Who Died In Swamp People?

The first thing that comes to our mind when we hear about swamp people is that it would be a B Horror film but that is not true. It is an amazing web series that is a story about some very proud French Canadian refugees. They got settled in the Swamp region of Louisiana in the 18th Century. The people of this group are very fiercely independent and are seen working hard to preserve the Atchafalaya Basin as it is the alligator hunting season for them.

The first episode of this series got released on 22nd August 2010 which was definitely a long time ago. It has been produced by Jay Peterson and Thomas Peyton. It has a total of 13 seasons which is very long. But still, people watch it with a lot of interest and keep on showering their love for this show. This show was broadcasted on the History channel. One of the most trending questions related to this show is who died in this show and how.

Don’t worry we have the answers for you right here. Continue reading to know more about this show. One spoiler for you guys is that you might end up feeling really connected to some of the characters and their death will definitely make you cry your hearts out. So in the following topics, we have covered all your questions about who dies and how.

Who died in Swamp People?

A lot of people died in Swamp People and not all the cast members survived in the first season as well as in the second season. A very loved cast member lost his life, he has been receiving a lot of admiration from its fans. Mitchell Guist is the one who died on the show Swamp People. He was a part of the second as well as the third season. He was not the only cast member, even his brother has been a part of this show. His name is Glenn Guist.

When Mitchell had a seizure, he along with one more member was working on a boat. They were also 75 miles from New Orleans on the Belle River and that is when he fell into the boat. He got really nervous and called his wife, Janet Kliebert and he even brought the boat to the shore and tried practicing CPR. She called the hospital and then he was shifted to the Tech Regional Medical Center in Morgan City. It was there that he was pronounced dead. Some other characters who died in Swamp people are Randy Edwards and Tyler. Randy Edwards died in a car accident. His father, mother, and brother also were a part of this show. His father’s name is Junior Edwards and his mother’s name is Theresa Edwards. The sad thing is the fact that Randy Edward dies at just 35 years of age which breaks many fans’ hearts.

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Cast of Swamp People

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It stars Troy Landry, RJ Molinere, Willie Edwards, Junior Edwards, Liz Cavalier, Jacob Landry, Bruce Mitchell, Jay Paul Molinere, Ron Methvin, Glenn Guist, Chase Landry, Joe Lafont, Tommy Chauvin, Jeromy Pruitt, Terral Evans, Ronnie Adams, Ashley Jones, Joey Edgar, Daniel Edgar, Zack Catchem, David La Dart, Little Willie Edwards, Cheyenne Wheat, Harlan Hatcher, Troy Broussard, Don Brewer, Jessica Cavalier, Kristi Broussard, Dorien Edgar, Joseph Rogers Richard, Brandon Landary, Guy Landary and many more. It has been narrated by Pat Duke and Tony Hirst.

Where to Watch Swamp People?

We have a piece of good news for you readers. You can watch Swamp people irrespective of where you live on some of the most commonly available OTT Platforms like ESPN+, Hulu, and Disney+ Hotstar. So what are you guys waiting for go watch it now and do share your reviews with us definitely you guys like many of us might end up crying as you may get connected to some characters and their death will end up making you feel really sad.

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