Dubai Bling Season 2 Release Date: Is The Series Returning?

Get ready to be dazzled out of your wits and maybe feel a little bad about your non-glamorous lives too with Netflix’s new reality show. Although there is no shortage of bling on our favorite streaming website, Dubai Bling’s arrival sure put a dampener on all its predecessors with its striking cast and flattering surroundings.

Dubai Bling offers an honest (is it?) look inside the blinding lives of Dubai’s royalty and we must admit to being very fascinated by it. Even a little jealous too, at times! Private jets, stunning wardrobes, and lavish parties are as normal as morning coffee for them!

The series follows the alluring lives of millionaires – some born wealthy, some had to hustle – and we haven’t been the same ever since we got a glimpse of their drool-worthy apparel and looks. After all, who wouldn’t want to live like royalty 24/7? They probably bathe with specially sourced scorpion milk (does that thing even exist?) to keep their skin plump and glowing!

They probably even have separate outfits for every little activity from breakfast to horse riding. Yes! People that are rich must definitely do horse riding, right? Don’t look at us weird because these are actual questions that most of the fans wondered about while watching these millionaire Millenials parading around with their Gucci boots and Hermes scarves. We bet Miranda Priestly would have been really happy seeing them all uppity, borderline snobbish people.

You must have guessed it right by now! We are both jealous of and in love with Dubai Bling and today we’ll talk about its upcoming season in detail – the good, and the bad. and the ugly. So hang on to your self-esteem because these rich smugs are going to try their hardest to rip it off! Let’s barge in! And the first stop along the way is the release date.

Dubai Bling Season 2 Release Date

Dubai Bling Season 2 Release Date

Seems like the fans of watching the royalty from Dubai parade their luxurious lives around are in for a massive disappointment. Because as of yet, there hasn’t been any news about the second season of the reality show.

But, hey, don’t be disheartened yet. After all, Netflix is particularly notorious for imparting agony to its fans where the release date is concerned. And the first season did so well. It captured the heart of the whole middle-east, as well as the world as well.

We never thought there would be any show as iconic as ‘Keeping up with the Kardashians’ but we couldn’t have been more wrong! Dubai Bling’s first season made tremendous waves of excitement and positive reviews from the audience and it’s unlikely that it’d be canceled!

Name Of The ShowDubai Bling
Season NumberSeason 2
Dubai Bling Season 1 Release Date27 October 2022
Dubai Bling Season 2 Release DateNot Announced

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Dubai Bling Season 2 Story

Dubai Bling Season 2 Release Date

We know every bone in your fan body is aching to land some news about the upcoming contestants, their past baggage, and most of all, how the show’s script will hand the drama over this time around.
WE ARE IN THE SAME BOAT! But before we dive into the story for the possible storylines for the second season, let’s first have a little recap of all that transpired last time, yeah?

The first episode of the first season began just as we had hoped – fashionably and beautifully dramatic. There is something about the diamonds and the drama after all. They make for a delightful combination and the makers of ‘Dubai Bling’ are very well aware of that fact.

The powerful, snobbish, and gorgeous Zeina Khoury had revenge on her mind the moment she got on screen and Farhana Bodi was the little mouse that got in the line of fire. She hadn’t recovered from the past and still blamed Farhan for it. We wouldn’t give you all the details because that’d ruin the fun but believe us, you need to see them fight it out.

On the other hand, we were introduced to Safa being her usual demanding self and bugging her husband for yet another closet. (Seriously, how many closets does this woman need?) At this rate, it’s only a matter of time before her husband locks her up in one!

The show went on to Frahana throwing the biggest birthday bash ever, it made us weak in the knees out of jealousy, believe us! Why can’t someone throw the US such a birthday bash? Anyway, the glamour of the party quickly wore off when we were made privy to DJ’s mind resting on buying himself new abs. That idea sounded ridiculous and fascinating in equal measure. And this was one of the moments of truth behind a glamorous life – going under the knife for every single inconvenience!

It was an unattractive thing to witness, to watch someone decide on BUYING abs instead of working hard to get them. It truly left a bad taste in our mouths regarding this group of ”royalty.”

As the show progressed, Netflix fed us an unhealthy amount of drama that goes on in the daily lives of these business moguls and fashionistas. While sometimes it was great to witness all the fights and the majestic lives they led, at other times seeing it like that made us feel grateful for our own lives! At least we don’t have to deal with unnecessary complications as they do.

But that doesn’t stop us from reveling in Zeina’s breakdown or from getting all starry-eyed at Safa’s newly launched fashion line. It’s all part of the game, after all, the good and the bad, and Dubai Bling has it all exactly in the right proportions.

And as we got pulled into the lives of these fashion stars, we found out they too faced similar struggles as we do. Theirs is just a more exaggerated struggle while ours is muted by the lack of glamour and media.

The fights carried on and broke groups in two. As they say, ”hell hath no fury like a woman scorned” and the events that transpired at Bliss’ boat party proved that in action. It seemed to us that every party that they threw almost always ended with a big pile of tears, verbal abuse, and grudges. Made us wonder if these people are ever what they seem to be. Is any of their emotion ever genuine? Because they seemed to change rapidly.

As you must have seen by now, Dubai Bling is one of those shows where the crazy never stops and gives you the time of your life while you follow it! And although, this is a reality show, the contestants’ names for the next season haven’t been revealed yet, so you can be sure to expect it to be even more drama-filled than its predecessor.

It’s going to be a fun and wild ride and we are 100% here for it.

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Dubai Bling Season 2 Cast

Dubai Bling Season 2 Release Date

With the first season giving us a bunch of power-hungry and drama-loving contestants like Zeina Khoury, Fadie, and Dania, to name a few, we are expecting even more spoilt and evil ones in the second round.

Dubai Bling is a reality show which means there won’t be the usual cast release as it happens with movies and series, but rest assured that as soon as we find out the slightest bit of information about possible contestants in the next season, you’ll be the first to know. You have our word!

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Dubai Bling Season 2 Trailer

There hasn’t been much news regarding the second season’s release. We certainly feel that it’s already in the making but, as you are well aware Netflix just has to be a pain and make it all so mysterious until the last moment!

So, sorry folks, no trailer for the second season yet. But we STRONGLY advise you to hop onto Youtube and watch the trailer for the first season because it’s going to take your breath away with the sheer elegance, drama, and luxury throbbing in every single frame!

Where to watch Dubai Bling online?

Dubai Bling is available to watch on the one and only, the god of all streaming apps and websites – Netflix. The second season won’t be available yet but you can go ahead and enjoy the first one! But be forewarned – not even this post can prepare you for the sheer drama that’s about to unfold. And you’re gonna enjoy every single minute of it.

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