Why Does Bakugou Hate Deku?

All anime fans will know this perplexing series called “My Hero Academia”. This yet again mind-blowing Japanese series has many characters, among which we are going to focus on Bakugou and Deku. This series has been created as well as authored by Kōhei Horikoshi. It has been broadcasted for years, exploring different storylines and character arcs. 

My fellow Otakus, where are you at? Go watch this show if you haven’t, This series is set in where even ordinary people possess quirks aka superpowers. What set up one of the plots was, in a world where superpowers were ordinary without it, that created one to feel to be different. With just its release, Bakugou and Deku became the talk of the talk, with the hate that Bakugou seems to possess towards Deku. 

Why does Bakugou hate Deku?

Why Does Bakugou Hate Deku

Now, whether you’re new or binge-watching My Hero Academia, you cannot get over the hate Bakuogou seems to have for Deku. We all at some point wonder, Why does he even hate him? Well as per our resources, a few fans theorize it is due to Bakugou’s inferiority complex.

 Now, why does he feel inferior? Even though he got his quirk and was quite liked by all, and with Deku getting from Bakugou’s role model, All Might, it had to hurt. Imagine, a person whom you idolized your whole life and that person prefers your friend over you. The friend who knows how much you admire that particular person. This could set in a deep fear in one, just like Bakugou did and bullying Deku is his way of acting out. It has also been noted that he did not hate or bully Deku always, its circumstances and intricacies led to this.

Let us reflect back to the early stages of their relationship. Deku and Bakugou have been friends since the start. Let us come to the point where Bakugou was gifted with a quirk of Explosion. This quirk of explosion means that he has the power to explode things via his hands which is quite powerful. As one comes into force, just like any egoistic person who doesn’t possess, they start picking on the same Deku and Bakugou. They used to hang out all the time but now, Deku was teased by Bakugou and his bunch of people. Bakugou didn’t care about their closeness, rather chose the path of being the “cool” one. Bakugou and his friends were so sure that Deku would never be given a quirk and would die quirk less. 

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The scene that really reflected the inferiority complex which was childish of Bakugou is when he slipped into the river. Imagine being this powerful and then being offered aid via a weak friend with no superpower, how insulting can it be! That’s what Bakugou thought. There are various instances, and these all are just ways of acting out and feeding Bakugou’s ego. Bakugo feared as if he didn’t belittle Deku, he might supersede him and Bakugou would become a nobody. He was so arrogant that he would rather be unsuccessful than take help from Deku. 

For people who go through this phase, it is quite difficult to divide things into right and wrong categories. That is what went down with Bakugou and that’s why we feel him constantly bullying Deku, our beloved determined man. But this did not stop Deku, his good behavior and not decreasing his self-esteem got him the quirk of One For All. This quirk basically enables the transfer of powers. This enraged Bakugou more and more. 

The explosion of this plot led to the whole episode of Bakugou versus Deku episode which was so much fun to watch. We can see both trying to prove they are stronger than the other. It was one of the most entertaining episodes. Nevertheless, the once close friends turned nemesis era got over when Bakugou apologized to him.

Where to catch up on these episodes of My Hero Academia?

Why Does Bakugou Hate Deku

One can catch up on the episodes of My Hero Academia on Hulu, Disney+, and ESPN+. This series has been nominated as well as won numerous awards, summing up to a total of more than 20 altogether. Do not give it a miss!

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