins. It seems like Amber Heard used this knowledge to her advantage and tried to destroy Depp’s image.

In late 2016, Heard filed a lawsuit against Depp, accusing him of traumatizing and assaulting her. She claimed that Depp threw her off the staircase in a rage fit and disfigured her face several times. She claimed that Johnny was a madman who couldn’t control his anger. Heard dragged him through the court corridors for years and even took this lawsuit to a UK court despite being an American.

Amber Heard is a public figure who has been vocal about the assaults happening in the world. She is a popular model and actress, but moreover, she is an activist and a vocalist. When Heard accused Depp, it was hard to believe that she was lying. Many believed that Heard was trying to destroy Johnny Depp’s infamous reputation.

While the accusations against Amber weren’t completely false, some were exaggerated as well. The bruise on her cheek and the faint finger marks on her body screamed struggle, which everyone disregarded.

And though she hasn’t proved herself, Depp doesn’t appear to be wholly innocent either.

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Johnny Depp’s Career Struggles

Johnny Depp Career Struggles

Johnny has endured a tough life; he has seen struggles firsthand and experienced poverty and loss deeply. It is because of his tarnished childhood that Depp has had to weave the murky waters all by himself. Despite having three siblings, he has had to live alone almost all his life since each of these siblings had to endure an equally troubled childhood.

Johnny Depp wasn’t high on acting in the beginning; his first love was his guitar and the strings he stirred to create soulful music. This talented singer was a part of a band named The Kids and has moved to L.A. to expand this band. But his luck wasn’t on his side, and his music career didn’t pick up any speed. A while later, Depp’s friend, Nicholas Cage, urged him to pursue his acting skills, and we got to witness the iconic Jack Sparrow.

Johnny Depp’s Traumatizing Childhood

Surviving an abusive mother certainly couldn’t have been easier for Johnny Depp. He revealed that his mother was suicidal and couldn’t stand living in one place for long. Depp had to move from one place to another and was deprived of stability for years because of his mother.

Depp’s father raised him and his siblings, but he soon abandoned them to fend for themselves. He grew tired of his wife and decided to pack his bags and run away from his stressful life. Left alone, Depp had no guiding light and no support. It is because of this anxiety and anguish that Depp resorted to drugs and alcohol. He started finding solitude in substances that were destroying him. Depp later realized that and started detoxing, but his inclination towards alcohol and drugs doesn’t seem to have withered away.

Johnny Depp’s Personal Life

Is Johnny Depp Returning As Jack Sparrow

This highly successful man comes from a less-than-stellar background. He has records of drug use against him, and despite that, he continuously strives to be a better person. His father, John Depp, was an engineer who had survived years of abuse at the hands of his wife. Betty Palmer, Johnny’s mother, worked as a waitress when she wasn’t dealing with her own suicidal tendencies and other mental issues.

Depp has two children, Lily-Rose Depp and Jack Depp, with his ex-girlfriend, Vanessa Paradis. He and Vanessa have been together for over a decade. Both of them have sworn to provide their children with the best of life, and despite their split, they are known to be good friends.

Paradis demonstrated her devotion to Depp by standing by his side and convicting him of Amber’s accusations. She claimed that Johnny was not abusive and that he had never touched her. Depp was able to somehow stop his reputation from being tarnished because of Vanessa’s claims. And it is entirely up to her that we see our witty pirate soon if Depp agrees to play Jack Sparrow.

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