Is Noah Schnapp Gay?

Do you remember Noah Schnapp? The one whom we have seen in Stranger Things! How can you forget about Will Byers? Some sources said Will is gay and now people are speculating whether the Stranger Things character is a true representation of Noah Schnapp’s actual personality. 

Everyone is assuming that Noah Schnapp is gay! People think he is queer. But have you ever thought of digging deep into this rumor? Well, the answer you have been searching for is here. On popular demand, here is everything you must know about Noah Schnapp. 

Is Noah Schnapp Gay?

Is Noah Schnapp Gay

The rumors are a bit twisted. It is better to say that Noah Schnapp is straight. Noah Schnapp is not gay, but the character he is portraying in Stranger Things is expected to be gay. Yes, you heard it right, Will Byers might finally accept his love for Mike. They might even pursue a relationship! The news was supposed to be out in Stranger Things season 4. But ultimately, the audience was kept in confusion.

 We know you all are highly curious to know all about Will Byers but as of now, we don’t know when we will see a solid love angle between Mike and Will. Sources say we might see the two together in Stranger Things season 5. The fourth installment of the series was filled with twists and turns but we never got a chance to learn more about Will Byers’ sexuality. Stranger Things will take a leave after season 5. 

Yes, the news has been confirmed by the very talented creators of the show. Thus, Stranger Things season 5 will surely hold a spot for Will Byers’ sexuality. The characters are all ready to grow up. They have learned a lot of things in their childhood! A few weeks ago, Noah Schnapp was captured in an exclusive interview. He was asked about his character and finally, he addressed the long-standing rumor out there. 

To some extent, Will Byers has come out of his closet. He likes Mike and will do anything to keep him in his life. He has strong feelings for Mike and it is visible now. We all know by now that Mike and Eleven have always been a solid match for one another. Their relationship is bothering Will and looks like he is ready to change the game for everyone out there. He knows that he is not a straight person. 

He also has this strong fear within himself which constantly reminds him that his decisions are going to be questioned by his close friends. The character has been a mysterious ride for Noah. Initially, when he started filming for Stranger Things season 1, he was pretty confused about his character. The show always gives us little hints about Will’s actual personality. He was previously suspected to be queer and finally, the truth has been revealed to the audience out there.

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Who Is Noah Schnapp Dating?

Is Noah Schnapp Gay?

We know you all are waiting to know the answer to this question. But it looks like Noah is a private person. Sources say that he is dating someone, but the name is still not revealed to us. A few years back, Millie Bobby Brown’s name was heard along with Noah Schnapp. People thought they were dating one another. But the rumor was never confirmed by any of them.

If we go by Noah’s statement, then we have to believe the fact that he is single. It is quite fair to say that when it comes to looks, then no one can overlook Noah’s cute face. Stranger Things has been a game-changer for him. For the past four seasons, we have seen him as an integral cast member of the show and we can’t wait to see his incredible performance in Stranger Things season 5. 

Stranger Things Season 5 Release Date Speculations

We would like to end this segment with one of the most asked questions out there. Fans are waiting to see the last chapter of Stranger Things. The filming for Stranger Things season 5 has already begun! The filming initially began around August 2022, but due to some issues, the filming was stopped. 

But according to the latest updates, the filming of Stranger Things season 5 is supposed to be resumed in January or February 2023. As per our estimates, Stranger Things season 5 will release somewhere in 2024. The exact release date of “Stranger Things” season 5 is yet to be announced by Netflix. Let’s hope they will soon update us on the fifth installment of the show.

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