Is Jared Leto Gay? Has He Ever Revealed Anything?

The more pressing question is, would you find him any less cute and talented if he was? Because Jared Leto’s popularity far surpasses the recent questions about his sexuality and love life. And while I like nothing better than to act all high and mighty, I must say even I have succumbed to the throes of gossip so, who am I to judge you for your curiosity?

And that’s exactly why today I am serving you with another gorgeous actor, his killer looks, those gorgeous blue eyes, and all the secrets they hold. So I truly hope you have come with something in return for my trouble as well because it’s been a pin writing this one out, believe me. Partly because I am tired of seeing the backlash he’s got for his views, but mostly because he’s so cute I wanna die!!!

Anyway, my fangirling aside, let’s dive straight (pun intended) into the million-dollar question and find out what exactly gets Leto all crazed up with desire – is it a woman, a man, or…none?

Is Jared Leto gay?

Yes. YES, HE IS, ALRIGHT? tears rolling Yes, he is gay and yes, that’s awesome for all the men out there pining for him but I see it as a true betrayal. Nonsensical, I know, but hey, love can be dumb sometimes, alright? Not my fault. And I am just tired of having to let go of all my childhood crushes just because they won’t be interested in something that even remotely resembles a woman!

My frustrations aside, Jared Leto is a proudly outspoken gay man who believes in fighting for his rights and helping others find their voice to speak their truth out as well. Because, although it might come as a shock to you given the drastically changing times, people are still very conservative about the gay community, especially in the film industry, which is hypocritical because, given the nature of show biz, you’d think they’d be more open.

But as Jared Leto spoke in an interview as well, a gay man is not likely to get as many leading opportunities in movies as a straight one. And that’s just the harsh truth. And to speak out about it as openly and bravely as he does is very inspiring, not to mention touching as well.

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Jared Leto – The Joker

Is Jared Leto gay?

I honestly had no idea HE was the one behind that borderline crazy, brilliant representation of Joker in ‘Suicide Squad’ but damn, did I lose my marbles when I found out! Gay or not (HE IS GAY, GET OVER IT!), this man certainly outdid himself in that movie. And many, many others too, but that one role made me fall in love with his acting.

To think that someone with looks as angelic as his can transform into a hyper-active maniac on will is mind-blowing, really. And his performance in the movie won him a lot of awards and praise from the critics as well. Which is no less than what he deserves because he really outdid himself in this one.

But where there is fame, there is controversy. And negative reviews are a part of the parcel. And Jared was no exception. For some, his ‘Joker’ didn’t make the cut because apparently, it was too ”basic” and ”awkward” but I say, let’s ignore all that hateful talk and focus on the gorgeous Leto and his enchanting Joker!

Jared ”OUTSPOKEN” Leto

Don’t believe me? Search for his name and you will find dozens of interviews on him being fairly courageous and open about the stigma that still revolves around the gay community, especially in Hollywood. I know we talked about it before as well but this is a topic that needs as much reiteration as possible.

Jared Leto has always been open about his sexuality and you can see that clearly in his interviews. Not only that, he has always encouraged everyone to speak out for their rights and the injustices they face especially because of their sexual orientation.

It’s a very sensitive topic and his constant reminders infuse the people who are still scared to speak out with the necessary courage to go ahead and reach for their dreams despite what other people might say. So in the end, the question, Is Jared Leto Gay?, doesn’t really matter. What matter sis the direction he took with it and THAT has always been honorable and inspiring.

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