10 Movies Like The Wonder That You Cannot Afford To Miss!

Do you believe in miracles? Do you think some angelic guy sitting up above the clouds directs your day-to-day life and lead you to the path of self-fulfillment? Most importantly, do you think you can stomach a town ravaged with famine and buried in belief, a little girl turned into an instrument for personal agenda and an eerie setting that might forever live in your head rent-free?

Well, we hope you can because the movie I have brought for you today is a masterpiece in its own right, even if a bit unsettling and slow at times, and I wouldn’t be able to bear it if you missed out on the sheer amount of perfection and fun it brings. 

The Wonder, released on Netflix on 2 November 2022, is a tale saturated with hunger, belief, and misconceptions that give birth to a low-key gripping, and unmissable series of events. And, having watched it from beginning to end with our nails stuck between our teeth, we have decided ONE IS NOT ENOUGH. So, today I bring you a list of movies similar to The Wonder that you can lose yourself in. Yep, I know I am awesome. *flicks hair*

10. Us (2019)

Satan called and apologized for having convinced Jordan Peele to direct this movie because HOLY MOTHER OF GOD, is it creepy and terrifying and every bit as gripping! I didn’t know much about it before I watched its trailer and boy, did it leave my hair standing. 

The eerie vibe of The Wonder is definitely found in this 2019 psychological thriller and believe me when I say this, you don’t want to watch this one. Only, you do. Sounds confusing I know but if you miss out on this one, you don’t get to experience the excellent cinematography and beautifully fleshed-out characters. 

Us plays on the deep, dark recesses of the human mind, seeds of tendencies that we all have, brilliantly and uses blood-boiling terror as a tool to bring it out of the characters for us to see and marvel at. And Peele certainly knows how to use the lights, the cameras, and the damn angles to intensify every single shot for an even more immersive experience. 

It’s a movie that you really don’t want to miss out on. But, a word of caution here, because if you DO watch it, you might not be able to sleep for at least a week. Maybe more. So don’t say I didn’t warn you. I don’t want your sleepless nights and dark eyes on my hands.

9. American Psycho (2000)

Christian Bale’s stunningly disturbing performance as Patrick Bateman left me scarred for a long, long time. On the one hand, he is gorgeous to a fault, and on the other, he stands with an axe in his hands and murder in his eyes. WHAT’S A GIRL TO DO?

American Psycho is one of those movies you watch with a comfort pillow to your left and a pair of tweezers to your right, ya know, to gauge your eyes out once you are done watching this Bale turn into a psychopathic killer, which is in great contrast to the seemingly normal life he lives on a day-to-day basis. 

This contrast gets you thinking in a lot of disturbing directions. You begin wondering about the people you pass on the streets every single day. the seemingly harmless people, just on their way to work. Any one of them could moonlight as a psycho serail-killer in the wee morning hours. How can you even begin to differentiate?

It’s too unsettling for words. But since we are a bunch of masochists, we like it exactly this way. So, ‘The Wonder’ fans, give American Psycho a try. You won’t be disappointed, pinky promise. 

8. Lady Macbeth (2016)

Movies Like The Wonder

Florence Pugh is all set to dazzle you in yet another tremendously successful movie, Lady Macbeth. Charming, headstrong, and much too gorgeous, Pugh’s character in this one will give you major The Wonder vibes. 

Overcome with lust and desire, Katherine, played by Pugh, loses herself in an affair she might live to regret but she sure as hell; doesn’t mind it in the act, if you know what I’m saying! *wink wink* But jokes apart, Lady Macbeth touches on issues surrounding a woman’s needs and identity that far surpass the comprehensive ability of the people of the 19th century. 

It’s a real delight to watch her going from enjoying the tropes of dark desire to conflicting and dual-minded decisions that, when merged, make for an altogether exciting watch. 

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7. Black Swan (2010)

Movies Like The Wonder

How important is mental health to you? Because it doesn’t matter much to Nina Sayers, not if she can achieve the perfection she is after. Because that’s what ends up happening to her as she loses herself in the rather toxic competition with her rival ballet star, Odile, played by Mila Kunis. 

Oh, and by the way, I know what you thought of the moment you saw this movie mentioned, you dirty minds! But that’s NOT why I suggested this one. Its dark and mysterious vibe plays on your mind with just as much, if not more, finesse as the setting of The Wonder. And both these actresses no doubt do a wonderful job in fleshing (and flashing *giggles*) their characters out, so there’s that!

6. Seven (1995)

10 movies like The Wonder that you must watch

Brad Pitt. Just THAT should be enough to convince you to get off your goddamn phone and watch this one! He looks absolutely gorgeous in this movie, fresh out of the oven! But that’s not the only enticement it holds. 

Seven takes us on a merry hunt as two detectives, played by Pitt and morgan freeman (talk about perfect casting!) try to solve a particularly tricky serial killer case. It’s dark, it gives you the chills, and then it balances those jitters with some good Brad Pitt action. So, there’s a lot going on in this movie that demands your attention. 

5. Parasite (2019)

Movies Like The Wonder

Don’t just DON’T, tell me that you haven’t watched THIS one yet! What are you even doing with your life? You truly need to rethink your priorities, my guy (or gal!)

Parasite is a movie that you, as a fellow movie lover, simply cannot afford to miss. It’s appropriately dark, excellently written, and brilliantly cast. Delving deeper into the finer human tendencies and dissecting them, one scene at a time, Parasite is a gem of a movie that gives you food for thought and leaves you with a strange sense of terror bubbling inside your heart. 

Don’t worry. It won’t be anything serious. Just unsettling enough to leave you thinking about the plot for a long, long, long time. You are welcome. I live to make you as uncomfortable as myself, after all! 

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4. Gone Girl (2014)

10 movies like the wonder that you must watch

As if the original book by Gillian Flynn wasn’t disturbing enough, David Fincher decided to plague our eyes (in a most delightful way, by the way, if that’s even possible) with a virtual version of the story as well! And then he had the nerve to do it so well that it left us in shock and awe. Damn you, Fincher, and your perfect sense of setting and that gorgeous casting! *rolls eyes*

I was really surprised to find Rosamund Pike as Amy Dunne. The first time I saw her act was as Jane in Pride and Prejudice. And to go from such a sweet, considerate, and kind-hearted character to a complete psychopath was a complete shock for me, not going to lie. But it also awakened a newfound respect for her excellent acting skills too.

And Ben Affleck played Nick Dunne to perfection. Throughout the movie, I was conflicted about my emotions for this man. Should I hate him? Should I be sorry for him? Doesn’t he deserve this though? Such questions went round and round in my head until at last, I just accepted the fact that I’ll probably never get an answer to any of those. 

Seriously though, Gone Girl is one of those movies that you watch with a set of mixed emotions stirring something deep and unsettling inside of you. It keeps you invested, angry, emotional, worried, and in love with and for all the characters. It’s crazy the control it has over us from the first damn scene. It’s like possession. It’s delightfully eerie. Much like The Wonder. 

3. The Girl on The Train (2016)

10 movies like the wonder that you must watch

Not all book adaptations are done right. It’s a plague we book lovers have to survive and we have accepted that reality, really. But sometimes, someone comes along and turns our favorite books into a movie that’s faithful to the plot, perfect in its casting, and follows the original setting to a ”t.”

And The Girl on The Train is one such movie, for sure. Adapted from the novel of the same name and written by the brilliant Paula Hawkins, this movie wins all aspects. Not every psychological thriller is worth watching but this one surely loved up to my (and everyone else’s judging from the sparkling reviews it got) expectations as it gripped me by the hand and yanked me into its dark and mysterious world. 

I loved every single second of this brilliant movie. And it’s perfect for ‘The Wonder’ fans as well because the plot thickens so subtly and leaves you with a hundred burning questions and no time to catch your breath and find answers to them. 

2. Don’t Worry Darling (2022)

Harry Styles and Florence Pugh in Don't Worry Darling

Harry Styles and Florence Pugh. Together. In the same movie. AS A COUPLE. Need I say more? I was pretty stoked to watch this movie the moment I saw its trailer. it seemed like my kinda plot. And the movie sure as hell did not disappoint. 

The men of the strange 1950s town of Victory have a secret. A secret they keep among their manly selves. their wives are completely unaware. And it’s a recipe for a LOT of drama and fights underway. So while it won’t give you similar The Wonder vibes at first. but slowly, as the rhythm of the plot builds up and the creep factor goes up subtly, the similarities will begin showing themselves, and then you’ll be glad you listened to my advice and gave this one a try. 

1. Shutter Island (2010)

Leonardo di Caprio in Shutter Island

I laughed; I cried; I almost blew my brains out when we watched this movie. Shutter Island is one of those experiences that remain etched on your brain long after the credits roll and silence engulfs you. 

The first time I watched this movie, I didn’t have a moment to think or feel. It was all jumbled up, much like DiCaprio’s character in the movie. I found myself being pulled into the narrative despite my reluctance. yes, I was reluctant because this was an uncharted territory I was being thrown into and terror and confusion overpowered me. 

Yet, I couldn’t help myself. Shutter Island built its intricate web around me as it will around you too, when you give it a watch, and you won’t be left with any escape routes. And that’s exactly how you need it to be, believe me. 

And I must add how Leonardo di Caprio played Teddy Daniels to the point of no return. Watching him on screen as this character was confusing because I wholeheartedly believed him to be Teddy first and Leo later. I was charmed by his dialogues, completely invested in the redemption he sought, and mesmerized by the way to enthrall with his magnetic on-screen presence.

Teddy Daniels blamed himself for the tragedy that befell his family. His wife died. His children drowned. And it was all because of him, in his mind. His only crime as far as I could see was ignorance. And it didn’t warrant losing his mind to insanity. Which made my heart goes out to his desperate situation. 

Shutter island is honestly a story that I am sure will continue to burn through my head like a fossil forever. And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Whew. That’s a long list of movies to add to your watchlist, I know. but believe me, after watching The Wonder, you really don’t want to be missing out on similar gems out there! And hey, you are in the groove anyway. You just experienced the famine-ravaged moors of Ireland and Pugh’s brilliant and immersive acting. it’s time to take it up a notch. 

And these movies will help you do that. So grab a big bucket of popcorn, and clear your schedule for the weekend because it’s about to get wild here! But hey, I recommend calling a friend or maybe watching the movie with your dog or cat. I don’t know, just anyone to power through the creepy vibes you might get from some of the scenes. Nothing too drastic though. *runs away*

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