Hellhole 2 Release Date: Is Marek Dead? Will there be Hellhole 2?

If you are a fan of the horror or suspense-thriller genre, you should definitely watch Hellhole. Hellhole is a new Polish movie that was recently released on Netflix. The director of the film is Bartosz M. Kowalski. The Polish title for the movie is Ostatnia Wieczerza. Jan Kwiecinski is the producer of Hellhole. The movie premiered on October 26, 2020, on Netflix.

Bartosz M. Kowalski never disappoints the audience when it comes to the making of a horror film. Nobody Sleeps in The Woods Tonight, released on March 20, 2020, was commendable. The horror movie with a slight touch of humor won the hearts of the audience and people still watch it on Netflix.

The plot of the movie is surreal and a bit dark too. Various elements like cannibalism, satanic worship, cults, exorcism, and even humor are shown in the film. The plot is slightly slow-paced at the start. But later on, it grabs its pace. The best part of the movie is that after a while, the story is unpredictable which makes it different from other horror movies.

Hellhole got an overall rating of 5.6 out of 10 on IMDb. The ratings are quite shocking as all the reviews of the film are positive.

Hellhole 2 Release Date

Hellhole 2 Release Date

Any official confirmations or announcements regarding the making or the release date of Hellhole 2 haven’t been made yet by the makers. If the makers decide to make another part of the Polish film, they won’t be releasing it till the end of 2023 as no work regarding the production of the film has been started yet.

Hellhole was released on October 26, 2020, on Netflix. No special announcements about the movie were made by the makers, still, the movie managed to grab the audience’s attention.

Name of the MovieHellhole
Part NumberPart 2
GenreAction Drama
Hellhole Release Date26 October 2022
Hellhole 2 Release DateNot Announced Yet
Hellhole 2 Overview

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Hellhole 2 Story

If there will be a second part of the film, it will be the continuation of Hellhole. It is always seen that where there is a presence of bad, good always comes by. The emergence of the Devil was seen at the end of Hellhole. In the next part, the story might have a positive turn, or the makers might try to keep it the way it is by showing the evil winning.

The plot revolves around Marek who is unaware of the fact of him being the Chosen One, the priests are waiting for. He is in the militia and has come to the church to investigate the case of missing girls who were brought to this church. He visits the church which is termed a sanatorium to treat the people there. People who enter the church won’t be able to communicate with the world outside the church as there is no availability of electricity or phonic communication.

Marek tries to solve the case but, comes to know the reality of the people in the church. He finds out that all the exorcisms that took place in front of him were staged and that the priests are all cannibals. According to their ancient books, the chosen one has to be killed after he is born. If he lives, he has to eat the flesh of seven humans and drink one innocent person’s blood to continue to be the chosen one.

The Chosen One is then killed and thrown inside the hellhole so that the demon could enter his body. The devil would then rule over Earth. They do the same with Marek who is then thrown into the well. Marek turns into the Devil, and everything in the church turns dark. All the priests die.

Hellhole 2 Cast

Hellhole 2 Release Date

There is no official confirmation about the release of Hellhole 2. If the second part is released, the cast would remain the same. A few additions may be added to the cast as per the requirements of the script.

The cast of Hellhole includes Piotr Zurawski as Marek, Sebastian Stankiewicz as Monk Piot, Olaf Lubaszenko as Prior Andrzej, Rafał Iwaniuk as Monk Dawid, Lech Dyblik as Antoni, Zbigniew Waleryś as the Priest, Malwina Dubowska as the Blonde, and Krzysztof Satała as the Young Monk.

Hellhole 2 Trailer

No trailer for Hellhole 2 has been released yet.

Any trailers for Hellhole were also not released on YouTube. Many fan-made trailers and movie review videos are available on YouTube.

Where To Watch Hellhole 2 Online?

Hellhole 2 hasn’t been released yet, so you can’t watch the movie anywhere now.

Hellhole was released on Netflix. If Hellhole 2 is released, then it will also be released on Netflix.

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