Is Tammy Slaton Still Alive? If Yes, Where Is She Now?

Peeping into the lives of our favorite influencers is something that we do on a daily basis. Be it personal life, experiences, career, net worth, or something else. People all around the world are curious about their favorite stars. From the time social media started growing, Instagram influencers have created their own fan following and so the fans are anxious to know them about too. One such personality about whom people are curious is Tammy Slaton.

Tammy Slaton is an American Youtube influencer, entrepreneur, and social media influencer and she had appeared in various television reality shows. She was on July 26, 1986, in Dixon Kentucky United States. She is currently 36 years old.

Tammy and her sister became famous television celebrities when they both appeared in TLC’s show 1000 lbs sisters. She is famous for her positive body personality and the message she gives.

Tammy has been suffering from obesity for a very long time and has suffered from various health issues. Recently Tammy was admitted to the hospital because her lungs were not working and her body is not functioning properly.

She has been endangered by her social media since May. Her sister has been up on her social media but there is no news of Tammy.

Is Tammy Slaton Still Alive?

Is Tammy Slaton Still Alive?

Yes, Tammy Slaton is alive and safe, she is working on her health.

Tammy Slaton went missing from her social media platforms. She has not been putting out much content on Youtube and TikTok. Recently her sister and brother gave a statement, that due to the accident which scared the entire family, we no longer want Tammy to engage anywhere, and just focus on her health and loss weight.

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Tammy Slaton’s Early Life

Slaton was born on July 27, 1986, in Dixon Kentucky United States. Growing up she was an overweight girl. She studied at Union County High School. Tammy lost her father at a very young age and her mother got married to another man but her stepfather also passed away in 2021.

Tammy’s relationship with her weight was a rollercoaster journey, she suffered to lose weight since High School. She was addicted to processed and packaged food from a very early age. She is 36 now and in a relationship with her boyfriend Jerry Sykes, they started dating in 2016 but they both broke up in 2021 and now Tammy is dating Philip Redmond. The couple always a glimpse of their relationship on social media.

Tammy is struggling hard to lose weight and she is currently on her weight loss journey. According to the doctors, she has to lose weight because, she is near her death and if she didn’t focus, she is stepping into her deathbed.

In the recent accident, Tam was under high supervision. Her lungs are swollen and her heart cannot pump air into her body. She is out of danger right now and is currently on her, weight loss journey.

Tammy Slaton Career

Tammy Slaton began her career by posting videos on Youtube, she makes a lot of vlogs, sharing her day-to-day life. She has a good amount of subscribers on Youtube 124k. She has been very active on Instagram and TikTok and put out content for her fans.

Her career peaked when she and her sister Amy came on the TLC show 1000 lbs sisters. They both became television celebrities.

The show represented the sister’s journey and hardship they both are trying to lose weight. The bullies and mocking they have gone through.

This show gave them the limelight and now both the sisters are doing well in their careers. Tammy has come on various interviews and podcasts sharing her journey. Her story is motivating and encourages people to feel confident and work on their health.

The show also showcases body physique and judgment people face. Tammy’s popularity is due to the tremendous confidence she has and the amount of work she puts in, which is shown in her work.

Tammy Slaton’s Net Worth

Tammy Slaton is a very successful content creator and influencer. She has established herself in the Television industry. She earns pretty well from Youtube and TikTok. According to the sources, her net worth of Tammy is around $2-4 million USD. She has a lot of passive income too.

Tammy Slaton’s Personal Life

Is Tammy Slaton Still Alive?

Tammy Slaton is very open about her relationship on the internet.

She often posts videos regarding her boyfriend. Tammy got into a relationship with Jerry Sykes in 2016, but the couple broke up in 2021 and she got into a relationship with Phillip Redmond. According to her recent interview, Tammy spoke about her sexuality. Tammy exposed that she is a pansexual.

Tammy has a very good relationship with her sister and brother. They are always seen supporting Tammy. They are very motivating and are helping her during the weight loss journey.

Tammy Slaton’s Social Media

Tammy Slaton is a YouTuber and she has a good amount of subscribers.

Tammy Slaton’s Youtube name is Tammy Slaton and her Instagram account name is queentammy86.

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