Is Jaden Smith Gay? Is He In Love With Tyler?

Will Smith and Jada Smith are extremely famous in the industry. But today we are not talking about their open marriage. It looks like the audience is interested in learning more about their beloved son, Jaden Smith. His parents are super cool and chilled out. Thus, Jaden Smith lives a highly lavished life. But hey there, is he straight or gay? We do think he dated one of the celebrities out there and we can’t wait to share it all with you. Jaden Smith is on our radar. 

The little boy is growing up day by day. The Smiths are always in high talk. Jaden Smith is walking in his dad’s footsteps. He is trying to build his name in the industry. He is currently seen as a popular American rapper and singer. We have also seen him as an actor. Back in 2006, he was included in the cast list of “The Pursuit of Happyness”. Moreover, in a few movies, he has also starred along with his father. We hope you all remember his performance in After Earth. 

He has also delivered an extraordinary performance in The Day the Earth Stood Still and The Karate Kid. But we also cannot overlook the fact that he was missing from the industry for around seven years. But thank you to the year 2017, when he again decided to enter the film industry. The highly popular Netflix original series, The Get Down was a breakthrough for his career. But today we are trying to study his character better. So let’s not stretch any further and quickly jump into his personal life. 

Is Jaden Smith Gay? 

Is Jaden Smith Gay

It has been a few years now and we have often heard about this rumor. But have you ever thought of digging deep into this discussion? The rumor dates back to 2015. It was first around 2015 when we heard that Jaden Smith is not straight. Sources said there are possibilities that Jaden is gay. One tweet by Jaden Smith sparked numerous rumors out there. He openly announced that he is in love with Tyler, the Creator. 

This took the internet by surprise and people started questioning his interests in males and females. It was Tyler’s birthday and that’s when Jaden opened up about his true feelings. It seemed like Jaden made an open confession about his sexuality. But guess what since his name was getting too much involved in this case, he decided to step up and address the rumors out there.  He said that he is not gay and none of the rumors are true. Thus people started believing that it was a friendly message from Jaden’s side. The talk went down the drain. 

But again in 2018, the rumors were up in the air. This time we speculated that he is in a relationship with the rapper. The news was confirmed by him. This speaks that he is gay or maybe bisexual. There are also rumors out there which said that he had dated girls as well, the most famous among them happens to be the gorgeous, Kylie Jenner.

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Jaden Smith Loves Tyler The Creator

Is Jaden Smith Gay

Yes, it’s true, but that’s not our quoted statement. Jaden himself has said these words. He broke the news at a concert! We hope you all could recall the Flog Gnaw Carnival music festival. It happened in Los Angeles and that’s where Jaden opened up about his true self. He said that he has been dating Tyler for a long time now. Tyler, the Creator is shy and that’s why he is not accepting their relationship in public. But just like Jaden, Tyler too has genuine feelings for him. Jaden doesn’t believe in labeling relationships. 

It seems like Tyler is Jaden’s long-time boyfriend, maybe they are in an open relationship, who knows the truth here? Again if you could remember about The Sunset Tapes: A Cool Tape Story, there as well Jaden confessed his deep feelings for Tyler. In an exclusive interview, Jaden was questioned about his sexuality and interest. His answers impressed the Smith family fans. 

Since he was born and brought up in a very open-minded family, he has developed a very different perspective on life. He likes to rule his life and he won’t change his style to please others. According to his statements, everything he will do or is thinking of doing will be judged by the audience. Thus, now he has made up his mind, he wants to be an example for every introverted boy out there. He dreams of a world where people will accept other individuals completely, and where people will stop judging or questioning others’ opinions and decisions.

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