A Little Thing Called First Love Season 2 Expectations!

‘Love’, the most beautiful feeling ever in this world. It can heal every wound and knows no rules. For every person, their first love is so precious. We can’t forget those memories and moments spent together with our first love. The breeze seems to have a sweet aroma, the nights feel longer, and yes, the heart beats faster than ever. These are bound to happen when you fall for a person for the first time.

Based on a similar theme, A Little Thing Called First Love is a Chinese rom-com drama. This romantic series is popular among teenagers and youth. It is not only the people from China who showered love on the show but the spectators from other Asian countries found it worth watching too. Season 1 undoubtedly, went as planned and so this increases the hope for future installments. Lately, we aren’t hearing anything about the next season and this is why fans are more curious about A Little thing Called First Love season 2 and its release date. But now, you all don’t need to worry as this post is solely dedicated to it. Hence, you must not skip it, if you are a true fan of this Chinese drama series.

A Little Thing Called First Love Season 2 Release Date

A Little Thing Called First Love Season 2

Directed by Qi Xiaohui, this drama series had 36 episodes long season 1, whose first episode was released on Hunan Television on 23rd October 2019. The final episode dropped on 21st November 2019. After the first season, the creators haven’t made any announcement pertaining to its second season. It is almost two years and still, the happening of the further parts is in suspense. The IMDB has rated the show as 8 out of 10. This clearly depicts the success of A Little Thing Called First Love. It is not only the ratings that are favorable but the viewers’ reviews are also supporting the second season.

We also want the next season 2 to get a confirmation in the near future. However, we expect the release of A Little Thing Called First Love season 2 by 2022. In case anything shows up before it, we’ll update the section.

Name Of The ShowA Little Thing Called First Love
Season NumberSeason 2
A Little Thing Called First Love Season 1 Release Date23 October 2019
A Little Thing Called First Love Season 2 Release DateNot Announced

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A Little Thing Called First Love Season 2 Cast

A Little Thing Called First Love Season 2 release date

There are only a few actors who appeared in the main roles and on the other hand, many of the personalities were starred in the supporting roles. The entire series revolved around Liang Younian and Xia Miao Miao. The role of Liang Younian is played by Lai Kuan-Lin while Zhao Jinmai was playing the character of Xia Miao Miao. The former is an architectural student whose dad runs a drawing class. His mother passed away and later on his dad married his best friend, Lin Kaituo’s mother. After this marriage, their friendship broke and it turned into hatred, but years after they end up being friends again. Xia Miao Miao was an ordinary student who was shy by nature. She was junior to Liang Younian and certainly, he became her crush. Her desire was to become a fashion designer and therefore, she pursued fashion design at the university.

He Xin is also one of the prominent characters played by Chai Wei. She is the best friend of Miao Miao and also the younger cousin of senior Liang. He Xin was a student of journalism who had feelings for Kaituo for many years. Lin Kaituo is portrayed by Wang Ruze. He confessed his feelings to Miao Miao but got rejected. When he came to know that He Xin likes him, Kaituo realizes his feelings towards her.

The other faces who appeared include Joe Xu as Lu Peng, Wang Yimiao as Lin Xia, Damon Xue as Li Ran, Wang Bowen as Wang Yichao, Alex as Wang Fang, Chen Kefan as Wang Yutian, and Zhu Jintong as Fang Xiaoyue.

If A Little Thing Called First Love season 2 shows up, we expect the cast to return. Moreover, new actors might join the cast too.

A Little Thing Called First Love Season 2 Story

Xia Miao Miao is an average student but after having a crush on her senior, Liang Younian, she is trying to improve herself in every aspect including her grades and drawing skills. Liang is a smart boy with a great personality. Both of them become a couple but because of a misunderstanding, Xia Miao Miao breaks up. A year later, they reconcile and the story has a happy ending.

The chances for the show to pick up the previous plot is quite less as there was no cliffhanger left behind and also the ending was clear and lovable too. Hence, we look forward to a new storyline with the same romance and drama. But since the makers haven’t revealed anything regarding the story, we will need time to provide you a piece of suitable information.

A Little Thing Called First Love Season 2 Trailer

The trailer for this season is not available as it has not been renewed for future installments, as of now. As soon as any official announcement drops in, we will let you know. However, if it does not get a renewal, it is for sure that the trailer for season 2 will not arrive in the future.

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