When Will Somebody Season 2 Release Date Arrive On The Floors?

Does thriller drama enliven your soul? Are you someone who occasionally binge-watches any thriller dramas? Well, this Korean drama is just quintessential! Somebody is a new Korean drama series, which releases its first season on 18 November, the year 2022. It has already created a buzz around it ever since releasing the season 1 trailer. This series is developed by Jung Ji-woo, primarily available in the Korean language. The plotline of the show focuses on its four main characters, who are entangled in a murder case. 

This show stars one of the renowned and famous Kim Young-Kwang, who has been part of innumerable South Korean Dramas like The Guardians, and The Secret Life of My Secretary and has been a part of various modeling campaigns. Kim Young-Kwang’s name is enough for a person to tune in and watch this series, and enjoy it with contentment. This psychological thriller was written by Han Ji Wan, who is quite into this kind of genre, we can ensure you that in season 1 and if there are upcoming seasons, one can enjoy it thoroughly. This show embodies many new faces as well for Netlfix, so it will be quite fun to watch. Coming onto the plotline, one can expect it to be on similar lines to the American Psycho movie it is based on it. We will update you all on everything related to Somebody, who is starring in it when can expect another season, where to watch it, and its trailers. So, stay tuned!

Somebody Season 2 Release Date

Somebody Season 2 Release Date

As season 1 of Somebody  South Korean Drama was broadcasted in November, this year if there is a renewal for season 2 we can expect the network a couple of months to decide on the plotline, cast, and everything else. But, as with most k dramas, the directors like it to be short and sweet, which does not ruin it in long run with an exploration of boring plotlines or character arcs. Most directors especially in Korean Dramas desire to convey their stories in just a single season by giving their complete focus and effort. Nevertheless, one should never lose hope as if this season takes off the Netlfix ratings, makers would try their best to renew it for upcoming seasons. As of now, there is no announcement regarding it.

Name Of The ShowSomebody
Season NumberSeason 2
Somebody Season 1 Release Date18 November 2022
Somebody Season 2 Release DateNot Announced

Somebody Season 2 Story

Season 1 of Somebody Korean Drama revolved around an app developer, her friends, and an architectural designer. The plot of the season starts with the app developer namely Sum developing a socializing app which was quite a milestone in her career. The name of the app, not a surprise is “Somebody”, which brings the story forward. What goes wrong is that a predator used this app to entice people and then eventually murders them. Can you imagine how you would feel when one of your inventions is used in the wrong way? 

The app was made with the motive of Sum to overcome her difficulty in making new connections. But the murder case startles her and her two friends in which one of them is a detective. We then see our beloved Kim Young-Kwang suddenly in midst of the lives of these three friends, who exhibit suspicious behavior. On one end a murder case is to be solved and on the other end, this mysterious stranger causes quite a stir. One needs to watch season 1 to know what eventually happens. As for season 2, it can be based on any of these characters if it is renewed ahead of. 

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Somebody Season 2 Cast

Somebody Season 2 Release Date

Firstly, the cast of season 1 as we know comprises Kim Young-Kwang who essays the role of architectural designer Sung Yun-oh. We can also see our very own app developer Kim Som portrayed by Kang Hae-rim, along with Mok-won and Yeong Gi-eun both of Som’s friends in which Yeong Gi-eun is a detective portrayed by Kim Soo-Yeon. In season 2 we can expect these four to reprise their roles. 

Somebody Season 2 Trailer

This show, which will be broadcasted on Netflix soon, has released its season 1 trailer on YouTube. Season 2 is set to follow the same path if there is any. Season 2 might also comprise 8 episodes like the preceding one.

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