Where Is Angelyn Thompson Now? How’s She Doing?

If you’ve watched the first episode of I am a Stalker, you might be curious to know more about Daniel and his ex-girlfriend Angelyn. I am a Stalker is a documentary thriller series that recently premiered on Netflix Original. The series was released on October 28, 2022, and is termed a spine-chilling crime series.

In I am a Stalker, you can see the perspectives of both the criminals and the survivors. With real-life stalkers talking about their crimes, it will be spine-thrilling to watch. I am a Stalker is made by the makers of I am a Killer. The series has an overall rating of 6.6 out of 10 on IMDb. Eight episodes have been released of I am a Stalker. If you haven’t watched the series yet, do give it a try.

Love is a beautiful feeling. If love turns into obsession, it gets scary. The first episode of I am a Stalker is a perfect example of what happens when love becomes an obsession. This obsession makes a man a stalker and then a murderer.

Where Is Angelyn Thompson Now?

Where Is Angelyn Thompson Now?

As per Angelyn’s recent post on her Facebook page, it is confirmed that she is in Missouri. The post was about a talk conducted by Angelyn Thompson and Bonnie Vail at Blum Union 222 on October 28, 2022, at 6 pm. This post confirmed that Angelyn is still staying in Missouri. Angelyn is currently on medications and counseling sessions to get over her PTSD.

Angelyn has a Facebook page named Angelyn Thompson- Domestic Abuse Survivor. It is not confirmed that she is the admin of the page. The page has a total of 44 followers. On the page, an email id is given that may be Angelyn’s. This Facebook page shares posts that oppose domestic violence. All the posts shared on the Facebook page are motivational quotes for women suffering from domestic violence. The quotes inspire them to get out of such toxic relationships.

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Daniel and Angelyn’s Relationship

Daniel Thompson is born on August 15, 1974. After interviewing him and his close ones, it is reported that Daniel was diagnosed with a Pervasive Developmental Disorder when he was small.

Daniel met Angelyn in the year 1991 at a summer camp. They had an age difference of 2 years. Angelyn’s parents were not okay with the idea of them dating. Daniel used to sneak in at her house during night-time to watch her sleep, which Angelyn found romantic. No signs of toxicity were found in Daniel by Angelyn.

The couple got married in the year 1996. Angelyn was just 20 when she got married to Daniel. They had three sons and settled down in Missouri. After a while, Daniel started to behave violently toward Angelyn. He used to beat her on her scalp so that the wounds can’t be seen. He used to throw her out of the bed and let her sleep on the floor whenever he is angry.

Angelyn tried to bear all the violence for the sake of the family. But, later, she found the violence exceeding all limits which forced her to leave the house with her kids. Daniel couldn’t come to terms with the fact that Angelyn left him and he tried meeting her. Angelyn sought a restraining order and then moved to a women’s shelter.

After a short while, Angelyn found someone and moved in with her kids leaving the shelter. Daniel couldn’t bear this and he broke into their house with a knife. His intention might be to kill Angelyn. This was reported, and he was sentenced to eight years of punishment for burglary.

Why Was Daniel Arrested?

Where Is Angelyn Thompson Now?

After his imprisonment, he started dating another girl (her identity is not known). He started stalking her and also physically abusing her. This resulted in her breaking up with Daniel. After a while, she found someone. The name of her boyfriend was James Vail. She moved in with him which infuriated Daniel. He broke inside their house with a knife and stabbed James to death. Daniel confessed that he wanted to kill his ex-girlfriend but accidentally killed James.

He is serving a life sentence for second-degree murder in a Missouri prison. He is kept under maximum security in the Jefferson City Correctional Center. His sentence is for 30 years. Daniel is eligible for parole in the year 2034, which is opposed by Angelyn Thompson and Bonnie Vail. Bonnie Vail is the mother of James Vail, whom Daniel killed.

Angelyn and Bonnie are trying hard for him to not get parole.

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