Where Does Out Of Love Season 3 Release Date Stand?

Out Of Love is an Indian television series. The series is based on the English television series named Doctor Foster. The series currently has two seasons with 5 episodes in each season. The first season was released on the 22nd of November 2019 while the second followed it and was released about 18 months later on the 30th of April 2021.

The series was appreciated well and got an IMDb rating of 7/10. The audience rated the series as a 4.3/5 via an audience rating summary. IMDb stated that the show is definitely worth a watch and would keep up with high expectations. The also depicts enough suspense and showcases multiple emotions.

Out Of Love Season 3 Release Date

There may or may not be a third season for the Out Of Love series. It cannot be concluded as there has been no official announcement that stated the renewal of the show for another series but, this does not really cut out the chance of there being another season completely either.

The first season of the show was really appreciated and it managed to set up a solid fanbase for the show. The show has incredible actors, a good plot, and an even pace. The second series of the season unlike the first seemed rather rushed and hasty. The series about betrayal and loyalty suddenly took a turn to be about revenge and whatnot.

Hopefully, we will get a piece of confirmed news about the 3rd season of the series soon enough. And if there were to be another reason I would have predicted it to release about 18 months from the release date of the second season, that is, somewhere in the October of 2022, which did not happen. So all we can do is wait for the official crew to disclose any news regarding this.

Name Of The ShowOut Of Love
Season NumberSeason 3
GenreDrama, Thriller
Out Of Love Season 1 Release Date22 November 2019
Out Of Love Season 3 Release DateNot Announced

Out Of Love Season 3 Cast

If there were to be another season of the Out Of Love series it will have the same cast as the previous two seasons since it is a story of our two main leads. The show has an incredibly powerful set of actors who portray the role of their characters as if they themselves were once the characters.

Out Of Love Cast:

Rasika Dugal plays the role of Dr. Meera Kappor the female lead of the series, Purab Kholi plays the role of Akarsh Kapoor the male lead and the husband of Dr. Meera Kapoor, and then we have Meenakshi Chaudhary who plays the role of Alia Kashyap the person with whom Akarsh tends to have an affair with.

The other cast members who play important roles in the series are Sanghmitra Hitaishi the one who plays Mandira Pillai, Himanshi Choudhary the one who plays Ritu, Harsh Chhaya the one who plays Kartik Kashyap, and Ekavali Khanna the one who plays Kalpana Kashyap.

Then we have Suhaas Ahuja the one who plays the role of Vidyut Mehra, Disha Thakur the one who plays the role of Shalini, Soni Razdan the one who plays the role of Mrs. Kapoor, Eisha Chopra the one who plays the role of Payal, and the last but not the least Aanjjan Srivastav the one who plays the role of Dr. Pradhan.

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Out Of Love Season 3 Story

Out Of Love Season 3 Release Date

The season 3 of the series will most probably be concluding everything between Akarsh and Meera, calling it the end, rather than dragging it any longer.

Out Of Love season 1 portrayed the story of a seemingly happily married couple Akarsh and Meera. One of the days she started to doubt Akarsh after having found a strand of hair on his scarf. She decides to scoop around for evidence while acting normal in front of Akarsh. The entirety of the season gives you a crime drama vibe with a touch of family and romance.

Out Of Love Season 2 turned out to be the story of Meera who is out there looking for ways to get revenge on Akarsh her husband whom she caught cheating.

Out Of Love Season 3 Trailer

Since there has been no official announcement or hints stating the release or renewal of the third season of the series, there is no official trailer for the same.

If Out Of Love has somehow managed to grab your attention, and now you want to know what kind of show it is then, maybe watching the trailer could help. So, you can watch the trailer for both seasons of the series online on YouTube or Disney+ Hotstar.

Where To Watch Out Of Love Season 3 Online?

If there were to be another season of the Out Of Love series then it would be released on the same OTT platform as the prior two seasons of the series. You can watch all the seasons of Out Of Love online on Disney+ Hotstar.

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