If Only Season 2 Release Date: Will Ruben & Emma Unite?

We often wonder what our life would have been like if only we got a chance to travel back to our past and change the decisions we took. If Only is a series that depicts this hidden desire of every human and makes it a reality for Emma.

This dramatic universe of Emma and her yearning to have an exciting life makes season 1 of If Only an epic hit. Would the viewers get to witness Emma and her love interest, Ruben, uniting in real life?

If Only Season 2 Release Date

If Only Season 2 Release Date

If only season 1 had ended on a rather interesting point where Emma follows Ruben and Nando watches her with disdain. Season 2 is expected to pick up this tangent by the end of 2023 or the beginning of 2024.

The makers have not confirmed season 2, but they have hinted at it by giving season 1 such an interesting and gripping end. Season 2 has become the most anticipated Spanish series on Netflix.

Name Of The ShowIf Only
Season NumberSeason
If Only Season 1 Release Date28 October 2022
If Only Season 2 Release DateNot Announced

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If Only Season 2 Story

Since Emma’s fascination lies with Ruben and she wants to discover her possible relationship with him, it is predicted that season 2 will be centered around this plot.

In season 2 of If Only, Emma and Ruben might overcome the barriers and unite for real this time. Or can Ruben’s love for his fiance and Emma’s responsibility towards her family keep them apart forever? Season 2 is always more anticipated than Season 1 because of the audience’s expectations and the cliffhangers laid out by the makers in Season 1. This is why If Only Season 2 has made the wait heavier on its fans.

If Only Season 2 Cast

Megan Montaner, who plays the bored Emma, will almost certainly return in season 2. Emma is a 30-year-old bored woman who aspires to have some excitement in her life. The only thing she adores is the cuteness of her twins.

Nando, who is Emma’s boring and secretive husband, will be portrayed by Nando. He spends most of his time holed up in his office and hides many things from Emma, including her questionable relationship with Emma’s best friend.

Emma’s real-life obsession and imaginary love interest, Ruben, would be played by Michel Noher in season 2 as well. Eduardo Lloveras will play Deme, Nando’s archenemy, and Emma’s best friend. Isa, Emma’s friend who backstabs her in the worst way possible, will be again played by Jael Pascual.

Other characters like Andres, Mia, and Mario will likely return and help Emma in her endeavor to live the adventurous life she aspires to have.

If Only Season 2 Trailer

Since there has been no official confirmation regarding the release of season 2, no trailer has been revealed either. Hopefully, the audience will get to witness the trailer and official confirmation soon.

Where to Watch If Only Season 2 Online?

If Only is an exclusive Netflix rom-com. Season 2 of this series will be broadcast on Netflix in late 2023 or mid-2024.

If Only The Season 1 Ending Explained

If Only Emma

When someone gets bored with their life, they tend to create imaginary worlds where they get the thrill they want in their life. Emma is one such bored person who wants her life to be a bit more interesting.

When Emma is constantly neglected by her husband, she decides to question herself and her marriage. While she questions herself, she walks over to her best friend, Isa, for a dinner date. In her endeavor to find a dress for her date with her friend, she fumbles through Isa’s wardrobe and discovers a stack of pictures that expose Nando’s neglect of her.

Upon finding out about her best friend’s secret relationship with her husband, Emma undergoes a brain hemorrhage and starts hallucinating about her life before Nando. Emma imagines that she has got her fantasy granted by the Blood Moon and she is back as a 20-year-old with her 30-year-old mind.

She gets her thrill in the form of Ruben, who becomes her love interest soon and they develop a close bond. Meanwhile, Emma realizes that she has lost her children and yearns to have them back. She vows to get her children back but is not ready to leave Ruben either.

As Emma wakes up, she realizes that her alternate reality was not just her imagination; it was her secret desire as well. Emma’s boyfriend, Ruben, who was her boyfriend in her imagination, was an actor in real life who lost her fiance the night Emma and Nando decided to marry each other. She also realized that she connected with Ruben on a deeper level because she could understand his pain and wanted the love he had for his fiance.

Ruben had almost killed himself after his fiance when Emma gave birth to her twins. She felt that her destiny had planned something for her and Ruben since he was present in every important moment of Emma’s life. Though Emma had lost her husband and couldn’t get the excitement she hoped for, she got her children and what she wanted to be sufficient for herself.

When Emma steps out of the hospital, she follows Ruben, who was there in the same hospital as her, and when their eyes meet, it is clear that they have a connection that runs deeper than they let on. This is why the audience wants Ruben and Emma to unite in season 2 of If Only.

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