My Father’s Dragon Part 2 Release Date: Has Netflix Shown The Green Light?

Are you excited to see the most heart-touching animated movie of the year? If you love binging quirky animated movies, then My Father’s Dragon must be on your movie list. This animated movie is just around the corner. But hey there, have you heard anything about My Father’s Dragon part 2? Some sources say the movie might come out with a second part. Fans are looking forward to My Father’s Dragon part 2. 

The first part of the movie has finally received a concrete release date. We have already waited for one year to see the first ever part of My Father’s Dragon. The animated movie is based on a children’s novel which was penned back in 1948. The writer of the book, the very talented Ruth Stiles Gannett is on our radar. He is known for this particular novel series. If we go by the original storyline of the novel, then there is a possibility of My Father’s Dragon part 2. 

My Father’s Dragon Part 2 Release Date

Fans are curious to learn about My Father’s Dragon part 2! But hey there, has Netflix shown the green light to the sequel movie? Is My Father’s Dragon renewed by Netflix? Well, the questions are endless in this particular subject. All eyes are stuck on the release date of My Father’s Dragon part 2. But as of now, we haven’t heard anything from Netflix. The original novel series comes with a total of three books. Thus, we do think the franchise might head for a second run. 

Well, the continuation of the story completely depends upon the popularity of the first part of the movie. Netflix will surely review the popularity of My Father’s Dragon part 1. But if you go through the novel series, then you will surely love the plotline of the movie. Taking everything into account, we do think there is a good chance for the sequel movie. As per our estimates, My Father’s Dragon part 2 might roll out next year, particularly during November or December 2023. 

Name of the MovieMy Father’s Dragon
Part NumberPart 2
My Father’s Dragon Part 1 Release Date11 November 2022
My Father’s Dragon Part 2 Release DateNot Announced Yet
My Father’s Dragon Part 2 Overview

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My Father’s Dragon Part 2 Story

My Father's Dragon Part 2 Release Date

The sequel movie will mainly focus on the storyline of the second book of the novel series. We are talking about Elmer and the Dragon. The story intensifies in the second part of the novel. Elmer Elevator along with his one and only companion, his beloved dragon, is ready to return home. But the way to the hometown is not going to be an easy journey for Elmer. They are about to land on a mysterious island. Little did Elmer know that he would soon meet the inhabitants of the land. 

Get ready to learn everything about the canaries. Wondering what’s canaries? Well, these are talkative creatures who might look sweet but if you try to harm them, these can turn out to be a nightmare for you. In this same context, we might also learn about Flute, this particular creature was once Elmer’s pet. But something bad happened in the past. Flute made his way to Feather Island. 

Elmer and his dragon will help out the king and queen canaries of the island. Previously, the island was filled with humans, something disastrous happened as a result of which the noisy island turned into a barren land. The humans left the island forever but they left a treasure behind them. Are you excited to see what’s inside the chest? A strange-looking harmonica and an age-old shining watch are about to appear in the sequel movie! But what about those six bags filled with gold? Well, Elmer must help out Flute and his other friends. 

They must find a way out to resolve this mystery. It is surely going to be an intriguing story for the young audience out there. In this particular story, we will see how Elmer reaches his home and the Dragon travels back to his birthplace, the Blueland.

My Father’s Dragon Part 2 Trailer

It is still quite early to talk about the trailer of My Father’s Dragon part 2. If Netflix shows the green light to the sequel movie, then My Father’s Dragon part 2 will surely enter into the picture. But as of now, we have no teaser or trailer for My Father’s Dragon part 2. The movie is still 12 to 14 months away from us. Let’s hope we will soon hear more about the sequel movie from Netflix.

Where To Watch My Father’s Dragon Online?

Yes, you can see the movie online. Get your Netflix subscription now and watch My Father’s Dragon, exclusively on Netflix.

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