What Are The Speculations For The Untold Volume 3 Release Date?

The Netflix documentary series named Untold dives deep into the unique and lesser-known sports story. The show first came in 2021. It has had two volumes till now. There are speculations on whether there will be a third volume too. Netflix keeps on renewing shows and canceling them regularly, too, it just becomes a matter of time before the axe falls on a particular show, and the chances that it could be your favorite one are also very high.

This new show filled the gap when the world was missing the sports season, the one that comes with Olympics right around the corner. The emphasis on the mental health of athletes has been a fairly recent phenomenon; from Naomi Osaka to Simone Biles and Tyrone Mings, many sports people have come out in support of each other, and everyone has been publicly acknowledging their mental health in a sincere way. However, it is very well clear that mental health is still considered a very taboo topic and is not welcomed in society, such as the condition of these famous personalities as well. They all were acknowledged in a very negative way as well.

In this era, the show Untold came at the very right time. The five-part documentary offered valuable insights into the lives of many sports and the stars and what impact it creates. It delves into the psychology of excellence and how fame and expectations can harm an athlete’s mental and physical health. It frequently makes you believe there must be a better way to do things.

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The Untold Volume 3 Release Date

The Untold Volume 3 Release Date

Is the Netflix show canceled? When is the new season coming? Is it in the process of making? There are many such questions. And the answer is that there is no news from official sources. The show might be canceled, or new such inside stories might come; the truth is no one knows about it yet. We do not know when or if the show will be coming back. The first volume was released in 2021, and the second volume was released in 2022. Even if there is going to be another season, it still is too soon to be expecting any news about it, so we will have to wait until there are any related announcements.

Name Of The ShowUntold 3
Volume NumberVolume
The Untold Volume 1 Release Date10 August 2021
The Untold Volume 3 Release DateNot Announced

What Is The Show Untold About?

The Untold Volume 3 Release Date

The show is more like a documentary, exploring various lesser-known and unique stories about different sports and sports stars. The first volume had five captivating tales, starting with the episode titled, Malice at the Palace. It also might be the best episode; it told the story of the basketball game on 19th November 2004. The game turned into a mass brawl between the players and the crowd members. There has been a lot of unseen footage from that day that has been there in the documentary. Untold immediately establishes an intriguing premise, promising never-before-seen footage from that night. Even after nearly 20 years, it remains a shocking scene. The other four episodes also consider variously untold and inside stories of many people.

The third episode told the story of Caitlyn Jenner. Caitlyn Jenner used to be known as Bruce Jenner and was a very famous tennis player, they decided to transition into a woman, and the story is inspiring. The story of her gender transition and her winning the gold medal as Bruce of them are highly captivating. She was firm in stating that the gold medal was the achievement of Bruce and not Caitlyn. The films are directed by Chapman Way and Maclain Way, who have also directed Wild Wild country.

The series finale was called, Untold: Breaking Point, and it told the story of a former tennis player called Mardy Fish and also threw light upon his struggles with mental health. Despite being the No. 1 ranked American on the ATP Tour, Fish withdrew from a quarterfinal match against Roger Federer at the US Open in 2012 and announced his retirement.

Where to watch Untold Online?

Untold can be watched on Netflix.

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