Joe Francis Net Worth: How Much Does He Earns?

Joseph R. Francis is popularly known as Joe Francis. He is an American entrepreneur and film producer. He was born in Atlanta, United States Of America on 1st April 1973. Francis is the founder of the Girls Gone Wild entertainment band. He also came up with some new films and TV series. Joseph started his career as a production assistant for Real TV.

Francis’s mother, Maria Francis was from Austria and his father, Raymond Francis was from America. He follows the Catholic religion. Until seven-years-old, he lived in Atlanta. Francis was seven when his family moved to California and after that, he got admitted to the elementary school. According to Francis, he attended Our Lady Queen of Angels Catholic Elementary School and after that, he went to a boarding school. He also stated that at some point he also lived in Laguna Beach and attended Laguna Beach High School. Joe got married to Abbey Wilson and has two children. He has a divorced marital status.

Joe released the direct-to-video film Banned from Television in 1998. Before releasing the direct-to-video, he used to work for Real TV. After completing high school, he attended the University of Southern California’s Business Administration program. He concentrated his education at the Lloyd Greif Center for Entrepreneurial Studies. In 1995, Joe graduated with a bachelor’s degree from the USC Entrepreneurial Program. Francis also took some courses in film and television.

He has stayed in the limelight because of many controversies. His activities allegedly include tax evasion, false imprisonment, excessive gambling, slander, dissuading a witness, and many more. 

Joe Francis Net Worth 

Joe Francis Net Worth

Joseph R. Francis is an American Entrepreneur and film producer. He has a net worth of $25 million. His first business venture began with Real TV. Later Francis created his own different business. He has been allegedly involved in various controversies. He had earned a lot of money from the business in which he invested. Later, Joe had many financial problems due to his controversial activities like bribery and assaults. He left the US and shifted to Mexico in 2015. To avoid the lawsuit and judgment in the US, he left the US. There were many problems also with his entrainment brand Girls Gone Wild. Owing to these legal issues he had to face problems financially. Currently, He is in Mexico and it is expected that he might live there forever.

Francis lives in a custom-built 40,000-square-foot estate in Casa Aramara, Mexico. He has a monthly income of more than $175,000 and a salary of $2 million. Casa Aramara is located in the town of Punta Mila, the north end of Banderas Bay, Mexico. His Mexican mansion is worth approximately $10-15 million. His mansion is regularly rented out at night at the rate of $35,000, which is around 28 Lakhs INR! Considering his legal problems, his net worth is quite good!

Francis is an eminent personality and is well-known all around the world. He also has a beautiful house in California. It is said that Francis has been a huge lover of cars since childhood. He loves classic American muscle cars. Joe likes having car collections and he has some like Ford Mustang, Chevrolet Camaro GT, Impala, Cutlass, and many more.

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Joe Francis Career 

Joe started his career in the 1990s. He worked as an assistant producer for a syndicated program on Real TV. He worked for them for some time and discovered the idea of doing something unique. Later, He came up with the idea ‘Banned From Television’ in 1998. The television brand showed real fatal accidents, suicides, motorcycle crashes, executions, and any such similar things. It also showed the assassination of various personalities like Pete Shrumthe, the death of motorcycle stunt rider Corey Scott and Butch Laswell, Lea Mek, and similar personalities. Later after some time, he found this work disturbing and because of its graphical content the series got stopped after three films.

In 1997, Joe came up with another idea and created a ‘Girl Gone Wild’ entertainment brand. The girl gone wild showed videos of young and college-aged girls who were intentionally ready to show their bodies to the camera. They used to expose their bodies and act in a raucous manner. The brand brought him huge success. He earned around 20 million dollars from these videos.

Joe Francis Legal Issues

Joe Francis Net Worth

Many women have sued him for filming them without their permission. Some of them were minors. He allegedly assaulted many girls at his home. He even kicked a girl out and told her not to call the police. In 2007, Joe was charged with tax evasion. He also got the impression of having contraband while he was in jail. Again in 2009, he was found guilty of bribery and tax evasion charges and had to pay $250,000. He was sentenced to jail for 270 days for multiple charges in 2013. He subsequently spent 339 days in jail and had to pay a fine of  $60,000.

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