Kodak Black Net Worth: How Much This Zeze Singer Earns?

Kodak Black aka Bill Kahan Kapri is quite popular for his singles titled ‘Zeze’, ‘Tunnel Vision’, ‘Roll in Peace’, and ‘No Flockin’. He is an American rapper, who is in the headlines at times for his songs and at times for his legal issues. He has been part of the entertainment industry since 2009, being part of almost 50 music videos. He has also released 35 songs, 7 amazing mixtapes as well as 4 studio albums. Kodak Black’s breakthrough to fame was garnered with the release of his single titled “No Flockin” in the year 2014.

His career is filled with success compared to what he has produced all over the years. He has also been associated with a few large stars in the entertainment industry, for instance, Offset and Travis Scott.  Kodak has been a part of Billboard 200 numerous times due to his albums and songs. Over being present in the entertainment industry for more than a decade, he has engaged in numerous public conflicts as well. Coming to his legal troubles, he did not cause trouble since he gained fame, it began right in middle school and went on for years. Let us see his net worth and more deep insight into his life.

Kodak Black Net Worth

Kodak Black Net Worth

In an experience of more than a decade, Kodak Black has amassed a net worth of about 600 thousand dollars. There have been various different net worth reports related to Kodak, but our trusted sources cite it to be 600 thousand dollars. Even though he has many of his singles and albums on the Billboard 200, his not keeping up with a clean character and being convicted of numerous crimes has led to such a low net worth. He has been credited a decent success for his work. The findings suggest that he does not own any estate to date, which is quite saddening. Also, talking about the cars he owns, he has two cars probably, which are Toyota and Chevrolet. These are used for daily work.

This net worth has been accumulated primarily due to Lil B.I.G Pac, one of his four mixtapes in the year 2014 which was the 49th rated on the US R&B/Hip-Hop list. One of his singles has been rated second on the US Rap chart, rated fourth on the  US R&B/Hip-Hop chart, which is a huge achievement along with being rated eighth on the  Billboard Hot 100 chart. This brought in money for his survival. Also his association with Rae Sremmurd, French Montana, DJ Khaled, Yo Gotti, Jeezy, and many more. While brands were approaching him for endorsements, his being accused of sleeping with a minor, possession of weapons, and being arrested quite a few times led to them distancing themselves. The celebs and brands stopped any kind of affinity with him which led to his net worth being stagnant.

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Kodak Black’s Early Life

Kodak Black Net Worth

This amazing American hip-hop artist and singer was born on 11th June, the year 1997 in Pompano Beach in the state of Florida. His birth name was Dieuson Octave who was born to parents who were originally Haitian immigrants, namely Marcelene Octave. Also, after some time, Dieuson legally altered his name to  Bill Kahan Kapri, whose stage name is Kodak Black. He was mainly upbringing by his mother in the place called Golden Acres located in Pompano Beach.

Since being a small kid, he frequently visited the local trap house after attending school to follow his passion for music. Also, he was quite into speaking properly and correctly, thereby was quite interested in reading up thesauruses as well as thesauruses to better his vocabulary. But he didn’t keep the troubles away. He was always involved in some kind of fights or at times trespassed places along with his friends. Things took a turn when he was thrown out of the school due to a fight and subsequently sometime later was arrested for vehicle theft during middle school. His statement regarding these activities was like there were just two options either a drug dealer or rap. We all know what he chose and his fans can only hope he will remain on this path, releasing amazing singles and albums for them to enjoy.

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