Is Terry Crews Gay? Is He Single Or Committed?

The renowned American actor, who was once a very good NFL player, the one and only, Terry Crews is on our radar. There is a strange rumor in the air! Some say he is gay and that has stressed the fans out there. This man is known for his game skills on the ground. He is one of the best NFL players out there. We have mostly seen him in the defense corner. But as time passed by the renowned footballer developed an interest in the entertainment industry. 

Terry tested his luck on different TV shows and after a lot of hard work, he was well-accepted in the film industry. So far, we have seen him in various movies and shows. But hey there, what’s up with the latest rumor out there? Is the actor gay? I know you all are highly curious to know the actual truth here. So let’s not delay any further and quickly jump into the main conversation of the day.

Is Terry Crews Gay?

Is Terry Crews Gay?

This happens to be the most asked question out there. The rumors are fake. The former NFL player is not gay or bisexual. He is very much in love with his current partner and they have been together since 1990. It would be fair to say that Terry is straight. Terry had a difficult childhood and I know you all want to know all about it, but before we discuss his cruel childhood experiences let me take you through his transparent love life.

Terry Crews has always been open about his love life. Back in 1990, he started a new chapter of his life. He married the very gorgeous, sorted, and extremely talented, Rebecca Kings. They have been together for 30 years now. They share five children and are often referred to as an inseparable pair. Rebecca and Terry both want to raise their kids in the best way possible.

Coming to Terry’s harsh early life. Terry didn’t have a deep relationship with his father. Sources say his father was an alcoholic and he has often abused and beaten up his mother pretty badly. Terry’s mother finally got the courage one day and decided to take a leave from the marriage. Terry decided to support his mother.

He grew up in a Christian culture. You will be surprised to know that Terry has a special hidden talent! He can play the flute very well. Coming to his educational records, after he got his graduation degree, he was bestowed with two scholarships, one from Interlochen Center for the Arts, while the other one was given to him for his excellent athletics performance at Western Michigan University.

Terry Crews was also fortunate enough to be a member of the WMU Broncos’ defense center. He works with a clear mindset and has very much dedicated his life to his children and wife.

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Is Terry Crews Gay? Main Reason Behind The Rumour 

We already gave you the answer you are looking for. But hey there, have you ever thought about what sparked this rumor? A few years back, Terry was involved in a complicated scandal. People started assuming he was gay and some even went to extent of saying that the NFL player is bisexual. Rumors were getting out of hand and finally, Terry addressed the situation out there. The incident occurred back in 2017, particularly in October when an actor from the industry sexually grabbed him from backward. 

Terry was quite disturbed by this attack. Out of fear, he decided to keep his head low. But things became pretty worse for him. His established reputation was at stake and finally, he said that Adam Venit tried to sexually harass him. Adam later faced the consequences of this event and he was even driven out of the industry. 

Terry Crews Acting Journey 

Is Terry Crews Gay?

Crews said bye to his football career in 1997 and that’s when he decided to step forward into the entertainment industry. His first-ever show was Battle Dome. The TV show which heavily focused on sports was looking for an athlete and Terry perfectly matched their preferences. The show was released somewhere in 1999. We have seen Crews in music videos as well. He has also tried his luck with advertisements. Two of his big movie breaks were Friday After Next and Ice Cube. 

In 2004, we saw Crews in White Chicks and that’s when his career saw the high road. We have also seen him in the movie named “The Longest Yard.” Moreover, from 2005 to 2009, we have seen Crews portraying the role of Julius Rock! After all, how could you forget about the greatest sitcom of all time, “Everybody Hates Chris.” Then from 2010 to 2013, we saw him in the American show named, “Are We There Yet?”, he was given the lead role in this show. 

In this same context, we would also like to throw some light on his very own reality show titled The Family Crews. If you want to know more about Crews and his whole family, then this show must be on your binge list. From portraying different roles in movies and shows to getting under the spotlight, it has been an incredible journey for Crews. We have also seen him in some extraordinary projects like The Expendables and Deadpool 2.

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