List Of The Top 12 Strongest Characters In Naruto!

The best of the best Naruto characters are here. It won’t be wrong to state that there are hardly any anime fans out there who haven’t heard about this gigantic manga series. Naruto happens to be an extremely popular Japanese manga series that was penned and illustrated by the very talented and renowned writer, Masashi Kishimoto. As the title of the manga suggests, the story is about a young ninja who is about to become the ultimate warrior of the Village. 

We present to you  Naruto Uzumaki. He dreams to be the Hokage of his village. The story is mainly bifurcated into two broad divisions. The first part narrates Naruto’s pre-teen journey, his growing-up phase! We see how this little man handles the roughness of the Ninja world. In this same part, we also learn deeply about the mysterious Ninja village. Here we see how Jutsu evolved among the great Ninjas of the Village. 

The second part of the manga shows us a mature version of Naruto! He is now a teenager. He is ready to face the harsh and brutal reality of the Ninja world! The title of the series might solely focus on Naruto but no one can deny the fact that many characters in the story have got a different fanbase out there. From strong and humble warriors to unbeatable villains, the Naruto franchise is filled with unique and attractive anime characters.

Top 12 Strongest Characters In Naruto 

Your favorite manga and anime series are on our radar. Are you ready to learn more about your favorite Naruto characters? From Naruto to Sakura, we are going to know them all here. Today we are scrutinizing all the special Naruto characters out there. Well, there are numerous characters present in Naruto, some are immensely strong, some are brave, some are generous, some are courageous while others are a bit evil too. The Ninja world is filled with good and bad characters. The story mainly revolves around Naruto, but the franchise also throws light on other incredible Ninjas out there. 

The Ninja world is filled with great warriors. But today we are only focusing on the strongest Naruto characters. We have selected the top-tier characters from the greatest manga of all time. The epic Ninja tale, Naruto has a massive fanbase out there. So on popular demand, here are the top twelve Ninjas from the Naruto franchise! From their history to their magnificent skills and powers, we are going to discuss it all here.

12. Sakura Haruno

Top 12 Strongest Characters In Naruto 

She is an integral member of Kakashi’s team. Let’s go back to Team 7! We know she has received a bunch of hatred out there. Some think that she is sometimes too naive and weak. Sakura Haruno is often compared with Sasuke and Naruto! Being a female character in the Naruto franchise, people often overlook her skills.

Yes, there is no denial in the fact that Sasuke and Naruto are the two most powerful Naruto characters out there. But don’t take Sakura lightly, she is immensely powerful. Initially, you would see Sakura as a weird Naruto character. Her constant attack on Sasuke was a bit annoying for fans out there. 

But if you study her character well, then you will understand why she deserves a special mention in this corner. She is among those few young Ninjas who have received training from Lady Tsunade, the iconic Sannin, not to forget she is also seen as the fifth Hokage of the Hidden Leaf Village. Sakura is very strong and courageous. She has established her name as a renowned medical ninja. Don’t forget that Sakura was the one who bravely fought against Sasori, the scary puppet master who was also a part of the Akatsuki group. 

11. Kakashi

Kakashi happens to be a great mentor to Naruto. Before he became the trainer of Team 7, he was a student of the Fourth Hokage. He received the Sharingan eye from his former teammate Obito! But since he got the Sharingan from his fellow teammate, he is often known as “The Copy Ninja”. If you think deeply, then this name suits him a lot. 

This warrior has ganged up the skills of other Ninjas and thus presents a blend of old and new Jutsu techniques. He is a strong believer in learning things repeatedly. We think that is one of his core strengths. Some sources also say that Kakashi has mastered over 1000 Jutsu skills. Sasuke, Sakura, and Naruto happen to be his three most dedicated students. He has trained these three extremely well.  Moreover, Kakashi happens to be the most long-lived member of the Anbu Black Ops!

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10. Jiraiya

Here comes the wisest teacher of the Naruto franchise. He is surely among the strongest Naruto characters out there. The Hidden Leaf Village is filled with great Ninja warriors. One such noticeable character happens to be Jiraiya. Some of his incredible students were the Fourth Hokage, Nagato, Konan, and Yahiko. Not only them, but the main lead character of the anime series, Naruto also had an opportunity to get some of his lessons. He is often seen as the greatest master of Jutsu. His skills are almost equal to the Third Hokage of the Naruto universe. 

Sources revealed that Jiraiya had strong leadership abilities, he was even asked to be the Hokage of the Village. Yes, you heard it right, the offer to become the Hokage of the Village was first offered to him but he refused to be the leader of the Ninjas. He wanted some other Sannin to be the utmost guide. Thus, the title was given to  Tsunade.

He is also popularly known as the Toad Sage. The ancient Jutsu knowledge rests with him. His bold and wild techniques have been forwarded to numerous advanced Ninjas out there. No one can match his mental or physical strength. He is surely a legendary warrior of the Ninja world. 

9. Shikamaru Nara

Top 12 Strongest Characters In Naruto 

Ninth on our list is the very casual Shikamaru Nara. He is most popularly known as the laziest student of the shinobi academy. We have barely seen him stressed. But don’t underestimate Nara, he can master any skill out there. He is super fast. Nara is also blessed with his long-established family legacy! We hope you all remember that Nara is the only one who has mastered the art of shadows. He can even use his own shadow to challenge his opponents. 

The story doesn’t end here, with the help of his shadow skills, he can also control any individual out there. He works very strategically and that’s why he has been included among the strongest Naruto characters out there. Unlike others, 

Shikamaru always knows about his next move. He uses his skills very wisely. Even during fights, he has delivered an extraordinary performance. From conserving his energy to pulling punches at the right time, we bet no one can beat the mental stability of Shikamaru Nara.

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8. Minato Namikaze

Let’s dig deep into the history of Naruto. He happens to be the Fourth Hokage! We all know about his sacrifice and that’s why he is among the brave endeavors of the shinobi world. Yes, you guessed it right, we are talking about Minato Namikaze. To defeat the Nine-Tailed Fox, he decided to sacrifice his soul. This was an unexpected turn in the story. Fans did not see this coming!

He is no longer present in the shinobi world, but his past deeds, the way he fought the battles, and everything have been inscribed in the history of the Ninja world. He mastered his skills under Jiraiya, the strongest among the iconic Sannin trio. Within a short period, Minato became one of the best ninjas out there.

His high-level performance in the Great Ninja War is still remembered by us. He had extremely well-defined leadership skills and that is one of the main reasons why he was selected to be the Fourth Hokage of the Leaf Village.

Don’t forget the fact that he was selected over the strongest Sannin of all time, the very brave, Orochimaru. Minato is popularly known as the Yellow Flash of the Leaf Village. He is not only strong but also very kind and generous. He is often referred to as the fastest ninja in the shinobi world. Some fans also think that Minato should have been bestowed with a higher rank!

7. Madara Uchiha

Top 12 Strongest Characters In Naruto 

We present to you the fearless warrior who is also one of the integral founder members of the Village Hidden in the Leaves! He is none other than Madara Uchiha. His fight with Hashirama Senju is one of the most dangerous battles in the Ninja world. This particular fight changed the dynamics for all the Naruto characters out there. There is no doubt in the fact that Madara fought the battle magnificently. All hard work is done to be the sole owner of power! Who will become the ultimate controller of the village? The question was resolved when Senju won the battle. But this doesn’t change the fact that defeating Madara was an impossible game for Hashirama. 

Not only physically, but Madara’s visual powers were also unbeatable for many strong Naruto characters out there. He was brought back to life and that’s when he decided to master the five Kages. All thanks go to  Orochimaru’s Reanimation Jutsu who finally helped him to come back to the Ninja world. After getting back his body and soul, he ventured for the five Kages. In the epic history of Naruto, Madara is the one who has won all the five Kages present in the Ninja world.

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6. Hiruzen Sarutobi

Top 12 Strongest Characters In Naruto 

Next on our list is Hiruzen. He happens to be the Third Hokage of the Village and there is no doubt in the fact that during his living period, he had fought a bunch of difficult and thunderbolt battles out there. Unfortunately, he couldn’t win the battle against Orochimaru, but that doesn’t mean that Hiruzen Sarutobi is not strong enough like other Naruto characters out there.

Under his supervision, the village was safe for numerous generations! His personality surely deserves special mention. He is humble, kind, generous, brave, and bold. Yes, Hiruzen didn’t have a chance against Orochimaru but don’t you ever forget the fact that before mastering the Jutsu skills, before becoming an evil villain, Orochimaru was a student of The Third Hokage. 

There is a reason why Hiruzen was given the position of Hokage. Not to forget the fact that a Hokage is always seen as one of the best shinobi in the dynamic Ninja world. They live for generations and they are the leading heroes who have trained the upcoming generations to look after the Village. Hiruzen is not only powerful but he is also incredibly intelligent.

He has mastered advanced Jutsu skills and he has even taught these skills to his students. He was an amazing mentor to other Ninjas out there. The only mistake Hiruzen ever made in his life is to open up against Orochimaru. But you cannot blame him for that, after all, no one knew Orochimaru would try to snap his master’s position. Orochimaru knew every little bit of Hiruzen and that’s why he was able to win the battle against his master. 

5. Hashirama Senju

Top 12 Strongest Characters In Naruto 

Next on our list, is the first Hokage of this giant franchise. You cannot deny the fact that Senju is seen as among the best warriors out there. He is wise and brave. He works like a sharp knife. Wondering who has learned the original Wood Style Jutsu? Well, it’s none other than this legendary man. One of his best fights happens to be with Madara Uchiha. Since he won the battle against Madara, fans also believe in the fact that Hashirama is more powerful than the five special Kages present in the shinobi universe. His journey was full of challenging battles. 

He is the one who built the Senju Clan. His establishment doesn’t stop here, he is also the man who found out about the Konohagakure. Yes, you heard it right, he was the one who hunted down the Village Hidden in the Leaves. The Third Hokage, Hiruzen Sarutobi, was trained by him. You must have noticed that there are some visual similarities between Hashirama and Ashura Ōtsutsuki. This is mainly because Hashirama is among the very few reincarnations of Ashura!

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4. Hagoromo Ōtsutsuki

Top 12 Strongest Characters In Naruto 

Fourth on our list is Kaguya’s brave son, Hagoromo. We all know that Kaguya’s two twins share the same energy and powers of the Chakra. Thus, both of them are incredibly powerful. Hagoromo and Hamura were fraternal twins and we all know that they are incredibly strong.

Hagoromo is not only brave but he is also very kind to other individuals. Stories about her generosity are very popular in the Naruto franchise. He was a great father to Asura and Indra. He was the one who sealed the Ten-Tailed beast and that’s why he deserves a special mention here.

With the help of Hamura, he managed to get hold of the Ten-Tailed monster who was determined to destroy the peace of the Leaf Village. He is often titled the most powerful jincūriki. He restored the Jutsu inside of himself and this is not a simple thing to do. Jutsu’s importance is inevitable.

The Ninja world heavily depends upon Jutsu art. Moreover, we also cannot overlook the fact that Uchiha, Senju, and Uzumaki clans are nothing but just descendants of Hagoromo. They are all born out of his sons, Indra and Asura and that’s why Hagoromo is seen as a very important joining link of the Ninja world.

3. Kaguya Ōtsutsuki

Top 12 Strongest Characters In Naruto 

Here comes the greatest villain of all time. When we talk about the long-standing enemies of Naruto, then Kaguya tops the list. She is the one who had a chance to taste the forbidden God Tree and thus she is the first wielder of chakra. This brings us to her titular name. She is highly popular in the Ninja world as the “Mother of Chakra.” 

She is a challenging competitor for all the strongest Naruto characters out there. No one can defeat her in a single take! She is powerful, brave, and fearless. In the epic shino world, she is the most dangerous warrior of all time. Her refined skills speak for her bold character.

She can easily twist space and time. One of her incredible powers includes mind reading, whoever it is, she can easily go through their mind. That’s not all, no one can stand in front of her visual prowess. Sources say that Princess Kaguya happens to be the best villain of the Naruto franchise. 

Her evil character has been drafted well by the creator of the anime series. Defeating Kaguya was always a difficult task for the strongest Ninjas out there. Naruto and his fellow team members from Team 7 also had a tough time handling Kaguya. In this same context, we would also like to talk about one of her greatest battles of all time. Yes, you guessed it right, we are talking about that massive fight that took place between Kaguya and her two strong sons, Hagoromo and Hamura. Lastly, you should never forget the fact that even Naruto alone never had a chance against Kaguya! 

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2. Sasuke Uchiha

Top 12 Strongest Characters In Naruto 

We are coming down to the best Ninjas of the shinobi world. His power is almost equal to Naruto’s skills. He has done the training with Naruto and we all know how strong he is. Here comes your favorite Naruto character, the very charming and strongest among the Uchiha clan. Yes, you are right we are talking about Sasuke Uchiha! He is also the last individual standing in the clan. He is surely the best among the rest! Some think he is the best Uchiha warrior while others speak the other way around. We know you would love to see Itachi here, but we all know he had a very unfortunate death and that’s why the position has been bagged by Sasuke.

Nonetheless, Sasuke is also a brave fighter, we have already witnessed his extraordinary performance. Some of his battles were truly nerve-wracking for the fans out there. He is blessed with the power of the Rinnegan and that’s why he deserves a place just under Naruto. Coming to his incredible power, Rinnegan is seen as the most ranked eye among the “Three Great Dōjutsu”. Sasuke is among those few warriors who were able to get a hold of this magnificent power. As we already mentioned above, Sasuke and Naruto both deserve the same ranking! If Sasuke decides to go against Naruto, then the main protagonist of the story might be in a tight situation. Sasuke’s strength also equals to the Seventh Hokage of the Ninja world! There is no doubt in the fact that he is the second-strongest Naruto character out there. 

1. Naruto Uzumaki

Lastly, comes the main protagonist of this epic anime and manga series, the best among the best, Naruto Uzumaki. Fans have been with him through thick and thin. This anime character is the most loved animated character out there. We all know how popular he is. Even his son Boruto cannot match up to his popularity. We’ll discuss his next generation some other day. But for today we would like to end this segment with the strongest Ninja present in the shinobi world.

Naruto’s journey was full of hardships. Not only physically, but emotionally as well, Naruto happens to be the best character in the story. He has been through many ups and downs. If you have followed his journey from the beginning, then you know by now that he has done a lot of training, has fought numerous battles, and has gained a lot of experience. We hope you all can recall the epic battle between Sasuke and Naruto, it is still seen as the greatest battle of all time. 

Naruto is often referred to as the savior of the Leaf Village. All in all, Naruto has 15 unique ninja skills which make him the most important character of the show. He has also managed to master the use of natural energy forces! In this same context, we would also like to tell you about his Brayon mode. This particular transformation was a major boost to his physical strength. Isshiki Otsutsuki was among the most challenging competitors for Naruto. Thanks to the Brayon Mode which made Naruto the strongest of all. With the help of this, he even won the battle over Isshiki Otsutsuki. That’s all for now, to get more such unique articles on popular anime and manga series, stay connected with us, just right here.

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