Rush Hour 4 Release Date: Is the Movie Ever Coming Out?

How many times have you ever found a movie or a perfect show, and there are a lot of sequels coming out for them as well? We often find such movies and shows and get hooked on them. Sometimes, these movies significantly impact you and your mind and you never want that trial to stop. We have a lot of movies that have been that impactful on our minds, have we not? One such movie is Rush Hour. Who could have imagined that the action legend from Hong Kong, Jackie Chan, could pair up with the quipped comedian from Cinema Chris Tucker for the first movie and then it would be legendary? Though sure, the pairing was very unexpected, what was more unexpected was that the movie Rush Hour was a runaway success at the box office.

The movie was not a very high-budget movie, but it garnered more than $244 million in global ticket sales. The first Rush Hour movie came out way back in 1998, then the first movie’s success led to the release of two more sequels, Rush Hour 2, which came out in 2001, and Rush Hour 3, which came out in 2007. Either way, a long time has passed since we got the last Rush Hour movie. Fans have been speculating on whether there will be another Rush Hour Movie, is the movie canceled? There is no doubt that fifteen years have passed since the last Rush Hour movie came out and more than two decades since the movie series was first released. The series is almost a billion-dollar franchise thanks to the ultimate pair of comedic talents Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker.

Rush Hour 4 Release Date

Rush Hour 4 Release Date

So, there is no such official announcement that the fourth movie will be in this mind-blowing series. However, there were quite a lot of speculations that there would be a new movie coming out, especially given that just three films in this series grossed close to $900 million at the box office. This is a huge thing. Despite the first movie coming out more than two decades ago, people kept buying or renting DVDs for them, and they still do so. This is enough of a sign to show that the series is immensely popular and is loved a lot. And the fact that it was released at a time when it was hard to keep track of the number of people enjoying a movie, the numbers might be a lot more than this.

When the third movie, Rush Hour 3, came out in 2007, the director of the movie Brett Ratner was on a tangent discussing the fourth installment of the movie, Rush Hour 4. That also sparked a lot of excitement and enthusiasm in the people, further not only this, but the main actors starring in the series, Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker, were also very interested in making the fourth part of the movie.

Despite both the actors and the director being interested in making a fourth part of the movie, the series still got stuck in limbo, and unfortunately, it is not the only movie to be on that list, the list of Hollywood movies getting stuck in this list where they just end is quite long. A reason for this might be that it becomes more and more expensive to release new movies as the sequels get very expensive.

There were also speculations that Rush Hour 4 was supposed to be very different from the previous film. Producer Arthur M. Sarkissian desired something “more down-to-earth, grittier,” and “real,” similar to the first Rush Hour film. There was some hesitation in moving forward with the sequel without first having a solid concept and a strong script. The main actors, Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker had also mentioned that though they wanted to work in the fourth movie, they were only planning on doing so when the script was going to be something different. They emphasized the importance of a good script. Initially, Chris did not want to be on board with the new movie, but in 2019 he said he would want to do it because Jackie wanted the fourth movie, and the studio wanted it too.

So, in 2019, when Chris made this statement, there were a lot of speculative rumors that there would be a new movie sometime soon. However, they remained rumors only. And this was not the first time these kinds of rumors started; back in 2007 also, the director wanted the fourth movie. in 2017, Jackie Chan said that they had also agreed on a script. But, as we know, the movie never happened. There is no way to know that the movie is even happening.

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When To Expect Rush Hour 4 Release Date?

Rush Hour 4 Release Date

So, since there is no official statement on there even being a slight possibility of Rush Hour 4, we cannot put a date on it until we get some news that there is some sort of work happening in that direction, till then nothing can be said about whether the movie will even come out at any point later also.

If they give out any announcement for there to be a movie, it can only come sometime in late 2023 or early 2024; nothing before that looks ripe. However, it would be ideal not to hold one’s breath over it because, throughout 2019, there was frequent news about a script that was finally coming together. Rush Hour 4 could not even reach the pre-production stage after nearly two decades.

Further, there is also news that even if the fourth part of the movie happens, we would not be seeing Brett Ratner as a director. He has other successful movies such as Tower Heist and Hercules, which starred Dwayne Johnson, and X-Men: The Last Stand. According to sources, Ratner attempted to push himself as the director of Rush Hour 4 to make a comeback. However, Ratner has not directed a film since 2017 and is unlikely to be given the helm of a Rush Hour sequel. However, it is quite unfortunate that he would not be there for the fourth movie if it happened because all three films in the Rush Hour franchise were directed by Ratner.

Unfortunately, the third film did not impress Sarkissian. Sarkissian revealed in 2012 that Ratner was not guaranteed to return but was welcome to direct as long as he did it “properly.” Ratner has directed films that have been commercially successful, but many of them have received mixed to negative reviews from audiences and critics.

Ratner became the subject of a lot of sexual harassment cases in 2017. And Warner Bros discontinued its relationship with Ratner.

There is also an IMDb page for the fourth part of the movie series, Rush Hour 4, but the page is empty and says that the movie’s plot is unknown; no one knows whether the movie is coming back or not. As you can see, there has been a lot of debate about Rush Hour 4. While both Chris and Jackie appear to want the project to be created, it all comes down to the studio and all parties reaching an agreement.

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Rush Hour Story

Rush Hour 4 Release date

So, the movie is basically about Chan, a super-cop who unraveled a drug smuggling ring but the main masterminds of the said ring run away to The United States from Hong Kong. This all is happening in the last days of Hong Kong being a British colony. They run away to The US, and there they go ahead and kidnap the daughter of a Chinese counsel; this counsel then informs the FBI that he wants Chan, a family friend, flown in to assist with the investigation. The feds don’t want anything to do with an overseas cop and don’t want the LAPD involved. So, they come up with the idea of teaming up with the Chinese guy and the L.A. cop to keep each other out of the way.

Then the whole story revolves around it. The L.A. cop is played by Chris Tucker, and he is famous for working in several dangerous undercover situations. Neither of the cops enjoys working together. Both work best on their own. But Chan is unfamiliar with Los Angeles, and Tucker needs to impress his boss, so it is a win-win for both of them, and they decide to work together.

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