Is Eric Thomas Net Worth Beyond Millions?

Eric Thomas is a 51-year-old motivational speaker from the American he is also an author who has written many books one of his most popular books is The Secret to Success which has been rating of 4.5 on Amazon. Thomas gained popularity from his appearance in YouTube videos people liked seeing and they approached him for guidance and consultancies. He also has his YouTube channel which he opened in the year 2008 with 15 million total views he posts his motivational speeches every 2 to 3 days on his channel.

Eric was born to a single teenage mother in Chicago, IL but he did not spend most of his time there as he and his mother moved to Detroit, Michigan. Eric and his mother had some family problems because raising a child on her own was quite hard on her mother Eric and his mother did not get along well. This led to Eric dropping out of high school he left his home during his teenage years and spent two whole years as a homeless person in the streets of Detroit, Michigan. Eric’s life changed for good when he met a preacher while he was leading a homeless life the preacher convinced him to go back to high school and things started working out for him finally.

Eric Thomas Net Worth

Eric has a net worth of $5 million, Eric began his career as an academic advisor at MSU where he used to guide disadvantaged students. He then developed an undergraduate retention program “The Advantage with the fellow academic advisor and motivational speaker DeAndre Carter” which mainly worked for disadvantaged Black and Latino students. Later on in his career, he served at A Place of Change Ministries (APOC Ministries) as a senior pastor in Lansing, Michigan. He found his true potential when he established his consulting firm ETA LLC apart from all this he is also an author and he has written many books in the past about success, will, and greatness that mainly target the audience who require guidance. Eric has worked and dedicated his life to the betterment of people around him he has done his best to serve society no matter in what form whether as a preacher, an advisor or a motivational speaker.

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Eric Thomas Personal Life

Eric met his wife at Detroit Center Seventh Day Adventist Church in 1991 the couple found an instant connection with each other. Back then the two of them used to go to Oakwood University as they were undergraduate students they dated quietly for while after this dating period Eric asked his now-wife De-De Mosley to marry him she was happy with him throughout these years so the couple got married. The couple has 2 children together one son Jalin and one daughter Jayda the couple is still happily married and living their best life to date. Eric’s mother was a teenage single mother which resulted in many difficulties during his teenage years however going through all that has only made him a person who does not break down easily who is not always ready for the worst and accepts whatever comes around.

Eric Thomas Career

Eric works as a motivational speaker he mostly works with athletes who need his guidance he has also established his firm for the same purpose. Eric found his true potential after going through a rough life during his teenage years when he was homeless for 2 years thanks to the preacher who helped Eric to find his dream. After working as an academic year and developing a retention program Eric found out that many people in this world are as lost and hopeless as he used to be once so he decided to help all those who are lost by working as a motivational speaker. Most NBA players go to him for consulting when they are lost he has established himself as this person who people look up to for guidance and seeks his help for the same. Eric is also a founder of a hip-hop record label that is formed for the members who are creative and they have this extraordinary talent to provide quality in terms of music.

eric thomas Social media

This motivational speaker has 2.1M followers on Instagram. His posts and reels include motivational and inspirational quotes for the people. His most recent post on Instagram is about the New York best seller’s list where he is expressing gratitude to his supporters. His Instagram handle is etthehiphoppreacher with a blue tick, of course.

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