All Tinker Bell Movies In Order! Which Movie Is The Best And Which Is The Worst?

Set in a mystical fairyland, Tinker Bell is the story of a curious little fairy. No matter the age, everyone loves a good animated Disney movie. This is one such movie that will capture your heart from the very beginning. Kids love Tinker Bell for her sheer curiosity, while adults root for this little fairy because of the struggle she endures.

Tinker Bell is a fantasy film franchise that will take you to the fictional land of pixie dust and magic wands. Where the fairies bestow their blessings, nothing could go wrong. Tinker Bell is a young fairy who has determination flowing parallel to her blood and an innocence that will make you fall in love.

The List Of Tinker Bell Movies In Order

So far, Tinker Bell has starred in six Disney movies, and each has been equally mystical and intriguing. With a charm like that of this green fairy, it is impossible not to be enamored by Tinker Bell. A dandelion dress, blonde waves, and a smile that will strengthen you. Here’s a list of all the Tinker Bell movies ranked by their order for you to binge on!

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6. Tinker Bell And The Legend Of The NeverBeast 

All Tinker Bell  Movies In Order

When a lightning strike terrorizes Pixie Hollow, Tinker Bell and all the fairies come together to save their town. NeverBeast is considered to be a monster that will form four gigantic towers and crush the entire town with a lightning storm. As soon as the fairies of Pixie Hollow receive this threatening prophecy through Nyx, a scout fairy, their fear starts to get the better of them.

A creature-loving fairy named Fawn and Gruff, the legendary NeverBeast, play a vital role in this movie. While Fawn believes that Gruff is trying to help them, Gruff transforms into a gigantic beast. Fawn and the entire town start to misunderstand Gruff and turn against him.

In this mystical Tinker Bell movie, Pixie Hollow discovers new beasts and other-worldly creatures. Bell has to endure refreshing challenges and save her town. Would Bell be able to protect her hometown? Or this time, will our little fairy fail for the first time?

5. The Pirate Fairy

Tinker Bell All Movies In Order

A fairy that has a command over the unforgiving pirates. Zarina is a chaotic Dust Keeper fairy who is returning to Pixie Hollow to fulfill her deep desire. She was kicked out of Pixie Hollow because of her evil interest in the Pixie Dust tree. This time, Zarina is back with a vengeance and with a team of powerful pirates.

Zarina and her pirate friends try to develop their own magical pixie dust. Their attempts keep failing, and they arrive in Pixie Hollow to build the tree. Bell falls victim to this Dust Keeper fairy’s manipulative abilities. Zarina swaps her talent for Bell’s tinkering abilities and starts her journey toward Pixie Dust.

The dark shadow of Zarina looms over the entire town, and all the fairies join together to save their town. With Bell under Zarina’s evil spell, how would these fairies succeed? Will Tinker Bell win over Zarina? Or will Pixie Hollow have to forever endure Zarina’s evil abilities?

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4. Secret Of The Wings

Secret Of The Wings

Yet another forbidden land and Bell’s unyielding curiosity Tinder Bell is famous for her reckless determination and forbidden interests. She enjoys exploring new lands and facing the dark secrets of this land. Bell embarks on a journey through the icy Winter Woods in this film. No fairy is allowed to enter these frozen woods. And yet, Bell steps her tiny feet into this land, albeit mistakenly.

Bell’s curiosity spikes when her pastel green wings start to glow and her broken wing starts to heal. Throughout her life, Bell has been surrounded by fellow fairies. But in this movie, she discovers her sister, Periwinkle. Both of these sisters were born when the baby laughed out loud. When his laugh split into two, these sisters were thrown into two different worlds. While Bell became a tinker fairy, Periwinkle became a frost fairy.

Tinker Bell decides to give Periwinkle a tour of her hometown, but she is met with disdain and problems because of the size of her entire town. Bell utilizes her tinkering skills and formulates a device that will keep her sister cold in the Pixie Hollow town. When Bell’s plan fails, the entire town is left shivering in the cold.

3. Tinker Bell And The Great Fairy Rescue

Tinker Bell And The Great Fairy Rescue

How many times have you wished to meet a real fairy and be her friend? Every Disney fan’s dream has always been to meet a tiny fairy who can solve all of our problems. In this movie, one such fairy lover gets the golden chance to meet our Tinker Bell. Elizabeth is a regular girl who fantasizes about mystical fairies and builds tiny houses in the hopes of attracting a fairy.

When Bell and Vidia take refuge in this fairy-sized house made by Elizabeth, this little girl’s dream comes true. Vidia goes back to their hometown to get help when Bell is discovered by Elizabeth. This little human starts bonding with Bell, and the duo explores each other’s world. Their happy bubble is burst when Elizabeth’s father, Dr. Griffith, explores Bell. He tries to capture Bell and take her away for research when Vidia drops in at the correct moment with other fairies.

Vidia’s angelic side comes out in this movie, and she becomes close friends with Bell. But would these new best friends come out unscathed from Dr. Griffits’ horrendous trap? Will these fairies ever escape Dr. Griffiths, or will they fall victim to his research?

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2. Tinker Bell And The Lost Treasure

All Tinker Bell Movies In Order

The treasure that is lost in this movie is a moonstone that strengthens the Pixie Dust Tree in Bell’s hometown, Pixie Hollow. In fact, this legendary treasure is not lost. It is actually broken by Terence, Tinker’s equally spicy and innocent best friend.

Bell was supposed to create a new scepter for the legendary moonstone. But Terrence, with his clumsiness, shatters the scepter while Bell trips down and breaks the moonstone. These best friends are now on a quest to repair the shattered moonstone before the blue moonlight glistens it.

Their journey is full of unexpected twists, friendly fireflies, and deadly challenges. If Bell fails, she’ll have to endure the harsh wrath of Queen Clarion. While failing isn’t an option for Bell, winning seems far-fetched as well. Will an innocent mistake turn out to be a major scandal for Bell and Terrence?

1. Tinker Bell

All Tinker Bell Movies In Order

When a baby cries, life begins. But Tinker Bell’s life begins when a baby laughs. In the magical land of Pixie Hollow, Tinker Bell is born with a natural talent that allows her to be a tinker. As a tinkerer, our young fairy must create and repair items that are beyond repair. She must overcome perilous obstacles and establish herself among the Mainland’s powerful fairies.

Bell discovers that there is a fairy who visits Pixie Hollow from the mainland to transform the current season and bring on a new one. She is immediately fascinated and yearns to visit the place that holds such powerful talents. But when restrictions are imposed on her and the little tinker has to oblige, her resolution deepens. Never the one to give up, Bell decides to creep into the mystical Mainland.

This Disney fairy will floor you with her innocence. There are countless challenges she has to face and multiple enemies that Bell has to fight against. With a jealous fairy trying to pull Bell down, she has to overcome this hurdle. Will the young fairy triumph over a vengeful Vidia and gain entry to the magical Mainland?

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Who Is Tinker Bell?

All Tinker Bell Movies In Order

Tinker Bell is a tiny fairy who is born out of a baby’s boisterous laugh. She is a crazy yet cute creature who is out to steal our hearts. Bell is Disney’s little fairy, and she has innocence dripping from her. She is as innocent as she is notorious. She is a native Pixie Hollow fairy with a blonde mop and soft eyes.

Her curiosity knows no bounds and is often the reason why she endangers herself and her hometown. Bell has a knack for finding forbidden places; she is often found meandering in places she isn’t allowed. She is a tinker fairy who can mend and break things easily. Her special traits include befriending her enemies and making people smile with her weirdness.

Bell, despite her tiny body, is a brave soul. She is ready to take on the world if the one she loves is in danger. Our cute little fairy lures everyone towards her and enjoys befriending everyone. Bell has saved her city countless times and is now the most beloved fairy in Pixie Hollow.

The Best Tinker Bell Movie Ever!

With an emotional storyline and life lessons that reach deep, Tinker Bell and the Great Fairy Rescue has become the best Tinker Bell movie so far. This movie has been the most gripping and thoughtful one in this series. Letting Tinker Bell get acquainted with a human has been the best decision the makers have taken.

Elizabeth is a young girl who has always dreamed of meeting a real fairy. She fantasizes about fairies fluttering in the little home she has crafted. Her father, Dr. Griffiths, is a man who wants to do research on fairies and find out the truth behind the mystical creatures. The father-daughter duo shares a troubled relationship, with Lizzie always feeling lonely.

Bell and Vidia, Bell’s archenemy, set out on a journey to the mainland when they took refuge in the tiny, fairy-sized house created by Lizzie. Vidia saunters back to Pixie Hollow while Bell stays trapped in the house. Our tinker fairy meets a human for the first time and develops a swoon-worthy bond with Lizzie. They become quick friends and have fun together when Dr. Griffiths realizes that his daughter has a rather mysterious friend.

Dr. Griffiths is about to capture Bell and drag our fairy into a research center when Vidia saves the day. She returns with her fairy gang and rescues Bell from Dr. Griffiths’ tight clutches. This movie portrays all the human emotions, from loneliness to friendship, perfectly. At the end, when Bell befriends Vidia and Lizzie gets closer to her father, the entire audience starts bouncing with joy.

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Which One Is The Worst Tinker Bell Movie So Far?

Tinker Bell is supposed to be a lighthearted, fun series that takes us all to a magical island. It should focus on our little Tinker Bell and help us delve into her life. Tinker Bell and the Never Beast focuses on the mythical NeverBeast and Fawn’s journey to defeat this beast.

Throughout the movie, Tinker Bell is a sleeping character working in the background. In the movie, she is supposed to be the lead, but she is lost somewhere. For most of the movie, Bell is unconscious, and Fawn is taking up all the limelight.

Another flaw in this film is its emphasis on action. The Tinker Bell series has always been warm towards principles and morals, with a bright, colorful world. But this movie has more dramatic lightning and action than we signed up for. The film works well for the most part. But these drawbacks shine out more often than not.

Ranking The Popularity Of All Tinker Bell Movies

The Tinker Bell franchise has been through a lot of experiments ever since Tinker Bell was seen on screen. Some experiments have failed drastically while some have flourished seamlessly. Here’s the list of all Tinker Bell movies in terms of popularity for you to decide which one to watch first!

6. Tinker Bell And The Legend Of The NeverBeast

Tinker Bell All Movies In Order

This is the most recent installment in the Tinker Bell series and by far the most dynamic Tinker Bell movie. Nyx is a fairy who can see into the future and receive prophecies. This fairy receives a prophecy whereby the entire Pixie Hollow will be destroyed by a NeverBeast. When the town learns that a lightning strike would destroy them, they embark on a mission to save themselves.

Fawn, the creature-loving family, learns that Gruff is building towers, and she loses hold of her temper. Bell falls unconscious and remains unconscious for almost half of the movie. This movie has a more violent approach toward a beast. It has powerful lightning exposures, and the story itself doesn’t hold much weight.

This is considered one of the worst Tinker Bell movies because of its overuse of dramatic action. Another reason why this movie is ranked as one of the worst Tinker Bell movies is because of the lack of focus on Bell. Throughout the movie, Tinker Bell has been on the back foot while Fawn fights for Pixie Hollow. All the viewers have critically acclaimed this movie because of the lack of a Tinker Bell touch.

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5. The Pirate Fairy

The Pirate Fairy

Though this movie has been loved by many viewers because of the plot change, it is also criticized by many because of the same. When the evil pirate Zarina comes back to Pixie Hollow with her pirate friends, it is because of her obsession with the Pixie Dust tree. She manipulates Tinker Bell and exchanges powers with her.

This movie portrays Zarina’s transformation and the betrayal she receives from her fellow pirates. It also emphasizes the blossoming friendship between Zarina and Bell. When the pirates’ cage Zarina, Bell, and the entire fairy community stand with her. The fairies fight against those powerful pirates and win the war easily.

The fairies forgive Zarina and welcome her back to Pixie Hollow. In return, Zarina promises to take her eyes off the pixie dust and become a responsible fairy. This movie feels more like Zarina’s journey than Tinker Bell’s, and the over-exaggeration of the plot doesn’t feel worth watching.

4. Tinker Bell

Tinker Bell

The very first installment of the series is an introduction to Tinker Bell and her mischievous personality. It starts with highlighting Bell’s grand entrance and how she is a curious little tinker. When Bell starts to fantasize about stepping foot on the mainland, she is quickly reminded that only nature-talent fairies have permission to do so.

Bell starts learning about ways to enter the forbidden land, but to no avail. She quickly realizes that tinkering is her talent, and for her to visit the mainland, she needs a natural talent as well. When Bell turns to Vidia, Vidia assigns her a task that will result in her punishment.

This “good girl versus bad girl” trope isn’t much appreciated in the new imaginative fantasies. As much as we all love Tinker Bell’s clumsy notoriety, even that doesn’t make the movie stand out more. Jealousy and evil can only work for a while, and this movie proves that.

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3. Tinker Bell And The Lost Treasure

Tinker Bell And The Lost Treasure

The journey of Bell and Terrance to fix the moonstone they broke is as hilarious and absurd as Bell’s clumpiness. Though Terrance is the one to break the legendary moonstone, Bell is caught in the heat as well. Since Bell was the one who was assigned the task of creating a scepter for the moonstone, it was her responsibility to protect the stone.

Bell discovers a mirror that grants the wishes of everyone who looks into it. With a personality as hilariously absurd as that Tinker Bell’s, she wastes all her wishes on stupid things. She somehow manages to fix the scepter and join the moonstone pieces. Bell presents this masterpiece to Queen Clarion, and somehow this moonstone gets the largest amount of Pixie Dust ever to fall in Pixie Hollow.

This movie has all the elements that make it classic Tinker Bell magic. Though it is a bit more absurd than the other movies, it is equally interesting and keeps the Tinker Bell series lighthearted.

2. Secret Of The Wings

Secret Of The Wings

This movie highlights the sweet relationship between Tinker Bell and her sister. The shimmering wings and the frosty snow will definitely make you fall in love with this Tinker Bell movie. Tinker Bell is a fairy who has a knack for getting involved in trouble.

While Bell is a tinker fairy who makes and breaks things easily, Periwinkle is the snow fairy who cannot survive the cold weather. Bell is well-known for her audacious ideas. In this movie, Bell comes up with one such reckless idea: bringing Periwinkle into Pixie Hollow. Her idea backfires, and the entire town has to endure the nerve-chilling cold.

This movie highlights Bell’s love for Periwinkle and her town. Like every other Tinker Bell movie, this one has a strong lesson hidden underneath as well. It highlights the importance of pushing your boundaries and staying close to your family members.

1. Tinker Bell And The Great Fairy Rescue

Tinker Bell And The Great Fairy Rescue

This movie is considered to be the best Tinker Bell movie so far because of its unique approach to Bell’s character. This movie showcases Bell’s interaction with a human and helps highlight the importance of friendship.

In this movie, Bell and Vidia take refuge in the tiny house created by Elizabeth. While Vidia leaves the house, Bell gets stuck in there. Though Bell has always wanted to visit the mainland, she fears that she won’t be able to survive in the human world. But she quickly develops a bond with Lizzie.

Dr. Griffiths is Lizzie’s father. He captures Bell and fantasizes about sending her to a research lab. In the end, Vidia saves Bell, and their friendship starts to bloom. This Tinker Bell movie is the best movie to exist because of its focus on true friendships and the sensitive relationship between a father and a daughter.

Enjoy these Tinker Bell movies and get enamored by Bell’s mischievous smile now!

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