NeNe Leakes Net Worth: How Much Does This Star Housewife Earn?

One of the most popular RHOA stars, NeNe Leakes, is an utterly confident woman. She is known for her bold voice and firm disapproval of racism. Despite the struggles she has faced in her life so far, NeNe has always stood tall. Her sheer strength and undying determination are the reasons she has been able to bloom with such might.

NeNe isn’t just an actor; she is an entrepreneur as well. She knows how to invest money and is extremely talented at it. Her various investments and remarkable talent have landed her millions of dollars, if not more. But how much does this amazing actress exactly earn?

NeNe Leakes Net Worth

NeNe Leakes Net Worth

Starting with modeling, then climbing onto acting, and now establishing herself as an entrepreneur. NeNe has achieved numerous awards and titles. And she is now a highly successful celebrity. She has been vocal about the injustice she has faced and has never tried to just blend in. She has always tried to stand out from the crowd and has always wanted to achieve greater heights.

Now, NeNe Leakes has achieved a net worth of $14 million, all because of her hard work. NeNe has been wise enough to invest in multiple sectors and not depend on one source of income. Aside from acting and modeling, she has established herself in various other industries and now benefits from them.

Her main earnings are from a popular American television series, The Real Housewives of Atlanta. NeNe has starred in this series for almost a decade and is known because of her acting in this series. And most likely because of the squabbles she caused there. In the entire series, she has been the only contestant who has received $1 million per episode.

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Who Is NeNe Leakes?

NeNe Leakes is a woman who cannot be described in one word. She is a brilliant actress, a supermodel, and an entrepreneur. She has participated in various stand-up comedies and is a skilled dancer. Aside from being in the entertainment industry, she has also expanded her roots in the fashion world. She created her own fashion clothing line in 2014 and has been an entrepreneur ever since.

After her appearance at the RHOA, NeNe wrote her autobiography and mentioned her life struggles in it. She named her autobiography “Never Make the Same Mistake Twice” and highlighted her entire journey from scratch in it. Aside from writing an autobiography, NeNe decided to start her own production company and added one more title to her long list.

NeNe has adapted to a variety of professions, and she has found success in almost all of them. In the sectors she failed, NeNe flashed her bright smile and worked harder. Coming from a family that couldn’t afford to raise her, her journey has been truly inspirational.

NeNe Leakes Family Life

NeNe Leakes Net Worth

Born Linnethia Monique Johnson, NeNe has witnessed a lot of familial issues. One such issue was extreme poverty. She was raised by her aunt because her mother couldn’t afford to raise five kids all on her own. She completed her college degree in Atlanta before deciding to pursue acting as a career.

Her relationship with a real estate entrepreneur, Gregg Leakes, has been rocky from the beginning. NeNe married Gregg in the late 1990s and filed for divorce in 2010 after almost twenty years of marriage. After getting a divorce, the couple hit rock bottom only to emerge again. The couple united again in 2013 and have continued working on their beautiful relationship. They had to separate once again when Gregg left the world because of severe colon cancer in late 2021.

She shares a beautiful relationship with her lovely granddaughter, Briasia Bryant. It is a well-known fact that her son suffered a cardiac stroke after Gregg’s unfortunate death. The Leakes have endured a massive loss, and their profound grief has been visible throughout.

After mourning her husband, NeNe decided to give Sioh a chance. He shares NeNe’s fashion interests and has his own clothing line. Sioh is often seen promoting his tuxedos, and the couple is seen sharing a strong bond.

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NeNe And The Endless Controversies

While the RHOA is the main source of NeNe’s income, it is also a source of endless controversies for her. She joined the series in 2008 and continued her journey for seven years before quitting the show. She claimed that the producers were unjust to her and continued to favor white actresses. NeNe has been very vocal about the racism she has suffered because of her dark skin tone. Though the makers allegedly kept silent, they blacklisted her from the series.

Aside from the controversy with the makers, NeNe fell headfirst into other controversies with her fellow cast members. There have been a lot of accusations thrown by NeNe, and they have been returned with equal venom. One such housewife that NeNe has been aggressive towards is Kenya Moore. The housewives crossed every limit and dragged each other’s children into their personal fights. They even got into a brawl where they fought like stray cats. Regardless, NeNe has been a strong person and will continue to keep flashing her dazzling smile.

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