I Am A Stalker Season 2 Release Date: Is The Series About Stalkers returning?

All eyes are stuck on the latest Netflix series, “I Am a Stalker”. If you still haven’t seen a single episode of this show, then what are you waiting for? The first season of the show is an eye-opener for everyone out there. The stalkers are ready to tell their stories. So far, we have only watched a few episodes of the show and we can’t wait to see what happens next in the upcoming episode of the show. 

“I Am a Stalker” is not an ordinary drama series, but a highly popular documentary series on Netflix. They are interviewing brutal stalkers. These nasty criminals tell us the story of their life. They will tell us why they got obsessed with someone!

How did they start stalking a person? What led them to prison? What destroyed their mental health? All of your queries are answered in this series. There are various types of stalkers present in this world and we can’t wait to find out everything about them. 

The current Netflix show is not just an ordinary web series. It teaches us how a person transforms into a stalker. You may feel you are secure but you never know who is following you! There might be some stranger who is constantly keeping a watch on you. 

The first season of the series has started just now and we are expecting to see another installment of this highly interesting docuseries. Fans are demanding to see more episodes of the show. So on popular demand, let me quickly take you through the latest updates on “I Am a Stalker” season 2. 

I Am A Stalker Season 2 Release Date

I Am A Stalker Season 2 Release Date

“I Am a Stalker” season 2 is on our radar. The first installment of this popular Netflix series has been highly loved by the audience out there. If you have watched the first episode of this show, then you will automatically want to know more about this series. They are interviewing criminal minds. 

So far, only 4 episodes have been listed for the first season of the show. This has worried the fans out there. All of us are expecting to see more episodes and seasons of the show. But hey there, has Netflix shown the green flag to “I Am a Stalker” season 2. Given the heavy popularity of the show, we do think Netflix will soon renew the show for another season. 

The crime docuseries is based on various true stories. “I Am a Stalker” season 1 revolves around the story of various stalkers. We are ready to dig deep into the history of these stalkers. They are ready to open up about their stalking journey. 

Have you ever wondered how a person becomes a stalker? Well, if you still haven’t, then this is your opportunity to become aware of stalkers. No one is born with the mindset of stalking someone. From stalking them on social media to finding out where they live, it might be difficult for us, but it is not a difficult deal for a regular stalker.

I know you all are highly interested in knowing everything about “I Am a Stalker” season 2. But as of now, nothing can be said with surety, the series might or might not be renewed by Netflix. As per our estimates, the show will soon get a green signal from the highly renowned online streaming platform. 

Given the current timeline of the series, “I Am a Stalker” season 2 might roll out next year. The second installment of the series might release somewhere in October or November 2023. Let’s hope we will hear more about this show from Netflix. 

Name of the ShowI Am A Stalker
Season NumberSeason 2
GenreCrime Drama, Psychological Thriller
I Am A Stalker Season 1 Release Date28 October 2022
I Am A Stalker Season 2 Release DateNot Announced Yet
I Am A Stalker Season 2 Overview

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I Am A Stalker Season 1 Recap

I Am A Stalker Season 2 Release Date

Before we dig deep into the second installment of the series, we would like to tell you more about “I Am a Stalker” season 1. The very first episode of the series introduces us to Daniel Thompson. His intense love and obsession for Angie triggered his troubled version. He saw her first in high school and that’s where it all started. As we dig deep into his story, we will realize what affected his mindset, we will see how he turns into a brutal beast!

The second episode of the show tells us about John Anderson. A person who tortured her life-partner Rachel. From stalking to beating her up, it was a true nightmare for Rachel. John is currently behind bars, he is trying his best to get out of prison. But Rachel is no longer interested in staying with John. She is so scared of John that even his name troubles her mental health. 

Coming to the third episode of the show, get ready to learn about David McGee. He was in a relationship with Charmeka. But soon after their breakup, he becomes a violent beast. He started following her, and that man even destroyed her personal property. From excessively calling her to abusing her over text, it couldn’t become any worse for Charmeka. 

Lastly, we will learn about Jaclyn Feagin. Her husband Jesse was in constant touch with his ex-girlfriend! Jesse was cheating on Jaclyn. Things became so bad that Jaclyn started scaring and stalking his ex-girlfriend. She started threatening. As she explains her devastated state, we will realize she just became a victim of her anxiety. She could have handled things differently. She could have taken some strict legal action against her husband. 

These stories will surely give you goosebumps. You will be shocked to know that people can become that harmful. You never know how a person might react. To know everything about these four stalkers, you have to watch all four episodes of “I Am a Stalker” season 1.

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I Am A Stalker Season 2 Story

If the show is renewed for another season, then a few more stalkers will tell us about their criminal journey. We have already learned a little bit about stalkers. The docuseries spreads awareness out there. We as human beings are very different from one another, thus our opinions and perspectives on other things are also different. 

We might love someone deeply, but the other person might feel nothing for us. What might sound natural to you, might be utterly complicated for others. Understanding the mindset of stalkers is very crucial. We often blame the stalkers for their deeds, but we barely care about their triggered mindset. 

Moreover, advanced technology has played a very important role here. Technology is not only a blessing for us, but it is also a tool for the stalkers out there. With the use of technology, we can trace anyone out there. You just need to know the right code to hack into the software system of others. Stalkers misuse the privileges of the latest technology. 

The story is not over yet, Netflix will soon make a comeback with “I Am a Stalker” season 2. As we already mentioned above, there are numerous varieties of stalkers out there. We have seen only four of them and we are highly excited and interested to learn more about other types of stalkers. 

The exact plotline of the second installment of the series is not yet known to us. But we are pretty sure the upcoming episodes and seasons of the show will follow the same pattern of true stories. Highly interesting, intriguing, and complicated stories are waiting for us. Hopefully, we will soon get some latest updates on “I Am a Stalker” season 2. 

The show has got an IMDb rating of 7. Looking at the moderate rating of the show, we are expecting to see another season of the show. They must come up with a new bunch of stalkers. 

I Am A Stalker Season 2 Cast

I Am A Stalker Season 2 Release Date

Well, guessing the cast list of this latest docuseries is not possible right now. The list will include the names of some deadly criminals who have tried to harm other individuals mentally and physically. If the show gets renewed, then we will surely get a trailer for the second installment of the show. Hopefully, we will soon update you about the cast members of “I Am a Stalker” season 2. 

I Am A Stalker Season 2 Trailer

Unfortunately, as of now, we don’t have many updates on the renewal of the show. We still don’t have any official statement on the renewal of the show. Hopefully, the show will get renewed in June or July 2023. Thus, there is no teaser or trailer available for “I Am a Stalker” season 2. 

Where To Watch I Am A Stalker Online?

Yes, the show is available online. We already mentioned the name of the OTT platform. If you love binging on crime drama series, then you will surely get the hype of this particular crime docuseries. It’s based on true stories and you will surely like the concept of this documentary series. You can watch all the episodes of “I Am a Stalker ”, exclusively just on Netflix

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