Master P Daughter Cause of Death: How Did She Pass Away?

Master P is the stage name of an American rapper Percy Robert Miller Sr. For those of you who don’t know what Master P is well what is he not? He is a rapper, record executive, record producer, actor as well as an entrepreneur. Many people have many questions regarding him about what is he the founder of and who are his daughters.

Well, he is the founder of the record label No limit records it got relaunched many times once by Universal Records and Koch Records and again by Guttar Music Entertainment. He has 4 daughters Tytyana Miller, Cymphonique Miller, Itali Miller, and Inty Miller. They all are very young. Recently there have been a lot of questions that are being asked by their fans about is Tatyana Miller dead and what is the cause of her death. Well, keep reading to know more.

Master P Daughter Cause of Death

Master P Daughter Cause of Death

Master P’s Daughter Tatyana Miller died at the age of just 29 years. Yes, I know it’s really hard to believe and definitely very hard breaking but unfortunately, death is inevitable. She was a model and a former star of the We TV series ‘ Growing Up Hip Hop. On Sunday, her father came on Instagram and broke the news that she has passed away due to substance abuse and mental illness. He wrote that since that family is obviously going through an overwhelming amount of grief right now they’d really like some privacy. He also wrote that mental illness and substance abuse are real issues and should definitely be talked about more. We can’t even begin to imagine what the family might be going through right now. It is said that Master P as well as Romeo asked her to go to a rehabilitation center or to seek professional help but she denied it.

She had also pursued an acting career and starred in A Mother’s choice. She received a lot of love for her openness and vulnerability as she shared about her struggle with mental health-related issues and substance abuse and also for the love she shared with her eight siblings. On 29th May 2022, her death was announced by her brother Romeo Miller and Master P. It has been reported by TMZ that the drug Paraphernalia was discovered at the scene of her death. Though the shocking thing is that there were no actual substances there at that time. Many doctors have said that she might have taken something fatal sometime ago but since they take time to react and a toxicology report takes weeks to reveal the results. What’s really hard breaking is to know that before she died she was already working on a book about her mental health issues.

She was also trying to solve her substance abuse problem for about a year now. Master P said that it is definitely hard while going to his daughter’s funeral, he thought how it would be better if it was his funeral instead. Seeing your own child die after working so hard to provide them with all the happiness in the world is undoubtedly the most difficult thing for these parents but many times life makes us feel devastated and some issues seem to be unresolvable so no one to blame here.

All we can do is wish for the family’s happiness and to hope that they recover from this pile of grief soon which will definitely be very difficult. Master P said that instead of just sitting and crying he’ll turn his grief into his passion and he’ll try to keep her memory alive. Since he now can’t bring back his daughter he’ll try to save other kids suffering from mental health issues which is definitely a very positive and very nice idea indeed.

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