Atlanta Rapper Archie Eversole Net Worth Revealed!

Archie Eversole, our very own rapper from Atlanta is not a new name. Archie, who has been a part of the entertainment industry since his breakthrough album in the year 2002, has been quite popular. From being a celebrity, it comes with questions regarding their net worth and their relationship. Every fan is guilty of searching for these things about their favorite celeb and the same is the case with the fans of Archie Eversole. His fan is quite interested in his net worth, especially since his recent demise. Eversole who hails from Germany is very popular for his  “We Ready” track. Let’s look into Archie Eversole a bit closely, his early life, success, his net worth, and his tragic death. 

Atlanta Rapper Archie Eversole Net Worth

Atlanta Rapper Archie Eversole Net Worth

Now, coming back to our main question, what is the net worth of Archie Eversole? In his these many years of career, how much was he able to accumulate? Archie Eversole,  a renowned professional musician, composer, dancer, as well as a rapper, is a multi-talented person. His sudden and tragic death which took place on 25th March, the year 2022 had accumulated a net worth of approximately 3 million dollars at the juncture of his death. Eversole was a millionaire when he passed away!

Coming to the point of how he got this much his net worth. Archie Eversole set about his career when he was a mere teenager. Then came his breakthrough song, “We Ready”, which opened paths to huge opportunities. Most of this wealth has been collected via tours, different concerts in different cities, album deals, along with numerous partnerships with prominent brands. 

After a point of time even though he wasn’t on the top of every newspaper, and was not in the headlines, he was making an ample amount of money which was sufficient for Eversole and his family. Eversole is correspondingly the songwriter of “United We Conquer,” which is the existing theme melody for the Atlanta United FC, an Atlanta-based soccer team. Not only that, he has been a part of various videos including he was seen on Baby D’s, the year 2002 single “ATL H*e,” which also featured Lil Jon along with Pastor Troy. 

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Archie Eversole Early life

Archie Eversole’s full name was: Arthur “Archie” Eversole. He was born in Germany on  26 July, the year 1984, to both parents engaged in the military and at that point, their posting was in Germany.  After this, gradually Archie’s parents would resettle to College Park which is in Georgia, where he was raised. His primary education both schooling and the university was done in Georgia. His father’s name is unknown. Now, Arthur was a budding hip-hop recording artist from America who was born in the country of Germany.  Also, he was a father to his five childer.

Archie Eversole Career

His songs were a sports anthem for the whole country to vibe in and enjoy. He was an icon, who emerged when he was just a kid. “We Ready”, his renowned single was the #83 song on the Billboard 200, which was quite a huge deal at that time.

Getting as high as #64 on a Billboard Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs list was Eversole, the song was especially well-received in the world of sports. This was due to it being used as a promotional teaser for the National Football League. Also, it was played at the time of home matches of a Major League Soccer club titled Atlanta United, and also at the time of the Kansas City Royals, the year 2014 MLB post-season course of action.  Eversole’s latest song was released was titled, “King,” in the year 2020.

Archie Eversole Demise

Eversole was discovered with gunshot injuries at a gas station in DeKalb County on 25 March, the year 2022, with the suspect of his murder surrounding his own brother, who was portrayed in a photo. It was finally reported that Archie Eversole was shot by his own brother namely Alexander Kraus. Archie EVerolse was taken to the hospital but he succumbed to his injuries and passed away at the mere age of 37. There is a bit of confusion when he passed away, as few reports on April 13 but the local broadcast suggested that he passed away on April 3. Alexander Kraus was arrested and charged with murder.

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