Monica O My Darling Ending Explained: Who Killed Monica?

Monica O My Darling, these words remind us of one of the most iconic songs of the Indian film industry. This particular song is not only known for its melody but also for its impressive music and lyrics. It was in the earlier years when this song was on everybody’s mind. At this time we are not here to discuss about the song or the music but we have come up with another Netflix movie starring Huma Qureshi and Rajkumar Rao along with Radhika Apte, titled Monica O My Darling.

This Indian Hindi film is a murder mystery but at the same place, it holds some humor and dark comedy. The concept of the movie is solely based on a modern mystery but Vasan Bala’s direction is impressive. Unpredictable twists and turns, an amazing cast, impressive performances, retro background music, and dark humor made the movie captivating. Despite possessing a genre of crime, the story didn’t go much intense. The film begins with a murder and ends on an unexpected note. All the actors did complete justice to their respective roles.

On the other hand, Monica O My Darling is an adapted movie. This adaptation has been done from a Japanese novel.

There is no second thought in saying that Netflix rarely disappoints its audience. In recent years this streaming giant has provided a great platform for a huge number of movies and series. This time also this Netflix original film Monica O My Darling is worth watching, at least for once.

Monica O My Darling Cast

Before going straight into the ending explain it is important for us to know about the characters in detail.

Rajkumar Rao is playing the role of Jayant Arkhedkar. He works in a robotic company and has developed a super machine that has changed his life. The owner of that particular company, Satyanarayan Adhikari, is impressed with his work and hence, gets a place on the board of directors. Even though Nishikant Adhikari, Satyanarayan ‘s son was bound to get the promotion but Satyanarayan was so impressed by Jayant that he offered the promoted post to him. Nishikant was a person who did not worry about anything and not even his father. But the moment Jayant was chosen as the company’s new face, Nishikant’s grudge against him grew.

The other prominent character is Monica. This role has been played very beautifully and exceptionally by Huma Qureshi. She also works in the same company and most of the employees are attracted to her. This list even includes Nishikant and Jayant.

Apart from these two employees, Arvind, belonging to the accounts department, was also involved with Monica. Even though he was a married person and had a beautiful family, Arvind got drunk and went out of control.

Nikki is Adhikari’s daughter who is in love with Jayant Arkhedkar. He is not so romantically involved with her but he wants to marry her because of the company assets and shares. The company is also the workplace for Shalu, Jayant’s sister. Her partner in the film is Gaurav. ACP Naidu is Radhika Apte who is in charge of the entire investigation of the company’s murder mystery story.

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Did Jayant Arkhedkar Kill Monica?

Jayant, after being elected as a member of the board of directors went with Monica in her room. Later on, their physical involvement contributes to the story of the film. Monica informs him about her pregnancy and hands ask for financial help to raise the child. Jayant was not ready to accept that she is pregnant with his child but day by day she starts blackmailing him. After a few days, an anonymous letter called him to a place where he found Arvind and Nishikant together. The three of them jump to a conclusion that states Monica’s behavior towards them. It was not only Jayant who she was blackmailing but Nishikant and Arvind were going through the same. All of them were eager to close this chapter but they were unable to find a way.

After much discussion, Nishikant suggested killing Monica and disposing of her body. The other two were not at all ready but they were left with no option in hand. Lastly, they sign a pact according to which Nishikant will kill Monica, Jayant will transport the body to another place and Arvind will dispose of that dead body.

The next day in the office both of them, Arvind and Jayant, were shocked to see Monica back in her cabin. Shockingly, Nishikant was missing. Thereafter, we come to know that it was not Monica’s body that was disposed of by Arvind but it was Nishikant’s. This unexpected death scared Jayant and Arvind. Both of them thought Monica was the murderer of Nishikant. They had no idea how the plan went wrong and now the police investigation was already started.

A few days later, Arvind received a box from a person that contain a cobra snake. As soon as he opened the box, Arvind died. Jayant was perplexed and was unable to figure out what to do. For him, the only person who could have murdered them was Monica. In mid of all these situations, Jayant visits Monica’s house. Both of them fight but he gets a clear picture that she is not the one who killed Arvind and Nishikant. Monica offers wine but before Jayant takes a sip, she dies. It was confirmed that there was poison in her wine that was injected very neatly by an anonymous.

Seeing her death, he leaves the room in a panic. Here we get to know that Jayant Arkhedkar did not kill Monica.

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Who Killed Nishikant Adhikari And Arvind?

Monica O My Darling Ending Explained

Behind the killing of Arvind and Nishikant Adhikari, there was only one name, Gaurav. This was so unexpected in the film but it’s true. Gaurav did not want to kill or commit these murders the fear of being separated from Shalu made him go to this extent. At the very beginning of the story, he kills one of his employees as he proposed to Gaurav’s lover. But unfortunately, Nishikant saw Gaurav while doing all this but he didn’t react rather was much more friendly and offered his shoulder during the tough times. Gaurav was also relieved by the fact that Nishikant won’t disclose his secret.

But as the story continues, Gaurav was told to kill Monica by Nishikant, according to the plan made by him and the others. Arvind and Jayant didn’t know that both had something going on between them. Gaurav was reluctant to do so and hence, killed Nishikant. He found the deal papers as well.

After the mourning of Adhikari’s son, Gaurav sends a box with a cobra snake in it to Arvind whose bite killed him.

Jayant got a clear picture when Gaurav attacks him while elaborating the entire story. But, lastly, Jayant uses his control over the machine, and Gaurav is killed. ACP Naidu closes the case through a press conference stating Monica was pregnant with the child of one of the company’s employees, Tamang.

Who Killed Monica?

Tamang killed Monica by injecting snake venom into her drink. Actually, she was not pregnant with his child instead it was Satyanarayan Adhikari’s child. To stop Monica reveal the truth to his daughter Nikki, he ordered Tamang to ‘take care’ and hence he killed Monica. ACP Naidu is told to look after Tamang and it is possible that she might have killed him.

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