Is Deepa And Anoop Season 3 Release Date Arriving?

Deepa and Anoop is a children’s animated series that just got released the previous week i.e on 7th November 2022. This is a very cute and fun show which follows the adventures of Deepa and her best friend Anoop. They solve some of the simplest problems together and that too with the most imaginative solutions. This series has about 2 seasons each with about 10 episodes in each season now to know more about this series continue reading.

Deepa And Anoop Season 3 Release Date

Deepa And Anoop Season 3 Release Date

The first episode of this amazing series for children got released on 7th August 2022 on Netflix. This series has been receiving a lot of popularity among youngsters and mainly kids. It is filled with Bollywood flavor and has been animated by one of the best animators in India Munjal Shroff for Mattel Television along with the writer Lisa Goldman and it has also been produced by Heather Kenyon. Now many of you might be looking forward to knowing what happens in the second season so we have got it covered for you.

Still, before telling you the story of the second season we’ll like to share the recap of the first season as many of you might have forgotten where you left off with this show’s previous season. Now fans are eagerly waiting for the release of the third season as well but there is no such announcement yet seeing that just the previous week the second season got released.

Name Of The ShowDeepa And Anoop
Season NumberSeason 3
GenreChildren Show
Deepa And Anoop Season 1 Release Date15 August 2022
Deepa And Anoop Season 3 Release DateNot Announced

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Deepa and Anoop Season 1 Recap

The first episode has been named Dr. Deepa; Sticky steps. In this Anoop gets a painful splinter and Deepa acting like a doctor helps to make him feel better. While the family decides on to keep a promise to Anoop they end up in a sticky situation. What is this promise is what you might be wondering, right? Then as there is no one at the house, Deepa and Anoop put together an all-nighter and take over the Mango Manor for a day and end up learning a lot of stuff. Deepa has planned something on how to make a mischievous toddler eat his lunch.

Deepa’s mama’s key end up falling into the basement but that scares Deepa more as she feels that there is a dragon in the basement. Deepa makes everyone believe that a process is coming to pay them a visit and that she wants Anoop to play the role of a royal person. She then goes to her grandpa for learning how to do strength training. Anoop then finds it hard to find a game to play at which he is actually good as Deepa has planned a day full of games. Raki tries to make her DJ set the coolest. As it is father’s day, Deepa does everything to give her Baba a little rest. She and her friends do everything to make a very shy guest enjoy the festival of Diwali as much as they do.

Then Deepa wants a robot to do all her daily chores while she rests but unfortunately computers also get a bit mixed sometimes. As it is her grandparents’ anniversary she prepares cheesy food for them but a fly enters their house and she along with Anoop tries to get the fly out of the house. As it is a festive time, Deepa comes up with the innovative idea of inventing a holiday all by herself. She very independently tries to make her friend’s wedding extremely creative but that’s when things start going in the wrong direction. So that’s what happened in the first season now coming to the most awaited season’s story.

Deep and Anoop season 2 Story

As Deepa Nani’s mother is coming home after a long time Nani Ji wants to impress her but due to her extreme excitement, she ends up getting hiccups. But Deepa comes to the rescue and ends up taking her role as a sister way too seriously. It’s now Anoop’s Birthday! We can’t imagine Deepa’s excitement and she does everything to make sure he gets a gift before the day ends.

While the confidence of the parrot drops they both try to help her lift her confidence back up. They also help Janay in completing a science experiment and a new friend can be expected to show Deepa another way of having fun. When a guest says that they feel that Anoop is a very unusual animal, Deepa makes sure she plays along. When Deepa meets an astronaut she decides to train Anoop for a space mission and she also has a very speedy solution for a very busy day. They both try to keep some penguin-loving people keep their cool at their house. So that’s all we know as of yet about the second season for more updates stay tuned.

Deepa And Anoop Characters

It stars Pavan Bharaj as Deepa, Ana Saini as Mama, Veena Sood as Nani- ji, Adam Nurada as Baba, Ulka Simone Mohanty as Bina, Andrew Francis as Maruti, Zac Siewert as Raki, Sabastian Billingsly Rodriguez as Sam, Aliya Larmour as Janay, Praneet Akila as Vikram Velore, Briana Buckmaster as Sam’s mom, Brian Drummond as Announcer, Tabitha Saint Germain as Mrs Bandicoot, John Taylor as Sam’s dad, Luisana Lopilato as Miranda La Magnifica, Viv Leecock as Poncho Penguin, Ian Hanlin as Hans, Kapila Rego as Anjali, Ayden Daniel Lim as Lloyd Llama, Ella Lucas as Lucy Llama, Asia Mattu as Par- Nani, Adam Kozlick as fly and  Ayla McMillan as Sophie.

Where to watch Deepa and Anoop Online?

One can now watch this amazing web series for people of all ages on Netflix. Do what are you guys waiting for go watch it now with your younger brother or sister now.

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