Top 10 Hot Black Female Anime Characters!

Curtains fall, breaths are caught in lungs, and eyes are filled with adoration and desire as anime lovers watch some of these gorgeous and magical black characters walk into the frame and steal everyone’s thunder! Because when it comes to seduction, both physical and mental, these gorgeous girls do it best. 

And today, we have taken it upon ourselves to introduce some of the hottest black anime characters to have ever written, and believe us when we say, you are NOT prepared for the levels of sensuality these females bring. So keep a tight leash on your desires, people, because we are turning up the heat with this list and there’s not a goddamn thing you can do about it, except bear the delightful burden!

10. Yoruichi Shihoin – Bleach 

Top 10 Hot Black Female Characters in Anime

She is dark, she is gorgeous, and she can melt and disarm you just with her brooding gaze. yes, we are talking about the gorgeous Yoruichi Shihoin. Her purple hair and her no-shit attitude need no introduction. Her character arc, which is so well-developed and deep that it pulls you right in, gets you invested in her story the moment she hits the frame. 

Oh, and would you look at that! She can also turn into a cat at will! Could there be anything more fitting than THAT? Her lean face, intense eyes, and that flawless purple hair turn her into a fan favorite instantly. And this list wouldn’t have been complete without assigning her the place that she so well deserves!

9. Hilda – Eureka Seven

Top 10 Hot Black Female Characters in Anime

Muscles are sexy. And on none so much as on Hilda. This powerful anime character doesn’t shy away from asserting her dominance where she sees fit. And those defined shoulders, the perky bosom, and that lean figure are enough to turn anyone into a ball of mush. 

Hilda, a key character in the anime ‘Eureka Seven, is not your typical female lifter. Her finesse is not limited to dumbbell curls and deep squats. Oh, no, she is an intellectual babe as well. And believe us when I say that her uninterested gaze when she is bored, can give anybody major anxiety and destroy their self-confidence. Now THAT’S true power, wouldn’t you say folks?

8. Carole – Carole & Tuesday

Carole in Carole and Tuesday

Who says a woman can only be powerful if she is a bit masculine in her traits? Because Carol’s soft femininity is a different and intense force altogether. We are, have been, and forever will be in love with Carol. Her soft features and actions and her passion for her craft turn her into one of the most beloved black female anime characters of all time. 

She is stubborn when it comes to her dreams, is polite but doesn’t let anyone walk all over her, and most of all she is a fighter and never gives up. And yet, you couldn’t guess any of this judging from her sweet countenance! Such is the hold she has on all of us anime lovers and we adore every single moment of that entraption. 

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7. Caldina – Magic Knight Rayearth

Caldina in Magic Knight Rayearth

Vibrant pink hair, big doe eyes, an absolute killer wardrobe, and the ability to hypnotize – this woman has it all. And boy, oh boy, would she have played with and broken so many of our hearts if she was a real, live three-dimensional being. 

Yes, Caldina is THAT hypnotic. Her spellbinding dancing skills and her extraordinary skills as an illusionist makes her an even greater threat to your heart, believe us. You won’t even realize what hit you by the time she is done. Oh, and did we tell you that she is extremely skilled with those sharp knives as well? So better watch out and love her from afar because she might just bring your destruction in such a sweet way that you’ll end up praying for more just to be close to her. 

6. Canary – HunterXHunter

Top 10 Hot Black Female Anime characters

She’s a butler’s apprentice. A. DAMN. BUTLER. Well, not THAT kind of butler as you’ll soon see once you actually go and watch the anime but hey, if butlers come THIS cute then could we have one too, pretty please? Look at her! Those luscious locks and that innocent face are enough to leave you all heart-eyes for this character. 

This ferocious little girl is not afraid of getting her hands dirty when it comes to protecting those who have been put in her charge. And that only makes her even more likable. All in all, this list wouldn’t be complete without her mention. 

5. Gidget – Eureka Seven

Top 10 Hot Black Female Anime Characters

Yes. We have another one from Eureka Seven but we know you’ll approve. Apart from being an absolute heartthrob, Gidget is also one of the kindest characters in the anime. And it’s with her cutesy little acts and her fun dresses that she wins us over, even with limited screen time. 

Talk about enchantment, huh? Because by the end, we are left hoping we had gotten a little more moments with her in the front. Gidget is truly an amazing and unforgettable character, even if she only appears in a supporting role. 

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4. Urd – Oh My Goddess

Urd in Oh My Goddess

Yeah, we should just leave the planet now that Urd has set such an impossible precedent for us girls to follow with that jaw-dropping figure and fine features. What chance do we, any of us, have in front of her, huh? Urd is truly a fine character, and not just because of her looks. 

She is as motherly and gracious as they come, always protecting her family, her little sister. Her sense of responsibility is immense and her zeal tremendous. Not to mention she has a smart mouth on her that is always sure to entertain! So, there’s THAT as well. 

3. Mila Rose – Bleach

Mila Rose in Bleach

Oof! How could we forget to mention HER! With her deep green eyes and dark and mysterious complexion, Mila Rose is a heart stealer and no mistake! Not to mention her angelic white dress that plays beautifully in contrast to her caramel skin. Her soft features take you by surprise when coupled with her impressive skills in combat. 

Oh, and boy is she not afraid to show some skin! Such a tease, we tell you. So look out for her when you watch Bleach because her presence, even though only limited to a couple of episodes, might take you unawares.

2. Miyuki Ayukawa – Basquash 

Top 10 hot black anime characters

Having a gentle, loving, and kind heart is probably one of the most attractive traits of all time. A pretty face might hold your attention for the first few minutes but a beautiful heart is what will retain it. And Miyuki Ayukawa wins in that respect. She is hands down the most unselfish character you will come across in Basquash, or any other anime for that matter. 

She is an absolute angel and doesn’t shy away from letting her feelings known. Not to mention her loving, pink eyes that are sure to calm anyone down and make them fall in love with her! She is a treasure and we’ll forever be grateful to this anime for introducing us to this darling girl. 

1. Michiko Milandro – Michiko To Hatchin

Michiko Milandro - Michiko To Hatchin

Que bonita está hoje! Yes, she is Brazilian and much too gorgeous to deal with the likes of YOU. (just kidding. But no, seriously!) Michiko Milandro is a black-haired goddess who knows her own worth and the effect she has on everyone. And she owns that information like the diva she is. 

We haven’t seen any other female character in this anime come even close to her enigmatic presence. Brought up in an orphanage, she is extremely resilient – both emotionally and physically. And she doesn’t allow anybody the luxury of her trust easily. In short, stay the hell away from her if you don’t fancy keeping up with the power she comes with!

Whew! What a ride, huh? Talking about these beautiful creatures of anime has got us a bit jealous, not going to lie. With such amazing skills and pretty looks, it’s easy to guess why so many of us are hooked to these anime from the very beginning. It’s all about characters, after all. And one thing we love the most is that these characters aren’t just about the face. They have actual skills and abilities backing their beauty and that’s what got us hooked on them in the first place. 

So, what are you waiting for now? hurry up and go give all these delightful anime a watch and discover a new-found admiration for these amazing characters. Don’t worry, we’ll still be here when you get back, ready with longer and more interesting lists for your benefit! 

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