50 Best Uncensored Anime of All Time That You Will Enjoy!

What does the term anime bring in one’s mind? Definitely a series of animated things. Anime is basically developed in Japan, which now is under a world rage and becoming a full-fledged sensation. These days, be it, adults or kids, they love anime and the way the one relates to the character, even though the seasons stretch for years, at times comprising more than 600 episodes. For viewers, they would want to watch the whole thing, rather than the version the censor board approves of, which cuts off numerous things.

Censorship is a vital thing in today’s age, as exposure to few things at a young age is quite treacherous. Even if Japan approves a few things, the global versions tend to have more censored versions. At times it lessens the effect and fun while watching anime. The origin of anime is supposedly cited as a century ago, in the 1930s. Can you imagine? We have so many favorite shows right from Hero Academia to Naruto, but only a handful of people do not watch anime. Japan is a place of modern innovations and anime is one of its successful strides in the entertainment industry. One can never stop watching an anime show or movie, once started as it is so engaging.

Thereby, here we bring you the top 50 shows and movies of anime, those too uncensored ones which you can enjoy wholeheartedly. This article consists of the best things one can benefit from in its uncensored form. Also, we strictly request adults of age 18 and above avail of the benefit of this list, as we do not want fragile young minds to be influenced. Even though censorship thing has been in existence for quite some time, in a few shows like those of the ecchi genre whose uncensored versions are available, one understands how different the original content is from the modified version. 

50. Shimoneta

Best Uncensored Anime

Well, let us begin with one of the popular anime shows, which comprises 12 episodes. This series, which is adapted from the novel series “Shimoneta: A Boring World Where the Concept of Dirty Jokes Doesn’t Exist”, has been one of the sought-after uncensored anime shows. This show, which was first released in the year 2015, has its pilot titled “Whom Does Public Order and Morality Serve?”. The plot of this series revolves around Tanukichi Okuma, who is connected with dangerous people. This series is based in Japan, in its futuristic version in the year 2030 where Tanukichi is one of the pioneers in shutting down new schools promoting good things in society.

49. Hybrid X Heart Magias Academy Ataraxia

50 Best Uncensored Anime

Next onto this list of uncensored anime, this series was adapted from a light novel series. This anime series was broadcasted right from July 5th, yer 2016 till the September of the same year which is of the Ecchi genre. There are numerous characters depicted in this series, like Kizuna Hida, Aine Chidorigafuchi, Yurishia Farandole, and Hayuru Himekawa to name a few. Here the academy called Ataraxia has various people in it. The show begins with Hida Kizuna wanting to be better. Ataraxia which is a place for Heart Hybrid Gear (HHG) people, Hida joined in where there were numerous girls already, training hard. This show focuses to help Hida get more powerful in various ways.

48. Isuca

50 Best Uncensored Anime

When it comes to popular uncensored anime, how can one miss out on Isuca? This anime series which is entangled in the dark fantasy and supernatural genre was released in the year 2015. This series revolves around three characters namely Shinichirō Asano, Sakuya Shimazu, and Sunseri Shimazu. Shinichirō is the pioneer of this series, where he is an ordinary high school student who comes face to face with Sakuya, who is a hunter of strange creatures. This 11-episode series began with Shinichirō setting free a creature unintentionally and getting intertwined in the hunt.

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47. Seikon No Qwaser II aka The Qwaser of Stigmata II 

50 Best Uncensored Anime

One more popular manga series, especially for its scenes containing violence and action is quite popular among anime fanatics is The Qwaser of Stigmata II. This series had the first edition as well, which consisted of 24 episodes, and was released in the year 2010. The Qwaser of Stigmata II was released in the subsequent year that is 2011. The plot of this series revolves around the way it produces energy and evolves around Hana and Sasha. There is a girls’ school in this series. Also, here Sasha is in search of an object which many are keen on attaining, we get to see how the events unfold and who in the end wins.

46. Redo Of Healer

50 Best Uncensored Anime

Who is a fan of watching uncensored aka authentic anime in its truest forms? Here we bring you a recently telecasted series, Redo Of Healer which is again based on a light novel series in Japan. This novel was translated into the Manga series and then was taken to be premiered worldwide with 12 episode series. The plot revolves around Keyaru, a healing magician who is in a vengeful mode. You may wonder why? Well, as he abused both sexually and by any other means possible, thereby he is back to cause all the pain and torture he suffered.  We also see Flare Arlgrande Jioral in this series, who is one of the main villains.

45. Girls Bravo

50 Best Uncensored Anime

Girls Bravo series which was created by Ei Aoki was released almost two decades ago but is still in the list of the top 50, as it was quite fun to watch. This series, which was also converted into a game where our poor little Yukinari Sasaki goes through a series of problems, where being teased and made fun of by girls stands out. This as a result creates a bundle of issues for him, which in high school becomes so drastic that if a girl even accidentally touches him, he has an allergic reaction. But we know there is a savior for all of us. Miharu Sena Kanaka is his savior who transports him to another city and also does not cause him any reaction if she touches him. We see their journey in this series. 

44. Haganai

50 Best Uncensored Anime

Haganai consists of two seasons which are titled Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai aka Haganai and Haganai NEXT. This series which has 12 episodes in its first season, was released in 2011. This series was based on the harem and comedy genre, where a transfer student is the main focus of the story. This series titled if translated in English comes like “I don’t have many friends”, which was the scenario for Kodaka Hasegawa, who was finding it quite difficult to make friends. But what changes his life is he makes a club with his beautiful neighbors, which leads to a revolution for people who find it difficult to make friends. We also see many people joining the club like Sena Kashiwazaki, Rika Shiguma,  Yukimura Kusunoki, etc. Haganai NEXT was released in 2014.

43. Kanokon

50 Best Uncensored Anime

Kanokon is a 2008 series, which is again based on a high school student. This series which is a 12-episode series like most uncensored anime series has garnered a series of mixed reviews.  Kouta Oyamada is the main character who is very close to his grandfather. But things change when he moves out due to circumstances. Unlike common love stories, Chizuru Minamoto, who is in the second year of high school professes her love for Kouta, a shy little kid. Things become complicated when one more new student that is Nozomu Ezomori also starts showing her affection towards Kouta. Watch the series to see who is Kouta’s one true love.

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42. Dragonar Academy

50 Best Uncensored Anime

The pilot episode of Dragonar Academy was released on 5th April, the year 2014 which is almost a decade ago but still, we believe that old is gold. This series which was directed by Shunsuke Tada and Tomoyuki Kurokawa is a 12-episode show, based on an amateur rider of dragons Ash Blake. In this land of dragons, all knew how to train, breed, and live amidst dragons but Ash stood out. He was also perceived to be the dragon master in the future but how is it possible if he does not know how to deal with it unlike the other students at Ansarivan Dragonar Academy? He then gets his pal but in the form of a girl. This is just the beginning of his problems. The excellent depiction of this series has been done and it is a must-watch.

41. OniAi

50 Best Uncensored Anime

OniAi has been a series of 12 episodes along with six special episodes released in the year 2012, where each episode ranges from 25 minutes. The pilot of this series has been rated 7.4 via IMDB which is amazing for an uncensored anime series, which focuses on the Himenokōji twins. What keeps the series different from the rest is the peculiar relationship between Akito and Akiko. One may ask what is peculiar about a brother-sister relationship. Well after being separated for more than half a decade, due to the dreadful death of their parents, they come back together. But both Akito and Akiko have different desires, while Akito wants his family back Akiko has a desire and lust for her brother way beyond brotherly love. Things become complex when more people move in. Do give it a watch.

40. Why The Hell Are You Here, Teacher!?

50 Best Uncensored Anime

As the title suggests, this anime series is based on a teacher namely  Kana Kojima. This series which was rated 6.4 vai IMDB, is based on erotic comedy and romantic comedy genre and is a funny take on the relationship between teachers and their students. Here, we can see Kana Kojima who is a young teacher has a keen interest in one of her male students. Also, we can see during the series that the reputation of this teacher is quite devilish and she is known to create embarrassing situations with Ichiro Sato, a third-year student. This series brought in more seasons with different students, so if this is your kind of genre, it needs to be on your list.

39. Maken-Ki

50 Best Uncensored Anime

The Maken-Ki anime series has been derived from the work of  Hiromitsu Takeda. This series has in all 22 episodes ranging between two seasons with the second one titled Maken-ki! Two. This series’s first season which was directed by Koichi Ohata has the main protagonist as Takeru Ooyama who is as most uncensored anime series, a high schooler. He is in his first year when a series of life-changing events take place like his school letting girls in and everyone has a special ability other than him. He was a regular flirty teenager but suddenly he has a nemesis and a fiance? This kind of issue was never faced by him, how will he deal with it? 

38. Blood-C

50 Best Uncensored Anime

Blood-C is based on the thriller, action, and horror fantasy genre, which was first released in the year 2011. This series has also been made into a movie titled “Blood-C: The Last Dark” which was released in the year 2012. This anime series which is created by Tsutomu Mizushima is set in the town near the seaside of Lake Suwa in Nagano Prefecture. This series focuses on an ordinary girl Saya Kisaragi, who leads a normal life of a teenager. She is a quite friendly girl, with a lot of friends and she resides with her father. But when night comes, she is suddenly in charge of the whole town’s safety. What increases the whole mystery is that she is not a human being at all, but rather an Elder Bairn(supernatural) in disguise. What happens to her? Watch Blood-C find out.

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37. Ladies Versus Butlers

50 Best Uncensored Anime

This adapted series from the manga series of thirteen volumes has garnered a rating of 6.6 on the IMDB. This series focuses on Akiharu Hino, who has been through a major tragic incident, the passing away of his parents. He is adopted by his Uncle and life goes on, until he decides to join a boarding school namely Hakureiryō Academy. This decision was made for the sole purpose of being independent but the school turned out to be a heaven in disguise. His goal was to serve the high society by becoming a butler but his appearance left him no friends and remaining time with a girl who tortured him. Do give this series a go-to to know what eventually happened to Akiharu Hino.

36. Okusama Ga Seitō Kaichou aka My Wife is the Student Council President

The anime series titled My Wife is the Student Council President has been split into two seasons with 12 in each season. As the title speaks, we can expect the series to be focused on a husband and his wife. As with most engaging love stories, this starts with both of them hating each other, especially Hayato Izumi having immense resentment towards Ui Wakana for winning the election he wished to win. But as unpredictable as life is, Ui Wakana turns out to be his wife-to-be, can you imagine? This does not stop here, as they have to start living together. We see many cute moments and it is a good watch in all.

35. Shinmai Maou No Testament aka The Testament of Sister New Devil

50 Best Uncensored Anime

This series has in all 22 episodes, divided into two seasons which was released in the same year, that is 2015. The main protagonist of The Testament of Sister New Devil is Basara Toujou a high schooler who is in his first year. He had a normal life until his father suddenly remarries and brings in two step sisters, who are astonishingly pretty. As this was not enough to jeopardize his life, these sisters turn out to be in disguise, with one of them being a demon. What will happen to Basara Toujou and how will he tackle the situation?

34. Eiken: Eikenbu Yori Ai wo Komete

50 Best Uncensored Anime

Eiken: Eikenbu Yori Ai Wo Komete is a show of Ecchi theme, with comedy being its supreme genre. This series aired mere two episodes of thirty minutes each in the year 2003. For the ones wanting to explore anime and having less time, this is the series they need to binge on.  This show focuses on the Zashono Academy. The series’s main protagonist is Densuke Mifune, who is sort of an introvert and trying to come out of his circle. And luck is in his favor with his interaction with Chiharu Shinonome, joining a competitive mysterious club, and coming out of his cocoon.

33. Hyakka Ryōran: Samurai Girls

This TV Series of the year 2013, was created by KOBUN, as the show’s title says is based on a bunch of girls. This show has a second season as well, titled Samurai Brides, which has 12 episodes same as its previous one. This series is set in  Buou Academic School, where the era is just after the end of World War II, with the warrior families’ descendants trained to defend themselves. It has many female warriors preparing themselves and having a series of events from family fights to student council to being trained with  Muneakira Yagyu and whatnot.

32. Demon King Daimao

This series which was created by Takashi Watanabe has Akuto Sai as the main protagonist who has great ambitions and good dreams for himself and his country. Akuto, a cute little boy with good intentions is enrolled in the Wizard Academy. He is a boy with a bit of a serious nature but a bit funny. Isn’t it nice? When he gives a test in the academy which determines what they will become, he is titled the Demon King. Imagine, an orphan boy with good behavior being signified like this! Everyone is scared and petrified of him, with his powers at times out of his control. He has a student secretly crushing hard on him. Watch this series to know more.

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31. Seitokai Yakuindomo

One more series based on an academy that turned co-ed recently was released on 4 July, the year 2010. Seitokai Yakuindomo has two anime series seasons along with two anime movies. This series has acquired about 7.1 through IMDB, so this definitely needs to be watched by anime lovers. Here, our male protagonist is the only male in the whole academy, with a major attention spot. He soon acquired a great position in the student council and was the only source of a male point of view. In this series, we see Takatoshi Tsuda’s interaction and how he deals with everything.

30. Blade Of The Immortal

This series which is created by Kōichi Mashimo and produced by Bee Train. The story focuses majorly on a samurai and a daughter and comprising of thirteen episodes. What makes this series different is that this manga series has won an award for excellence. Here, we the daughter whose goal is to bring justice= to her parent’s death due to a cadre of master swordsmen. The immortal samurai, along with the numerous amends he made life long, decides to help Rin Asano and maybe be granted relief from this cursed immortality. Will Rin get her revenge and set the samurai’s spirits free?

29. Yosuga no Sora

Most of the uncensored anime versions which are available were released during the year 2010, including the Yosuga no Sora series. This is one of the most-watched series, where the main characters are the Kasugano twins. Visited by a tragedy that left them parentless, they embarked upon the journey to find whatever family is remaining. The twins are a boy and a girl namely Haruka Kasugano and Sora Kasugano. This series comprises 12 episodes but has four different storylines embedded in it. We see how these orphans try to tackle challenges in life and move across the country.

28. Aesthetica Of A Rogue Hero

Aesthetica Of A Rogue Hero is based on fantasy, action, and harem genre, with as the title conveys the story of a hero. The 12-episode series along with 7 special episodes, starts with the world of magic, where both men and women face a series of challenges, tests, duels, and battles, and the ones who survive gets awarded some kind of ability. Isn’t this everyone’s dream? But anyway, our main protagonist Akatsuki Osawa clears everything and is awarded power. Things become difficult when he returns back with the descendant of the Last Dark Lord, whose identity cannot be revealed at any cost. Akatsuki and Miu are conflicted with their feelings as they are supposed to hate each other but cannot bring themselves to do it.

27. Freezing

Freezing is a TV Series that was released in the year 2011, followed by one more season namely Freezing Vibration in the year 2013. The creator of this series is Takashi Watanabe,  This series explored a bit different genre as it is based on science fiction and action. Here, existence is in danger thereby both the men and women are required to transform themselves into altered girls and boys in order to survive. With garnering almost all positive reviews, in this series Pandoras partner up with Limiters(boys) and fights against NOVA creatures. But Bridget faces issues, what will happen to her, go and watch this series to find out.


This series has one of the most episodes in a single season for an anime series in the year 2004. GANTZ has a number of films and spin-offs based on it and GANTZ focuses on a bunch of people. GANTZ is based on Action, Psychological horror, and thriller genre along with being a tad bit essence of sci-fi. This series begins with two high school students, who died while performing a good deed and land upon a room of a bunch of people. To make it more exciting, there is a mysterious black space called GANTZ, and these people stuck need to figure out what to do.

25. Terra Formars

Terra Formars comes under a bunch of series, that have gained quite a number of bad ratings but still, it can be enjoyed by a sect of people. For the ones who enjoy the Horror and the Sci-fi genre, Terra Formars is the one for you. This anime series was released on 26 September, the year 2014 with 13 episodes in all. The series begins with the intention of acquiring Mars, where many students are given the task to make it habitable. Then we could see a 500-year jump and the repercussions the humans have to deal with.

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24. Yuuna and the Haunted Hot Springs

This series which was designed by Tsuyoshi Nagasawa has the main characters namely Kogarashi Fuyuzora and Yuuna Yunohana. It was first released on 14 July, the year 2018 which shows our boy Kogarashi hurdling his way through life and then stumbling upon an inn that was guarded by the spirit of Yuuna. This 16-year-old girl’s spirit has some unfinished business left to do, which Kogarashi determines to be completed. We get to see the connection between a young man and a ghost in this series.

23. Prison School

The title of this anime series itself is so interesting that one is curious to watch it. Is it a prison that is turned into a school or vice versa? This is one of the most renowned anime series, with a whopping 7.6 rating from IMDB, with 12 episodes airing in the year 2015 and then being adapted for a television drama in the same year. Hachimitsu Academy decides to take in a few boys in midst of 1000 girls. But are these boys treated special? NO, in contrast, they are embarked upon age-old rules them defying a few major ones and being allotted into the Prison Block of the academy. Our male protagonist has drastic revelations during his stint in the Prison block. Watch this critically acclaimed series to know more.

22. The Fruit of Grisaia

This anime series with multiple seasons and has released numerous anime films. The Fruit of Grisaia has been created by Tensho and has an IMDB rating of 7. This series was released in the year 2014, with Yūji Kazami being the male protagonist. This story is set in Mihama Academy. The sudden transfer of Yūji into an academy where there are merely five girls going through one thing or another leaves him baffled. This academy was nothing less than a prison. The way Yūji lives his life, we get to see whether he will be tortured or does he find love, or leads an ordinary life.

21. High School DxD.

This series which has won three of its seven nominations in many awards shows was the first broadcast in the year 2012. This series with a massive rating of 7.6 via IMDB, in which four uncensored seasons have aired in all these years, we get to see a few of the best works anime could offer us. This story commences on a similar note to others with the all-girls academy letting new students include boys as well. This series follows Issei Hyodo as the main focus. This academy is just not for humans, but it is for all kinds of supernatural beings and a haven for all. Issei Hyodo, is the prettiest girl on campus but guess what, she is the most evil? Does anyone get to know her truth? Watch  High School DxD to find out.

20. To Love Ru

This series has been in the midst of a lot of controversies but you know what, times controversies promote one’s movies or series in a different way. The first season of To Love Ru was released in the year 2008, with being set in series in a place called Sainan. This twenty-six-episode series has the main focus as an alien who is a girl on Earth, and the male protagonist is Yuuki Rito. Things are quite complicated in this story, as Yuuki Rito is in love with someone else but the alien namely  Lala Satalin Deviluke from the planet of  Deviluke marries him forcibly. There are many opposing forces to be dealt with by  Yuuki, we see a set of events unfolding in this series created by Takao Kato.

19. Berserk

Berserk is a series, which was first aired in the year 1996 exploring a few bits as per the Manga, and then renewed again in the year 2016, sort of being a sequel to its predecessor but continuing with the same title. This series tries to explore different character arcs, with the main focus of the series being  Guts aka the “Black Swordsman”. This action and dark fantasy anime series created by Shin Itagaki has its second season’s last episode aired in the year 2017. Here, we see a bunch of people rather than demons targeting Guts, as to find out more about the branding which is inscribed on his body.

18. Deadman Wonderland

This series which was created by Kōichirō Hatsumi was aired for just a single season comprising twelve episodes. Garnering 7.1 on IMDB, thereby adding it to the must-watch list, we get to see an anomaly being faced by the country of Japan. Each episode ranges from half an hour for this award-winning series, Ganta an innocent guy who is being accused of false crimes. One might wonder why him particularly? Well, during this dreadful event taking place, the demon or the evil guy who did it put in a red crystal in Ganta, thereby making him the sole focus. 

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GANGSTA is a series with a 7.2 rating via IMDB, where the manga novel series was converted into anime series in the year 2015. Throughout the series, we get to focus on two main characters aka the two handymen, Worick Arcangelo and Nicolas Brown. One more prominent character throughout this series created by Shūkō Murase and Kōichi Hatsumi is Alex Benedetto, a former prostitute. What is peculiar is that both these men are so capable they work for the mob as well as the police. These tasks take up their daily routine until one such task which seems usual at the start turns out to be quite more dangerous than what they signed up for.

16. Kissxsis

 A series that was created by Munenori Nawa in the romantic comedy genre, as the name suggests is an incest relationship between siblings. This show focuses on a middle school student Keita Suminoe. His normal mundane life is interrupted by getting two step sisters due to his father’s remarriage and when this young man thought he was getting sisters but in reality, they were the girls who seduced him. Keita Suminoe himself was quite attracted but he had to focus on getting into a high school. But the balance was the trickiest part here, which we are not Keita Suminoe was able to keep. Watch the series to find out more.

15. Ishuzoku Reviewers

One of the most recently released uncensored anime series is Ishuzoku Reviewers, which aired its first episode in the year 2020. The main characters of this series are Stunk, Zel, and Crimvael. Ishuzoku Reviewers was created by Yuki Ogawa and is based on the science fiction and romance genre. Here we see, Stunk is an actual human who is having buddies from a universe way different from ours. They come from a world where not just one kind of human being exist along with several things illegal on Earth being legal there.  This is a series of exploration, fun, and quite a nice watch if you are bored of the regular drama out there.

14. Tokyo Ghoul

As the title suggests, this series which was produced by  Pierrot and broadcasted its first season in the year 2014, is set in Tokyo. This is a show comprised of human beings and evil demons. This series whose third season is available on Netflix has garnered a massive 7.8 rating on the IMDB website. One ought to watch this show which focuses on a college student and a demon who lives off human flesh. These demons are known as ghouls throughout the series and things become complex when a ghoul accident a man survives after attacking him and then there goes the search of capturing the man. 

13.  Steel Angel Kurumi

This is one of the oldest anime series to be released, that is in the year 1999. This was the beginning of the animation era rather than the technology era but even though the animation might slightly lack given today’s level of graphics, the storyline and plot are worth the hype. Having a decent rating of 6.7 on the IMDB website, this series is set in the early 1900s, and the focus is on the scientist called Ayanokoji. He is known to be a mad scientist. But his developing a Steel Angel and coding its name as Kurumi is remarkable. We see the consequence and funny scenes after a few boys crash in the lab.

12. Monster Musume No Iru Nichijou aka Monster Musume: Everyday Life with Monster Girls

This series which focuses on the comedy fantasy, harem, and romance genres, as the anime suggests has a monster as one of the main characters in it. It released its first season in the year 2015, with the plot being focused on Kimihito Kurusu. This is a supernatural world. Here, this high school student who lives where openly other kinds of species live has to reside with the utmost amazing beauties who are not human. What will be his experiences?

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11. Nisemonogatari

Now, we are getting closer to a few of the best-uncensored anime series. This series which was rated 7.7 on the site IMDB was created by Akiyuki Shinbo, Tatsuya Oishi, and Tomoyuki Itamura directing different episodes. The first season of this series had a massive thirty episodes and was released in the year 2009. The plot of this series is Koyomi Araragi, his sisters, and the man who is a traitor Kaiki Deishu.  We see a series of infatuations of Koyomi Araragi, a few scenes where is injured as well throughout the series.

10. Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom.

One more addition to the list of anime series which was released in the year 2009 is Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom. With an enormous rating of 7.6 via IMDB, this anime is derived from a video of the year 2000. The show focuses on two assassins who suffer from memory loss and are brainwashed to the core. The assassins namely Ein and Zwei,  are then made to work together, where both try to deal with intricate situations. Inferno crime syndicate is trying its best to not regain their memory.


Adding to the list of “old is gold” anime series is HELLSING which was first broadcast in the year 2001. This 13-episode series with HELLSING being the main character, where the series is set in England. This series which is based on the action, vampire, and dark fantasy genre, has the plot to erase all supernatural beings and restore normality in England. But HELLSING succumbs to death in front of his daughter who is all powered up by revenge and she is totally transformed due to it. Also, she has inherited the whole mission from her father and we see her trying to tackle evil beings and restore peace.

8.   Afro Samurai

ΛFΓO SΛMUΓΛI is the styled version of Afro Samurai which was aired in the year 2009. The genre of Afro Samurai is based on Action, post-apocalyptic, and period pieces. We can make out from the title that Samurai is one of the main characters in the anime series. This is one of the most-watched anime series uncensored with a 7.6 rating and a plot set in Japan. This is one of the series focused on taking revenge. The Number 1 and Number 2 band holders are always in a duel, where Number 1 Afro was killed in a brutal manner, and his son decides to avenge his father’s death.

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7.   Sekirei

This series which was created by Keizō Kusakawa has been a recipient of 7.3 ratings from the IMDB site, where Sekirei, Jinki, and Ashikabi supernatural beings are the main characters. This series which was aired in the year 2008 with getting renewed for one more season, has Sekirei devising a Sekirei plan throughout the series. The show focuses on a human being called Minato Sahashi and his struggles in the social environment and his being summoned upon a secret Sekirei Musubi. In the initial days, both had their amount of fun but things got difficult as days passed by.

6.   High School Of The Dead

This series also known as “Apocalyptic Academy: Highschool of the Dead” was released in the year 2010 and is based on the lives of high school students. What is peculiar is that this show has been the recipient of amazing responses worldwide, with a rating of 7.2 via IMDB. This show commences with an apocalypse being hit, where a few of the students try to save themselves from turning into zombies. This whole series is focused on survival and renewing the whole world with remaining people.

5.   Mnemosyne aka Munemoshune no Musumetachi

This series is one of the top series in the list of uncensored anime series owing to its plotlines. This is a short but fulfilling series with mere six episodes where Rin Asougi and Mimi are the main characters. Rin struggles in her life and is trying to earn day to day but does life come easy? Apparently not, as she is constantly dealing with different kinds of anomalies. Her investigation post is a bundle of surprises and astonishment with every case.

4.   Golden Boy

This series has just released 6 Original Video Animations, back in the year 1995. This series was the onset of the craze at that time in Japan for anime series and movies. This series with a massive rating of 8, which almost a handful of uncensored anime series achieves, focuses on the life of Kintaro Oe. Kintaro has been shy most of his life but has an intense desire for women. But as life comes, he is placed across many women but it does not work out. We keep seeing his experiences throughout the series, where he gains one thing or another with each passing woman. He has been earning his livelihood through various jobs and we see him finding love in the end.

3.   Kill La Kill

This series which has been rated 7.9 on a scale of 10 via IMDB, aired its first episode in the year 2013. The genre of this series is action, comedy, and the fantasy of a magical girl. This story is all about avenging the death of her father for Ryuuko Matoi. We see this show is set in Honnouji Academy, located in Tokyo. Ryuuko possesses half of a sword and is on a mission to find the remaining half. One may wonder what is the connection between her father and the sword. Well, the other half, whoever possesses will be the culprit and Ryuuko seeks revenge. Well, the culprit turns out to be the most popular student, what happens to her?

2.   Nana

Released in the year 2006, coming under the list of most episodes in this list which is 47 episodes, this show focuses on two women. Gaining an 8.5 rating thru IMDB, we see both women namely Nana Komatsu and  Nana Osaki, who are literal opposites of each other become roommates. Set in Tokyo, one of them pursues a career in music while the other has the dream of eternally living together happily with her boyfriend. But things do not go as well as planned. We see a series of cheating, reconciliation, and betrayal, one of them getting pregnant, basically a full dose of drama. Do not miss watching this series, it is too good to be true and mesmerizes an individual into their fictional world.

1.   Jin-Roh: The Wolf Brigade

Onto to the list of “old is gold” anime, this movie which was released in the year 1999, has been the recipient of one the most watched movie at that time. Jin Roh stands for human wolves. This anime which was created by Hiroyuki Okiura is from the post-period after the end of World War II. This anime is based on the political and action genre, as this anime focuses on a police officer, a suicidal girl, and her family. We see different storylines playing out, where everything comes together with a counter-terrorism unit termed ‘Jin Roh’.

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