Counting Cars Season 11 Release Date: History Channel Better Pull Its Weight!

Sunday mornings off from school, back in 2012, almost always began with me and my brother getting really excited about finishing the chores and finally tuning in to History Channel! It was one of those routines that we never missed because Counting Cars had only just begun with its first Season and we could not afford to miss even a SINGLE episode of Dany and his team working on old cars and breathing new life into them!

I will even go as far as to say that in those initial days of discovering the show, everything else faded in comparison to it. Nothing gave us as much thrill and made us as excited as our star Danny rolling the newly re-imagined car out of his garage. Back then, no one knew that Counting Cars would become such a sensation that it would go on for years, almost a decade now that it’s on the brink of coming back with season 11.

But, is it? Season 10 of the show was released on 15 September 2021 and yet we haven’t heard zilch from the channel or the producers about its next installment. And that’s giving us major anxiety.
Although Danny may have gotten a bit wrinkly and his team may be one member short now, but that doesn’t mean the team is any less awesome! And it CERTAINLY does not mean that we are ready to let go of our favorite show yet, which is full of nostalgia.

So today, in our search for the truth about its release date, we’ll talk all about Counting Cars and when we can expect it to drop with an amazing season 11.

Counting Cars Season 11 Release Date

Counting Cars Season 11 Release Date

The official updates on History Channel stop at the last episode of the previous season. The blogs aren’t making any noise either. Even Tumblr is quite silent. All in all, we looked everywhere and yet were unable to find out any news regarding the release date for season 11.

It’s as if History Channel picked up on our fears and is now milking them to torture us before finally revealing the date (which is really toxic btw!) And yet, despite all the anxieties, we still believe that there is NO WAY that the show’s been canceled. These things are usually decided beforehand and announced as soon as possible.

So, we think it’s just a matter of a few more months before we hear the good news regarding the release date, or better yet get another season unannounced, as a surprise gift to repay us for the months of confusion about it. It’d certainly be well-deserved!

Name Of The ShowCounting Cars
Season NumberSeason 11
Counting Cars Season 1 Release Date13 August 2012
Counting Cars Season 11 Release DateNot Announced

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Danny Koker and his team of Miracle Workers!

Counting Cars Season 11 Release Date

When it comes to Danny Koker, we aren’t open to any conflicting views because in our eyes, he is the tea and he is the damn bag! Danny’s vision for the cars that are brough to his garage is so imaginative, so creative that when that car is brought in front of our eyes, completely renewed, it blows our mind every single time.

But, as we all know, it’s a team effort and the rest of the members of his team are nothing short of miracle workers themselves.

Ryan and Mike work with those genius hands to paint such vivid and sick shapes on the cars that it constantly has us struggling with the urge to run to their garage and get them custom-make one of ours as well! It’s downright scary how they can convert a bland and overused car into a damn masterpiece.
And then there is Kevin. Kevin and Danny ‘The Count’ make for an amazing duo as well. They pool ideas and implement them together, never faltering or wavering and NEVER giving up, even if the challenge is too big.

We have never seen this team create anything that’s less than legendary, which is why their fan following is huge and still very loyal to their show. These miracle workers can transform anything, from a bicycle to a truck without so much as breaking a sweat during the whole process. Sure, there is a clash of ideas sometimes but then, there is no such thing as a 100% peaceful partnership between a bunch of geniuses, is there?

Now you see why we are so anxious for the show to return as soon as possible? For us fans, Counting Cars is not just a habit, it’s a creative necessity. And History Channel will have to face our wrath if they don’t announce Season 11 soon. (we are already unloading the guns!!!)

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