Lala Kent Net Worth: How Much She Earns?

If you love binging Vanderpump Rules, then we are pretty sure that you are in love with Lala Kent! Thanks to the show which introduced us to this gorgeous face. She is originally a resident of Utah, United States. The model is known for her beauty. Recently, she has been in high talk! Looks like Kent has finally taken a leave from her long-time boyfriend, Randall Emmett.

If you have followed the sixth installment of the show, then you already know by now that in the TV series, Lala opened up about her past relationship. For almost six years, she was in a relationship with Randall Emmett. They even share a daughter named Ocean.

The two initially met in 2015, particularly in December. For a good three years, they kept the relationship private but finally, in September 2018, they decided to take the next big step in their relationship. They got engaged but sadly their wedding plans were kept on hold!

Looks like the pandemic was pretty rough for the couple. In November 2021, they decided to split officially, and that marked the end of their relationship. Reports say Randall cheated on Lala. She even found some pictures of Randall with some other women. The pictures were shot in Nashville. We will surely give you more details on this topic. So let’s not delay any further and quickly jump into the main conversation of the day.

Lala Kent Net Worth

Lala Kent Net Worth

We know you all are pumped to learn more about Lala Kent’s past history, but we dig deep into her personal life, let’s quickly brush our eyes through her expanding modeling career and her giant figure net worth. Do you know Lala Kent has a net worth of $2 million? Yes, you might be shocked to know that Lala Kent holds a net worth of around $2 million!

You must be wondering how she managed to earn so much and we are here to help you out on this topic. But before we talk about her net worth, let me quickly tell you more about Lala Kent! I hope you all have heard her name previously.

Lala Kent has established a strong TV career and we all know how incredible she was in the popular American TV series, Vanderpump Rules. The TV show worked wonders for her.  But don’t you underestimate Kent’s capabilities!

We first saw Kent in 2015, she was soon seen in  “Vanderpump Rules” season 4. Only a few years later, she again starred in the same TV show. This time she was seen as one of the integral cast members of the show. She became the center of attraction and as time passed by, she saw the peak of her acting career. Apart from TV, she is also widely known for some reputed business ventures.

As we mentioned above, she is doing extremely well in her business lineups. Her cosmetic brands namely Give Them Lala Beauty and Give Them Lala Skin are doing pretty well out there. Apart from these two cosmetics brands, she also has something to offer for toddlers out there. Have you checked out her baby wardrobe company? Surely give a search to Give Them Lala Baby. 

To know more about her brands, you can also follow the official business Instagram pages of all these brands. The baby brand is mainly made by her as a gift to her lovely daughter Ocean. Lastly, the model also has her podcast channel named, “Give Them Lala”. All in all, she has worked pretty hard to build up her name in the industry. 

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Lala Kent’s Past Relationship- Reason Behind Split

Lala Kent Net Worth

Well, the inside details of this steaming hot breakup were busted by Lala herself. She has always been highly transparent about her personal life.  In one of her podcast episodes, she told us everything about her last breakup. It was pretty harsh for her. She ignored all the red flags! You can hear her whole breakup story, you just need to search for her podcast channel. Don’t forget to search for “Give Them Lala.” 

But hey there, Randall is speaking the other way around. He doesn’t want to address the issue publicly but he has said that the story told by Lala is not completely true. According to his statements, one cannot judge someone based on another’s opinion. Looks like he is not agreeing with Lala’s allegations.

Lala is the mother of his daughter and he doesn’t want to say anything bad about her. Randall hopes that Lala will soon forgive him and maybe someday they can clear out all their internal misunderstandings. Well, one year has passed by and Lala has made up her mind, she is not going back to Randall.

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