What If Naruto Was An Otsutsuki? Is He Already An Otsutsuki?

A clan that roams planets to devour life, the Otsutsukis are notoriously agile and evil-minded. The Otsutsuki clan is the strongest group of people to exist in the Naruto kingdom. These people have a strict mindset and have no qualms when it comes to power struggles. While Naruto is a ninja who has faced countless struggles, the Otsutsuki clan has made other people struggle because of their morality.

If Naruto came from this clan, he would have had Otsutsuki Karma. And our notorious ninja would have been a devil himself instead of fighting the devilish urges that reside within him. Though Naruto has battled the demonic urges very well, how would he have battled his own clan?

What If Naruto Was An Otsutsuki?

As an Uzumaki, it is in Naruto’s genes to shed the darkness and pave the way for lightness. He has suffered through various hardships and established peace in the Hidden Leaf village. If Naruto had truly been a part of the Otsutsuki clan, he would have been attracted to chaos and not peace.

Naruto’s parents have trapped a demon spirit inside him. This demon spirit calls out to the darkness inside him. It could be because Naruto already has a few dark feathers hidden inside his bright plumage. But Naruto isn’t a pure-blooded Otsutsuki. If he was, he would have roamed the planets sucking out lives and establishing the chakra fruits.

If Naruto had been a true Otsutsuki, his ninja skills would have come in handy. Naruto would have been on a mission to acquire godhood instead of becoming a supreme ninja. He would have had more powers because of the Otsutsuki Karma, but his life would have been messier.

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Are The Uzumakis Descendants Of The Otsutsuki Clan?

What if naruto was an otsutsuki

In a roundabout way, the Uzumaki are indeed the descendants of the Otsutsuki clan. About a few decades ago, when the Otsutsukis landed on Earth, they were pure-blooded. A pure-blooded Otsutsuki is someone who has both Otsutsuki parents. These Otsutsukis never got involved with other species. But it is speculated that one Otsutsuki wavered from his resolve and got involved with an Uzumaki.

Now, the Uzumaki have a portion of the Otsutsuki powers and the ability to capture chakras in their bodies. Naruto’s mother had one such chakra inside her that made her the carrier of the demonic spirit. This trait was later passed down to Naruto, and it is rumored that Naruto shares the Otsutsuki chakra without the devilish desire to become a god.

What Is The Otsutsuki Karma?

The Otsutsuki Karma is a unique ability of this clan to use any person’s body as they please. This power lets the Otsutsuki clan back up their biological data and uses it later. This Karma seal gets inscribed into a person’s body, and it slowly controls the entire person. This lets the Otsutsukis influence people the way they want and benefit from them.

Baruto, Naruto’s descendant, has the ability to fly, which is the power of the Otsutsuki Karma. This karma lets the Otsutsukis steal other people’s chakra without harming them in any way. Baruto has used this ability countless times as well. This is why Baruto is considered to possess the Otsutsuki skills, and since Naruto is Baruto’s father, he is considered to be a part of this clan as well.

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Is The Otsutsuki Clan A Group Of Aliens?

The Otsutsukis are people who travel from planet to planet to instill fruit chakras within the planet. They derive tremendous abilities from this chakra and strive to attain godhood. Their sole purpose is to gain power, and they work to achieve this power without thinking of the consequences or aftereffects.

They are most certainly aliens who relish the chakras they possess. They have the ability to destroy planets because of their immense power and undying Karma reserve. This clan is super agile and has conquered various planets. But when they came to Earth, our super ninja defeated them, proving that even though he had Otsutsuki characteristics, he was a Namakeze first.

Why Is Naruto An Uzumaki And Not A Namakeze?


Minato Namakaze, the father of Naruto, was the Yellow Flash shinobi to establish peace. During Namakaze’s deadly war with the Nine-Tailed Fox, he had to give his life to save the world and his newborn child. Minato’s wife, Kushina Uzumaki, was a carrier of a demonic spirit, which allowed this super couple to capture the nine-tailed fox inside Naruto.

Since the Uzumaki clan was the peace-supporting group, Naruto’s parents opted for Uzumaki as Naruto’s surname. As Minato was establishing peace in the Hidden Leaf village, he acquired countless enemies who wanted to see him dead. To protect his son from his enemies, Minato decided to give his wife’s surname to his son.

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