Willie Spence Net Worth: How Much This American Singer Earns?

Willie Spence was a famous American singer, who got viral at the age of 17. Willi was a marvelous singer and gained popularity through his YouTube videos. He was also the first runner-up of American Idol season 19.

Willie had a beautiful dream to be a Star Singer, he imagined himself winning big awards, doing live shows, and singing for famous production houses. He was determined and passionate about his career. He built a huge fan base at a very young age. But sadly, this young star died at the age of 23, in a car accident. We hope that his soul rests in peace.

Willie Spence’s Net Worth

Willie Spence Net Worth

Willie was a famous YouTube sensation with a subscriber base of 592k. He was also the first runner-up of American Idol season 19. He had a net worth of $1-2 million per annum. The main source of Willie’s income was YouTube and Instagram. Willi had a strong presence on various social media platforms, through which he collaborated with Brands and other companies. He also used to do live shows and podcasts. He was also the brand ambassador of a few brands. Willie was also a songwriter, which gave him a great source of income.

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Willie Spence Early Life

Willi Spence was born on 18 June 1999 in West Palm Beach, Florida U.S. His hometown was Douglas Georgia. His father’s name is Willi Spence Sr. and his mother’s name is Sharon Singleton-Spence. Willie also had siblings Kendra Spence and Tierra Gilbert. Little Wille was always passionate about music and hence at the age of three, he began singing. He always accompanied his grandfather to church and parties. Willie was a very warm and compassionate person and everyone liked him a lot.

He was a friendly guy in the school and a great musician and singer. In his high school days, he was part of the school choir and also a member of a local group club called ‘Gospel Dreamers’. He was influenced by Stevie Wonder, Luther Vandross, and Michael Jackson. At the age of 19, he composed his first album ‘Spence’.

His career peaked in the year 2017, but throughout his life, he maintained a happy and positive note and due to his tremendous talent and hard work, he became one of the youngest and most popular singers in America.

Willi Spence Career

Willi Spence’s origin as a singer started at the age of three. He was the born artist. He began singing with his grandfather. Later when he grew up, he started participating in singing competitions at his school. He won several awards for his melodious voice. Willi began writing songs at the age of 11, and since then he has written songs for several famous singers like Alicia Keys, Jennifer Hudson, and Beyonce.

Willi started his YouTube Channel in 2017 when he was in high school. One of his videos where he sang Rihanna’s famous soundtrack’ Diamonds’ went viral. That video gave Willie the star attention and massive popularity. His video got 15 million views on YouTube and his fan following on various social media platforms boosted.

He gained a huge fan following and due to his popularity, Willi got the chance to be featured on the talk show Steve Harvey in November 2017. He was interviewed regarding his viral video and also about his career journey. In 2021, Willie got the blow in his career. He participated in American Idol Season 2019. Willie gave tremendous performances in the show and was considered, one of the top singers in the singing show. He was appreciated by show judges Katy Perry, Lionel Richie, and Luke Bryan.

He became the first runner-up of American Idol 2019. Willie had only one passion in his life which was singing, he wanted his voice to be heard in the world. He wanted to become a successful singer and win Grammy Award one day.

Willi Spence Personal Life

Willie Spence Net Worth

Willi Spence was a private individual. He never shared his personal life, especially his family and relationships. He has never talked about his love life in public and media. According to the media reports Willi was single and had never been in any sort of relationship.

Willie Spence Social Media

Willie has a vast subscriber base on YouTube. He had a total of 593k followers. He also had a massive fan following of 512k followers on Instagram.

Willie Spence Death

Willie Spence died at the age of 23 in a car crash on 11 October 2022. He died due to a car accident on Interstate 24 near Chattanooga. His Jeep Cherokee swerved down the road and got crashed into the tractor’s backside. According to the officers, this was due to multi-system trauma because of the motor vehicle accident. Further investigation regarding his death is going on.

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