Is 1899 A Sequel To Dark?

Netflix has launched many intriguing and elevated series and films. Every year, the streaming service beats its records by releasing content that is better than that of the year before. There is no doubt that it has established a special place in everyone’s life. It is at the forefront of creating top-notch content with its wide assortment of series, films, reality shows, and documentaries. At the start of each year, Netflix users eagerly await the announcement of the titles that will be available that particular year. We look forward to just what the upcoming year will offer as soon as we step into January. We are also excited to explore the new content that will be available on Netflix.

The finest streaming service has proven to leave a lasting impression on us. As new titles hit screens, fans grow curious about whether a new title is an original, a sequel, or a prequel to one that has already been released online. The number of thriller and sci-fi aficionados keeps growing. When you watch a science fiction film or television series, you feel like you are being transported to that particular universe. That feeling is unlike anything else. You are hooked to the very end by the tense and breathtaking sequences in a great thriller film.

Jantje Friese and Baran bo Odar, the makers of the wildly popular television series “Dark,” have created yet another gripping tale, except this one is set in 1899 and takes place on a ship. The trailer opens with ominous music that foreshadows the passengers on the ship having an uncertain and unsettling future.

Is 1899 A Sequel To Dark?

Fans of the popular German television series Dark are unsure if this new show is a prequel or possibly a sequel to Dark. We naturally assume that the trailer is related to Dark owing to the similar visuals and soundtracks. The themes are genres of the series also seem to be similar to that of Dark. With the ominous backdrop, paired with the brilliant screenplay, the trailer alone is enough to stimulate the viewers. However, the answer is “no.” It has no connection with Dark, albeit 1899 was created by the same creators. Rest assured, 1899 is already a highly anticipated series and viewers all around the world are looking forward to watching it soon.

1899 Plot

The captain of the ship, Eyk Larsen, played by Andreas Pietschmann, alerts the passengers to a distress signal from the “Prometheus,” a ship that disappeared four months ago. When they learn that, the passengers are stunned since they think that the missing ship’s passengers perished in the supposed shipwreck.

The ship’s captain decides to go off course and head to Prometheus’ last known location. The passengers, who were headed to New York and didn’t want any detours, were outraged by this. Miguel Bernardeau is seen yelling at the captain in a passionate tone. There are several international immigrants aboard the ship. They were expected to travel to New York in seven days on the ship they are now on. Due to the potential delay in their future arrangements, the passengers express their concern. Soon, we are treated to action-packed scenes, spine-tingling conversation, and spellbinding narration and screenplay. Throughout the whole trailer, the viewers were kept on the edge of their seats.

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Dark Recap

Dark is a sci-fi and thriller Netflix Original series from Germany. Although the original language of the series is German, this did not pose an impediment since it was dubbed into several international languages: Spanish, English, Brazilian Portuguese, French, Italian, Polish, and Turkish. It was also subbed in plenty of other languages too, such as Arabic, Korean, Thai, Japanese, Danish, and Finnish, among several others. The story of the series was completed in three seasons. The first season aired on December 1, 2017, with 10 episodes. Dark quickly gained critical acclaim and praise due to its intricate plot and powerful narration. The number of Dark aficionados and viewers rapidly increased. It was often compared to and labelled as “The Next Stranger Things.”

After watching the series, viewers instantly realized that it is a genre of its own. The German town of Winden serves as the backdrop for this series. It seldom resembles the locations in Germany that truly exist. Erik Obendorf, a high school student and frequent marijuana supplier, goes missing, which gives the narrative impetus. Soon, Mikkel, a middle schooler and brother of Martha, vanishes without a trace. The series’ varying pace seemed to have worked flawlessly. The epic sci-fi series was released in two more seasons, each with eight episodes. With the conclusion of the last season, the saga of the residents of Winden finally comes to an end. To prevent H.G. Tannhaus from ever building a time machine, Jonas and Martha train tirelessly. Adam and Eva were born into parallel universes because of the time machine. Their existence was severely inhibited by the time machine. After thwarting Tannhaus from building the time machine, Jonas, Martha, and everyone else who was born with the birth of the time machine literally vanish into thin air.

Based On A True Story Or Not?

Is 1899 A Sequel To Dark?

Numerous people seem to believe that 1899 is based on real-life occurrences, especially in light of the Bermuda Triangle’s ambiguity. Although the series isn’t based on any actual events, its makers have admitted in an interview that the sociopolitical and economic context, including Brexit and the European migrant crisis, had a substantial impact on how they crafted the narrative. 

When And Where Can You Watch 1899 Online?

The historical-horror thriller is scheduled to debut on Netflix on November 17, 2022, the same streaming service where Dark built its success along with its admiringly loyal fanbase. The end of 2022, seems to be ending on a thrilling and exciting note.

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