Is Capturing The Killer Nurse A True Story?

When the frustration becomes overbearing, drastic tragedies start to bloom. When a profession that is responsible for protecting starts destroying, the entire world starts collapsing. Capturing the killer nurse is a story about overwhelming frustration and the sadness that arises from it. This mystery thriller depicts how cruel a nurse, someone who is considered the epitome of humanity, can become.

Who would have thought someone who works day and night to save lives could be a cold-blooded murderer? This Netflix movie proves that anyone could stoop to any level when their frustration becomes unbearable. The movie deals with various sensitive concepts, which is why this question becomes more prominent. Is this movie based on a true story, or is this a brilliant manifestation of someone’s creativity?

Is Capturing The Killer Nurse A True Story?

A man with the devil’s mind, a nurse planning a mass murder. Capturing the Killer Nurse is a cinematic representation of Charlie Cullen’s twisted life. Though this movie is based on Cullen’s real-life killings, it is adapted from Charles Graeber’s famous thriller novel. In this novel, Graeber unravels Cullen’s twisted mind and describes his entire life to the point of Cullen’s downfall. Capturing the Killer Nurse is a documentary that revolves around Graeber’s novel and Charles’ life.

This movie is based on the true story of a cold-blooded, spine-chilling serial killer. Charlie Cullen is one of the most horrendous psychopaths who has put the entire medical profession to shame. His heartbreaking story will make you sympathize with him as much as it will knock your breath off.

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Capturing The Killer Nurse Story

Is Capturing The Killer Nurse A True Story?

After Good Nurse, Netflix’s previous documentary on Cullen is the second movie that depicts Cullen and his terrific killing style. Though this is the second movie based on Cullen, it is not a sequel but rather an aftermath. While “Good Nurse” has highlighted the entire life of Cullen, this movie is based on how this serial killer is trapped and how he tries to escape the judiciary.

Beginning with a brief introduction to Charlie’s turbulent childhood, the film delves into every aspect of Cullen’s life. It jots down the accidents that made Charlie a sadistic demon. What’s more horrifying is that Charlie Cullen considered himself to be a merciful soul who relieved people of the burden of life. He is a true sociopath with different brain wiring who has been exposed by someone he completely trusted.

Amy Loughren, Cullen’s colleague and best friend, is the one who reveals his dark secrets. In this documentary, Loughren’s struggle to help the detectives prove Cullen’s involvement in the mysterious murders is explored. There are even a few clips of the real-life Loughren and Cullen in which they express themselves explicitly. This story is not only about a serial killer but also about how money kills morals. This movie also highlights the corrupt medical system and how the authorities let serial killers get away with murders as long as their pockets were full.

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Who Is Charlie Cullen?

Is Capturing The Killer Nurse A True Story?

Psychopaths are not born; they are slowly transformed by the horrors they face in life. This psychopath was shattered several times, and as a result, he started destroying others. Though Cullen strongly believes that he is trying to help people by relieving their sufferings, he is nothing but a man with a twisted brain and devilish tendencies.

He has been bullied and hazed; he has even been betrayed by the people he considered family. Cullen endured a horrific childhood before he had to drop out of high school and join the army. The bullying did not leave Cullen, even when he was fighting for the sake of his country. After getting out of the military, he studied nursing and joined a hospital. Cullen then decided to marry Adrianna Baum, and when everything in his life seemed glittery, he was suffering inside.

Cullen has suffered through various childhood traumas and career restrictions. Because of these issues, he had a lot of emotions stuffed inside him that did not get a proper outlet. These unexpressed emotions made him frustrated, and his agitation was the reason his marriage was destroyed. Adrianna, at the time of her divorce, claimed that Cullen was mentally ill and that he was a threat to everyone around him. Adrianna felt endangered because of Cullen’s violent episodes and open access to various drugs. She left Cullen and started keeping her kids away from him, and Cullen started deteriorating further.

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Charlie Cullen’s Downfall

Eventually, Cullen’s hold on his sanity loosened, and he started drugging people, as his ex-wife feared. Initially, his purpose was to relieve people of the frustration and agony he felt everyone endured. Later, he started injecting various poisons into his patients’ veins. Even though many hospitals held doubts against him, none thoroughly investigated the abnormal deaths—or maybe they didn’t want to tarnish their reputation.

In the end, Cullen was betrayed by the only person he considered a friend. Amy stood against him and helped the investigators arrest the man, who, according to the reports, has killed more than 400 people. However, only 40 of his murders have been proven. Amy felt a massive amount of guilt because Cullen had helped her throughout her heart condition and her kids’ issues. She fought her guilt and confirmed that, no matter how sickeningly smart a person is, their crimes will always weigh them down.

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