Willie Falcon Net Worth And Expensive Lifestyle!

The first thing that comes to our mind hearing Willie Falcon’s name is the cocaine trafficking he did with his partner Sal Magluta. He is a drug dealer, a media celebrity, and a speedboat racer. A Netflix mini-series based on the story of Willie Falcon and Sal Magluta has been made named Cocaine Cowboys: The Kings Of Miami.

Willie Falcon’s real name is Augusto Guillermo Falcon. He was born on September 1, 1955, and is 67 years old. He was born in Cuba and his nationality is Cuban. Falcon was sentenced to jail for a term of 22 years for various cases like possession of firearms and money laundering.

The duo was called Los Muchachos which is an informal term to address young men.  It is reported that Willie’s partner Sal Magluta was sentenced to 195 years in prison.

Cocaine Cowboys: The Kings of Miami was released on 4 August 2021 on Netflix. It is termed a miniseries. Billy Corben directed the miniseries and the cinematography was done by Randy Valdes, Jonathan Franklin, and Alexa Harris. The series has only 1 season with a total of 6 episodes. Each episode has a running time of 40-50 minutes.

This Netflix documentary has piqued the audience’s interest to know more about Willie Falcon and his business. The famous drug dealer from the 70s intrigued the audience. The viewers wanted to know more about the early life of Willie Falcon and also his net worth.

Willie Falcon’s Net Worth

Willie Falcon lived a very plush and comfortable life with the income he earned in the drug dealing business. The exact net worth of Willie Falcon is unknown. An approximate amount of 200-250K was earned by Falcon just by drug dealing. His net worth was approximately 41-55 million USD.

Willie Falcon had earned hefty amounts after all the drug dealings he had done. They also got a chance to work with the Columbian Cartels which helped them gain more profits. After a few dealings, they started to earn more than a thousand dollars on a daily basis. They had also opened accounts in various offshore banks to deposit money. Many of Falcon’s properties were seized by the federal authorities.

Willie Falcon’s current location and salary are unavailable. If any updates are to be found, we will update the same.

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Willie Falcon’s Early Life

Willie Falcon Net Worth

Any information on the names of Falcon’s parents is unknown. Falcon had a brother Falcon was married to Alina Rossique. They were in a relationship for many years. They have 3 kids named William Falcon, Aileen Martinez, and Jessica Falcon. In the year 1992, Alina was shot dead outside a beauty parlor. The reason for the violence is still not known. She died at the age of 33.

The fact that Willie Falcon has also directed and produced many movies is unknown to many. He has produced movies like ‘Knock Knock 2’ and ‘Flipped’ released in the year 2011 and 2015 respectively.

Sal Magluta and Willie Falcon know each other since high school. They both took part in many speedboat races together and also won. Falcon started drug dealing with the deals in marijuana, but later gaining more experience he started to deal in cocaine. Falcon and Magluta used to transport the drugs via planes or boats.

Willie Falcon’s Crimes

Willie Falcon and Sal Magluta were accused of importing 75 tons of cocaine. A number of lawyers represented them. This resulted in none of them being proven guilty in the trial. In the year 1997, Falcon was seen possessing a firearm. He was convicted for the same.

The US Attorney grew suspicious of the acts and the finances of both Falcon and Magluta. An investigation was done on the past trial. It was then known that the jury members were bribed by Falcon and Magluta. Both of them, and also the bribed jurors were charged with their crimes.

Falcon confessed and was proven guilty in the year 2003. His imprisonment was reduced to 20 years. He was freed from his imprisonment in the year 2017. He was moved from Cuba and his current location is unknown.

After the first arrest of Falcon and Magluta, they were kept in a jail with the most security for almost four years. Sal Magluta did not confess any of his crimes. After finding some eyewitnesses to the murders he had committed, the court sentenced him to imprisonment for 205 years. His sentence was reduced to 195 years. Currently, he is serving life imprisonment in a maximum-security prison.

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