Was Elvis Presley Bisexual And To Whom Did He Get Married?

Elvis Presley was an American Singer and actor.  He was born in Tupelo, Mississippi, U.S. on 8 January 1935. His full name was Elvis Aaron Presley. He was deemed to be rock and roll. He was considered the most ideal man during his period. Elvis was fearless and his charismatic look and singing talent made him a legend. When he was 13 years old, He relocated to Memphis, Tennessee, with his family. His father’s name was Vernon Presley and his mother’s name was Gladys Presley. He did his schooling at L. C. Humes High School. In 1985, He began his career in Music. He was multi-talented. He used to play many types of guitar. In January 1956 “Heartbreak Hotel”, was released and became a number-one hit in the United States. His singles top the chart. Through his performative style and promotion of the marginalized sound of African-Americans during that period, he became very popular among the youth. He became the leading figure in the newly popular sound of rock and roll.

Presley made his film debut in the film named ‘Love Me Tender’ in November 1956. He worked in movies like  Jailhouse Rock (1957), Viva Las Vegas (1964), and Blue Hawaii (1961). He relaunched his recording career after 2 years of drafting himself in the military and gained huge success. Elvis was drafted into military service in 1958.  He is commercially successful in many genres like pop, adult contemporary, country, rhythm, and blues. In 1973, He gave his first solo concert around the world. Having sold over 500 million records worldwide, By the Guinness Book World record, Presley is recognized as the best-selling solo music of all time. Presley received a lifetime Grammy Award at the age of 36 and also won three Grammy awards. His Albums charted on the Billboard 200 and in 2018 he was praised and awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom. 

His unhealthy eating habits and drug abuse had damaged his body. At the age of 42, He died suddenly in 1977 at Graceland estate. He died because of his heart disease.

Was Elvis Presley Bisexual?

Was Elvis Presley Bisexual

A letter revealed a lot of information about the life of Presley, the letter was from February 1996. The rock star life had some hard times. In the letter, it was written about his kidnapping case. An assailant tried to kidnap him, and despite having a wife he fears not being true to himself. The world doesn’t know his true identity and it has yet to know about him.

Gary Lindberg’s book named “Brando on Elvis: In His Own Words”, has given a lot of information about his sexual life. David Bowie, an English singer and songwriter once caliber that Presley is the perfect example of bisexuality 1972. Brandon was not the only one to speak about Presley’s sexuality, his close friend Gerald Peters also stated that Presley can be considered a man’s man. 

Shockingly, he seems questioning his sexuality himself in the song “Jailhouse Rock”. Even fans wanted to know the truth about Presley and his manager Colonel Tom Parker. His manager enjoyed the fact that he is a male artist. They have a hypnotic and strange relationship, one of their close friends stated. Many even claimed that He was more toward females than males. Though he had all these relationships which are not confirmed, he got married to Priscilla and had a daughter. His sexuality is not confirmed. 

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Elvis Presley Married life

Though Elvis had multiple affairs in his life, he married a woman named Priscilla. In 1959, Presley met Priscilla when she was only 14 years old. She was in the ninth standard when she had her first kiss with him. She was attending school during those days. Later Presley moved to Los Angeles in 1962 and received a marriage proposal in 1996.

The age difference between the couple was huge. They had an eighty-minute-long wedding in 1967. But it was sad to know that soon after the marriage they got separated. However, in 1968, the couple had their first child. Priscilla wanted a divorce from him as he had multiple affairs with the women. They had problems and many issues in their relationship. He was caught having affairs with another by Priscilla. Finally, in 1972, she filed for divorce and confessed her affair. They got divorced in 1972 and after some years Presley died. The couple had a daughter and her name was Lisa Marie Presley. 

Presley had a great personality. At a very young age, he achieved a lot of success in his life. He is no longer alive now, but he has become immortal through his work. Even now, people talk about his life. Presley is the best role model for singer and actor aspirants. People follow his path today also. He is still alive in the hearts of people and books!

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