Bart Bryant Net Worth: How Much Did He Leave?

Bart Bryant is an American Professional Golf Player. He was born in Gatesville, Texas on 18 November 1962. He is well known for his profession. His full name is Barton Holan Bryant, he was an American. Bart played for PGA Tour and GPA Tour Championships. He belongs to the Baptist master family as his Father was one. Bart attended the College of New Mexico State University. He played golf of American nationality and his height was 6ft 0in (1.83m). He became a professional player in 1986 when he was around 23. Bryant had two wives. He married Cathy Cox in 1983. She was a former player. In the year 2017, Cathy died after 34 years of her marriage because of brain cancer. Later he got married to Donna Bryant in the year 2018. He has two daughters Kristen and Michelle. Bart also has stepchildren.

When Bryant was only 8 years old he first visited the club. Since then he has become passionate about sports. He was selected as an All-American member for two-time at New Mexico State University. He was one of the hardworking and passionate sportspeople. Bart was not only good at Golf but at other sports as well. 

On 31 May 2022, Bart Bryant died in a Car Accident in Polk City, Florida. After the news of his death, his older brother Bard Bryant was quite shocked and expressed his thoughts toward his younger brother. For his older brother, Bart was very special. The news of his death was very sad for the fans, family, and PGA Tour team. 

Bart Bryant Net Worth

Bart Bryant Net Worth

Brat Bryant had a net worth of $15 million. He was one of the wealthiest golf players. He had a total profit of around $14,477,395 throughout his career. Brat began his professional career at a very young age. Bryant started playing golf when he was a child. Bart also won prize money in his professional career. He also earned millions via endorsements and making appearances. He played on the PGA Tour. Bart was a well-known celebrity on the social media platform. He was also considered one of the best golf players in the country. In the 2004 Velora Taxes Open, he won the first Professional Golf Association of America (PGA) tour, it was his 187th start. Bart played for the PGA tour and PGA Tour Champions. 

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Bart Bryant Career

He won the PGA Tour for the first time in 2004. Before he won this, he graduated from PGA Q school. His professional life was quite struggling for him. He was one of the oldest to win the PGA Tour in nine years at the age of 41. Bart won his first championship event at the Dick’s Sporting Goods Open, in 2013. In 2005 he won the Memorial Tournament which was one of his great triumphs.

After some time he defeated the tiger-wood to capture the season-ending championship by six shorts. He earned a lot of money during his playing period. He not only won this tournament but his brother Brad Byant also won the PGA Tour and PGA Tour Championship. He won twice at the PGA Tour of Championship in only 142 appearances. Bart made an appearance in the top 50-World Golf Ranking. He also made appearances in the top 25 world ranking after winning the PGA Championship twice.

In 1998 he won the Florida Open. He also won the North Dakota Open and again  Florida Open in the year 1990 and 1994 respectively. Brat won the ACE Group Tournament in 2015 and Toshiba Classic Tournament in 2016. In 2013 and 2018 he won Dick’s Sporting Goods Open. In 1986 he became a PGA member at Walt Disney World. He made his fame with his talent and perseverance. Bart achieved and was awarded several awards before leaving the world.

Bart Bryant Cause of Death

Bart Bryant Net Worth

Bart Bryant died on May 31, 2022, because of a car accident. He died at the age of 59 in Folk City, Florida in the United States Of America. His death was quite shocking for the PGA Tour team. They expressed their condolences after his death. His older brother was in shock to know about his death, Bard Bryant. His older brother was his inspiration. For his older brother, Bart was the most special. He stated it was sad to know about his death. Brat had a close bond with his older brother. Bart was one of the best Golf players and died at the age of 59 by saying goodbye to the world!

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