For Life Season 3 Release Date Stands Canceled!

The era is ripe for true crime and investigative series. Lately, there has been a lot of such series everywhere. For Life are another such legal series, a crime, and investigative series. The show first premiered on ABC on the 11th of February 2020. The show has a unique and captivating story to it, and it just makes you want to watch it immediately.

Imagine that you are happily living and everything is normal, but suddenly you get incarcerated. Law enforcement agencies find their way to your happy, beautiful, and peaceful life, and now you are accused of a crime you did not even commit. Imagine the plight; imagine how bad and traumatizing it feels. Right? For life is a show that is based on the exact same premise. It is chilling to know that the story is based on the real-life story of one Isaac Wright Jr.

The show has had two seasons so far. The first season came out in June 2020 then the show was renewed for a second season. The second season was released on the 18th of November 2020. Since then, there has been a lot of curiosity on the part of the fans as to whether the show will be renewed for another season or not. Is the show canceled? Was the second season it? Such questions have been here for two years now.

For Life Season 3 Release Date

Unfortunately, to much dismay, everyone who was rooting for the show’s renewal is heartbroken as the show was canceled merely after two seasons. There is no third season for For Life anymore. The first season had thirteen episodes, and the second season had ten episodes, each of them between 45 to 50 minutes in length.  

The show received many positive reviews, and the viewers loved this new and unique idea being incorporated into the screens. It also had a good rating of 7.7 out of 10 on IMDb. However, the streaming platform ABC canceled the show, and the declaration was made on the 14th of May in 2021. Now, for now, they are standing firm on the decision; if in the future they want to renew the show, they might; however, for now, the show stands canceled.

The series star, Nicholas Pinnock thanked the platform for the vast opportunity and said that he does not really feel bitter about there not being a third season; he was still immensely grateful.

Name of the ShowFor Life
Season NumberSeason 3
GenreCrime Drama
For Life Season 1 Release Date11 February 2020
For Life Season 3 Release DateCanceled
For Life Season 3 Overview

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What is the show For Life about?

The series is based on the life of Isaac Wright Jr, however loosely so. The protagonist in the series is named Aaron Wallace. Aaron was one day randomly convicted for a crime he did not even commit. His whole life was turned upside down, and then he had to spend a lot of time captured and restricted in the four walls of the jail. He was happily married and a good father and was caught up in the mess of drug smuggling when he was attending a party.

He was sentenced to imprisonment that lasted his entire life. In the jail, though, he comes across many people, such as himself, falsely accused and incarcerated based on the allegation of committing a crime they did not even commit. He strives and then becomes a lawyer in jail and decides to fight for everyone’s freedom and get his own sentencing overturned.

They all learn the highs and the lows of the fight for justice. He does win in the end and also bags freedom for his fellow inmates. Interestingly, the series is produced by Isaac Wright Jr, the person on whose life the show is loosely based.

The Main Cast of For Life

For Life Season 3 Release Date

Nicholas Pinnock played the protagonist Aaron Wallace, a former club owner who got life imprisonment for smuggling drugs.

Indira Varma plays Safiya Masry, who oversees the prison where Wallace is. Aaron’s wife, Marie Wallace, is played by Joy Bryant. And there are many other cast members who all made the show unforgettable.

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